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Baby Hip Health Awareness Week – Hoping My Little Girl Won’t Be Affected

In the UK, approx 2000 children a year are diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), which describes a range of conditions from mild instability to total dislocation of the hip. Detecting this early means DDH can often be corrected by simple treatment, but if found later or misdiagnosed it can mean a child requiring hospital stays, operations or even a permanent disability.

As many of my regular readers will know, unfortunately for me, I am in the latter category now. After being diagnosed with DDH as a child I now have a permanent disability with exceptionally limited mobility in one of my hips and a slight discrepancy in the length of one leg compared to the other. (However I am an exception to the norm!)

traction 1

When I had my first daughter I wrote a post entitled Would My Disability Run in the Family? which talked about my experiences as a child through to today and my eldest daughter having to have a hip scan, which thankfully showed as being ok. Now it’s the turn however of my baby girl. We recently attended our local hospital to have the necessary scan and unfortunately on this occassion it hasn’t been as clear cut. The doctors told me that her hips appeared to be sitting high and have asked us to return in 3 weeks time. Apparently this could be due to her being premature and the fact that her adjusted age at the scan is different to that of a baby normally scanned so they are hoping that when they next scan her they will have dropped and everything will be ok. I can but hope! For me it is all too close to home and I don’t want my baby, or any other child for that matter too, going through what I did. That’s why I want to spread the word as much as possible about the importance of hip checks and looking for any signs of problems.

According to the charity STEPS “Many parents felt that there was a lack of information about Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). Parents also reported that there is a lack of awareness about risk factors such as family history.”

This week (11th – 17th March) is Baby Hip Health Awareness Week, a yearly event run by the charity to to raise awareness amongst parents and health professionals of the vital need to check babies’ hips during the first few weeks of life to prevent unnecessary pain and disability in later years.

STEPS have created a Baby Hip Health booklet which explains why baby’s hips are checked at birth, what the tests are and what happens if a problem is found.  It also explains how to keep your child’s hips healthy.

STEPS baby hip health booklet

All babies are physically examined after they are born and checking the hip joint is part of this examination but hip tests are not 100% accurate and in childhood dislocated hips are not always visible or painful, so STEPS have also created a poster “5 Ways to Check Your Baby’s Hips” which highlights any signs that may indicate that further investigation is needed.

STEPS baby hip health poster

Tight swaddling and spending long periods of time in baby car seats used can also hinder normal hip development.

As with my girls, some babies are more at risk of developing DDH. The risk factors are:

  • Genetic factors (ie someone in the immediate family has also had a developmental problem with a hip).
  • Position of the baby during pregnancy ie a breech presentation.
  • A multiple birth

If your baby is in either of the groups above, they should have an ultrasound examination before 6 weeks old as we have had to. Hopefully for the majority of people there won’t be any issues or any problems can be corrected easily. However if you have a child with a hip condition or require support or information you can contact the STEPS Helpline on 01925 750271 or email info@steps-charity.org.uk Alternatively visit their website www.steps-charity.org.uk My family have found the charity a huge help over the years as the stories and advice in their newsletters have provided much reassurance and support. I hope others can take full advantage and feel the same.


World Book Day

Happy World Book Day everyone!

As any of my regular readers will know, we as a family love books and I have read daily to my little girl from her being a few weeks old. We enjoy some of the well known household names such as Julia Donaldson, but have also come across some other fantastic children’s authors over the last two years, who are new to us including Clara Vulliamy, author of Martha and the Happy Bunny Brothers and Benji Bennett, author of Before You Sleep to mention a few.

children's books

World Book Day is a fantastic day to celebrate all things literary and as with last year lots of book publishers and booksellers, in partnership with schools all over the country, have been distributing millions of £1 World Book Day book tokens to children throughout the UK. When you get your book token, all you need to do is to take it to your local bookshop and swap it for one of eight select World Book Day titles or, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book instead! A great excuse to add a new title to your collection! there’s also a host of games, information, tips and ideas about enjoying books on the World Book Day website.

In celebration of World Book Day today we will be reading The Tiger That Came to Tea, (Judith Kerr)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We love finding new books to enjoy! Do you have any favourites or recommendations? If so we’d love to hear your comments!

