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Chocaholic Meltdown

So I am a renowned Chocaholic, I have a sweet tooth and love all things dessert!

I recently posted this post celebrating the news that Chocolate is officially good for you!

However even I am taking a dislike to the choc fest that is Easter this year!

It’s always been my birthday around Easter and I used to get inundated with easter eggs when younger and in the end had to ask people to stop buying me them as I still had them at Christmas! Recent years have been ok, hubby and I may have had two eggs between us and that was it but this year is making me have horrendous flash backs!

With it being our daughter’s first easter beyond weaning everyone has bought her eggs and we are drowning in chocolate!

There’s no way she will eat them all and then that will leave it down to me and hubby!

Help! I am already feeling sick!


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NEWS ALERT!: Chocolate is good for you and it can help you slim!!!

So I am reading the paper at work and hey presto there it is CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU and even better IT COULD HELP YOU SLIM! My prayers have been answered and in time for Easter!

New scientific research shows people who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner.

The findings come from a study of nearly 1,000 people in the USA that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index (BMI) – a measure of obesity. It found those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it occasionally. Scientists believe that even though chocolate is loaded with calories, it contains ingredients that may help weight loss rather than fat synthesis.

The study is published in the Archives of Internal Medicine so while you head off to read this study I’m off to grab the Easter Eggs!

Oh and if you are interested other interesting health facts about chocolate include:

  • Chocolate could slash the risk of heart disease by a third
  • Chocolate is good for the brain, stopping inflamation and blood clotting and giving the memory a boost
  • Antioxidants in chocolate can help ward off diseases like cancer
  • The calcium in chocolate is good for your bones

I’ve got all the facts I need! Enjoy!!!! Now where did I put the Thorntons???


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