Last year in my World Book Day Post I profiled the lovely Liz Million, a children’s illustrator that I have the privilege of knowing. This year I am proud to introduce another lovely lady and friend, Gemma Wilford. Gemma is the author of the children’s book The Ruby of Egypt.

Gemma self published her first children’s book, The Ruby of Egypt in 2011, a story of Ruby, a young girl who finds herself being dragged on aThe Ruby of Egypt sight-seeing holiday to Egypt. Viewing the pyramids is the last thing she wants to be doing but her disappointment soon turns to delight when she curiously follows a black cat inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where upon entering she is mysteriously transported back in time to Ancient Egypt. Aided by a talking feline, guided by a dragonfly and protected by a Falcon headed God, Ruby must embrace an important mission that will not only challenge her ability to amend her stroppy attitude, but will change the purpose of her life forever.

The book is available via Amazon as an ebook and Gemma is currently working on and aiming to get published, a chick-lit recession based novel too. I’ve asked Gemma to tell us a bit about how she came to develop her passion for writing, which she shares below. However in the meantime to find out more about Gemma and read some of her fantastic interviews with other authors and literary views visit Missuswolf’s Storyland Blog or view a trailer for the Ruby of Egypt

Gemma Wilford
A word from Gemma…
Thanks to AMummysView for having me here today, I am honoured to be featured on her amazing blog.
I have always loved reading a writing, English was my favourite subject at school and I couldn’t wait to dive write in to creative writing stories.
As a child, I loved adventure stories; early favourites include The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and Nancy Drew. I spent my summers engrossed in these books and when I did come up for air, I would immediately start writing my own version.
I loved my English Lessons in Middle School and the teacher that helped nurture my writing back then has recently published his first novel Beyond Saving. It was during my time at this school that I was a member of BBC Newsround’s Press Packers and I was twice runner up in their journalistic competitions, attending their studios to film in the Blue Peter Garden a news piece to camera.
Adolescence then the hum drum of working adult life soon crept in the way of any creative writing. It was the back end of 2010 when I started writing again and wrote a children’s book The Ruby of Egypt ,which became my first self published book in 2011. It has since been revamped; fully revised and edited with a brand new cover and the second edition is now available.
Last year, I had a short story ‘Breaking The Rules’ published in the I Am Woman Campaign Anthology Volume Two as well as spooky story ‘Lady In Black’ featured on GK Adams blog as part of a Halloween theme. I am currently in the editing stages of my first novel, a humorous Chick-Lit recession based book ‘Miss Pooshoe’, which I hope to release Autumn 2013
As you can see Gemma followed her childhood passion and has fulfilled her ambitions in the literature world. World Book Day is a fantastic celebration of literature and the wealth of information, events and online information will undoubtedly help inspire more young people in the way Gemma was inspired and I for one think that is a fantastic thing.
Happy Reading One and All!

CLIC Sargent’s Great Mums Get Together

Last year I was proud to hold my own Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning in aid of CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning Campaign and raised £150 for the charity. This year, although I haven’t been able to organise my own event, having just had my little girl, I am keen to support the campaign and have been helping with the promotion of an event local to me that I am attending, so also wanted to share this fantastic campaign with all my lovely followers.

This year the Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning has been replaced by The Great Mums Get Together, which is running between 10th and 17th March. The campaign offers people the chance to get together and raise money for children and young people with cancer and their family.

“Every day 10 children and young people in the UK hear the shocking news they have cancer. Treatment normally starts immediately, is often given many miles from home and can last for up to three years. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience and the emotional, practical and financial implications of treatment are intensely challenging for the whole family.”

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. They provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help young people cope with cancer and get the most out of life. They are there from diagnosis onwards and CLIC Sargent aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

The Great Mums Get Together is a great opportunity for us Great Mums to… well… Get Together and raise some fantastic money for an amazing charity. I really enjoyed my event last year and am pleased to be involved in some way again this year. If you too want to get involved in this year’s campign you can sign up online call 08451 206 658 or email gettogether@clicsargent.org.uk.

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I’m uniting with Crazy for Twins and New Mum Online to share a moments thought for Multiple Mummy (Kerry)

In July Multiple Mummy suffered a brain haemorrhage and she is still very seriously ill in hospital. Her amazing and very supportive husband is updating her blog and raising their three children.

None of us can begin to imagine how hard it must be for them all but I have been keeping up with her husband’s blog posts and I am amazed by their strength and spirit and I want to join with many other bloggers and tweeps today to share a post in #praying4kerry to show my support for them all.

Get well soon Kerry, we are all thinking of you and your wonderful family and look forward to having you back online



Guest Post: Rear Facing Car Seats #NationalRoadSafetyWeek

This week is National Road Safety Week (19th – 25th November 2012). You will have seen my recent post Sitting Comfortably and Safely, in which I discussed the reasons for choosing my Britax child car seats. In this post I mentioned that there is also a strong argument for rear facing car seats, but that this was probably best reserved for a whole post in itself as there is so much information to look at.

Well, one of my avid blog readers and friends, Mrs P carried out a huge amount of research into rear facing child car seats and actually purchased one for her daughter so I asked if she would be interested in  writing a guest post for me on the subject (she is also thinking about setting up her own blog so I thought it would give her a great opportunity to have a go at her own post… so without further ado… I hand over to the lovely Mrs P… Please do take the time to drop Mrs P a comment below and let her know your thoughts (and to encourage her to join the lovely world of parent bloggers!)

As this week is National Road Safety Week, my good friend here at A Mummy’s View Blog has asked me to write a blog on why I chose to purchase a group 1 Rear Facing car seat for my daughter when she out grew the group 0 car seat.

Like all parents, When the time came to purchase the next stage car seat for my daughter In 2011 I wanted to get a seat that provided my child  with the best possible protection against injury. So my research began. At first I was only considering the “standard” forward facing seats from all the big manufactures such as Britax, Maxi Cosi and Cosatto. I read plenty of reviews and even subscribed to Which? It was during my search and while asking friends opinions on Facebook that I was told about rear facing seats for 9 months to 4 years old.

I was sent a link for a campaign called Joel’s Journey in America for rear facing seats to become a safety requirement for children aged 4 years and under. This was being publicised by friends and family of a little boy called Joel, who at 18 months old suffered serious neck and other injuries in a head on collision. He was in a forward facing seat, secured in the back seats.

Like many other parents I was shocked to read that the seat which we all assume will protect our children from injury was in this case a contributing factor to his injuries. The family were at the time campaigning for rear facing car seats to become a requirement and they have since been successful in changing American laws to now have children in rear facing seats until the age of 2 year old.

I did a lot of research after reading Joel’s story, this included scouring the internet, viewing crash test videos, and reading coroner reports of road traffic accidents, where either forward facing, rear facing or no seat at all were used. It was all very grim reading /viewing.

During my research (for which web links can be found in the below reference section) I found the following facts:

  • The most fatal type of car accident is a head on collision
  • During these types of collision, in a forward facing seat the child is significantly more likely to suffer head, neck or spinal injuries
  • An infant/toddlers head is approximately 25% of the child’s overall body weight and the movement of the head during collision is what can cause neck and spinal injuries
  • Your child is 5 times safer in a rear facing seat
  • Most children in Nordic countries are rear facing until 4yrs
  • The British Medical Journal recommends all children under 4yrs stay rear facing
  • The European Parliament has called for all children stay rear facing until 3yrs old

There are arguments against rear facing seats however:

  • The seats are more expensive than forward facing seats
  • They can be difficult to install correctly
  • They are difficult to source in the UK
  • My child gets bored when rear facing

But after all my research I could not bring myself to buy anything but a rear facing seat. We opted for a BeSafe Izi, which is on the Euro NCAP Top Picks List and recommended until the child is 4 years old.

We travelled to the only supplier and accredited installer in the our area at the time to purchase the seat and have proper instruction on its fitting. And as a result I feel I have made the best decision where my child’s safety is concerned.

Purchasing the next stage car seats is one of the big decisions you’ll make in relation to your child’s safety be it forward or rear facing the important thing is that you do your homework and are happy with your choice and are confident in the correct fitting of the seat to your car.








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Could you take life saving action for your child?

Have you ever wondered how you might react in a real life emergency situation should your child have an accident or fall ill? I have!

Becoming a mum and having that precious little life in your hands certainly makes you aware of a lot more things!

When weaning my little girl I was so paranoid that she would choke! Every time she gagged a little I would jump up in panic that she was choking. I actually had (and still have) instructions on my kitchen pin board as to what do to in a choking situation and how to do baby and toddler CPR. But in all reality, in that split second, would I really have time to go and get the instructions and calmly follow them? Probably not! However it is a step towards knowing what to do!

A survey of over 2,000 parents, undertaken by Bounty’s Word of Mum™ panel, found that 96% of respondents agreed that all parents should have some first aid knowledge and I have to say I do agree. The study identified the main fears of parents as choking, treating an unconscious baby or child and meningitis – however despite this, apparently many parents struggle to find the time to learn how to treat these cases.

When my friend’s little boy was less than a year old he was playing in a friend’s front room when the worst situation happened and he briefly stopped breathing. He had been sat with his back to his mum and had been playing with a toy that had a drum stick style gadget. Suddenly he went very quiet and his mum realised something wasn’t right.. When she went over she discovered he had managed to swallow part of the stick and it was affecting his breathing and he was turning blue. I remember my friend telling me how immediate panic set in. She was however exceptionally fortunate that the friends house they were at was a nurse and she carried out the necessary emergency first aid, which brought him round. I can’t imagine how I would have felt or what could have happened had her friend not been there!

In the last week, in response to the Bounty survey survey, the British Red Cross has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at getting all parents to learn first aid. The First Aid Challenge campaign asks parents to sign up to three simple challenges, which includes watching an online video, signing up to a First Aid course and supporting a campaign to encourage school children to learn first aid by downloading a letter to send to a local school.

“Children don’t come with an instruction manual, and the level of responsibility you have for your child can be quite daunting. We all mean to learn first aid at some point, so let’s do it now. By taking part in the First Aid Challenge, you’ll learn skills that could save a life.”
Konnie Huq, mother and First Aid Challenge supporter

By signing up you can:

  • Get £5 off a first aid for baby and child course.
  • Get £3 off First Aid Fast for babies and children manual.
  • Receive a monthly first aid newsletter, regular first aid updates, tips and stories.
  • Download a first aid factsheet.
  • Enter a prize draw for £500 Mothercare vouchers.

I attempted to sign up to a first aid course when my daughter was younger but for one reason or another it didn’t happen or I couldn’t make, I can’t actually remember which it is, and admittedly didn’t reorganise. Reading the information about the campaign and thinking back to what happened to my friend has made me realise that it can mean the difference between life and death and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Therefore, with my little girl at the forefront of my mind and baby number two on the way too I am pledging to take the challenge and I am signing up to the British Red Cross First Aid Challenge!

Will you join me?


Children’s Book Week – Who are your Hero’s and Heroines?

This week 1-7th October is The Booktrust’s Children’s Book Week, an annual celebration of reading for pleasure, aimed at children of primary school age.

This year’s theme is Hero’s and Heroine’s, with the aim of encouraging children to enjoy reading by identify with the characters and talking about their favourite storybook hero or heroine.

For me, back when I was younger, my heroes and heroines may have been the likes of the children from the Famous Five books or Sweet Valley High, the Princess from A Little Princess or even Mildred in the Worst Witch! In the current day I can well imagine that Harry Potter would score highly on the list!

My little girl may only be two but I have read to her every single day practically since she was born, it is part and parcel of our bedtime routine. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know my passion for reading and will have seen my previous book related posts, such as A Little Reading Each day Goes a Long Way. You can also see some of our favourite reads here too.

Whilst my little girl might currently be too young to tell me who her hero or heroine is I can hazard a guess that the In the Night Garden characters, Charlie and Lola or Peppa Pig would rate highly with her for a start! Our book collection is ever growing and we love picking out a story together at bedtime!

During Children’s Book Week, schools, libraries and venues across the UK hold events and activities aimed at encouraging children to enjoy reading for pleasure, as well as exploring libraries and bookshops, and perhaps even starting to write themselves. Each year The Booktrust makes a range of resources available to organisations and parents to enable them to run fun and engaging activities.

I personally can’t sing any more about the benefits of reading to and with your children, I think it has so many benefits for them and it is proven that it improves their confidence and learning abilities. If you don’t already, pick up a book and enjoy some time with your children. My daughter and I have great fun and giggles giving characters funny voices and acting out some of the story lines, there’s so much fun to be had!

To find out more about Children’s Book Week, events in your area or to be inspired to try some new reads you can visit the Booktrust website where there’s a wealth of information including  a 2012 Best Book Guide. One of our favourites, The Signing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson, is in there in the 5 years and under category.

Do you have a favourite book or who was / are your past and present hero’s and heroines? I’d love to hear!

Happy reading and happy Children’s Book Week!


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I am Supporting Team GB with NEXT

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a Next Official Paralympics scarf to try out and wear with pride in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games as part of their Wear It, Wave It, Win With It campaign

Next are the official clothing and homeware sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games and have a fab range of clothing and merchandise as you will have already seen featured in my Flying the Flag – Red, White and Blue Crazy post.

The scarf comes in two different styles. The one I was sent (see image above) has been designed with the concept of “Ice in your mind, fire in your belly” It features a hand painted lion as a visual reflection of a quote that describes the sheer courage, talent and determination of our Great British Athletes. If you look closely you’ll also see there are 60 hands to symbolise the athletes’ sixty million supporters and the map of Great Britain.

It is available in two different sizes, small (50cm x 50cm) priced at £5- which is what I was sent, and large (90 cm x 90cm), priced at £10.

So, I thought I’d join in the fun and have a go and see how many ways I could wear the scarf and here’s what I came up with…

If you opt for the larger scarf you could also wear it as a belt , a top or a sarong but I’m afraid mine didn’t quite stretch that far so here’s one modelled by a much slimmer lady!

All profits from the sale of these items will be donated to the British Olympic Association – helping British Olympic and Paralympic athletes deliver their best performance at London 2012 and beyond. So why not pop along to your local Next store or hop online and grab your scarf to show your support too!


Disclaimer – I was sent the scarf by Next Bloggers Network as part of their campaign / competition. This is not a paid for post.


The Importance of Outdoor Play and the Transform Your Patch Campaign

In the last few months I have come across a great campaign entitled Transform Your Patch, you’ve probably seen in in parenting magazines and across various cans and bottles of soft drinks in supermarkets etc.

Transform Your Patch is a campaign that, with the support of Groundwork, the UK’s leading environmental regeneration charity, and some of the UK’s most popular soft drinks brands, will see outdoor spaces transformed for children across the country.

Areas of space are being transformed into Parks, Playgrounds, Skate Parks and 5-a-side Football Pitches, to give young people a space to play, socialise and learn.

Simply by buying a soft drink from one of the participating brands in a local shop, supermarket, at the cinema, in a pub or even in a restaurant, you will all be supporting the campaign. Every drink represents a 1cm2 patch of real land that needs regenerating.

Brands taking part include Pepsi, 7 Up, Robinsons, Robinsons Fruit Shoot, Tango, Lipton Ice Teas, Tango, Drech, J2O and Britvic so you can pretty much guarantee every time you purchase a drink when you are out and about you will be contributing to this campaign.

In addition to buying a drink you can also vote for projects across the UK every day until 31st October. Projects are also being championed by four celebrities, Denise Van Outen (Playgrounds), Emma Willis (Parks), Robbie Savage (5-A-Side Pitches) and Fazer (Skate Parks), so every time you cast your vote you are also voting for that celebrities project type too.  On the 14th September 2012 the celebrity with the most votes will win £100,000 to spread across their project type. The money will be used on the projects themselves as well as in the region to make sure communities get as much fun as they possibly can out of their transformed patch.

I think this is a great campaign. We all know it is so important to get kids outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and exercising, but not everyone is lucky enough to have facilities on their doorstep, so projects like this can make a huge difference.

 According to an article on communityplaythings.co.uk which takes an excerpt from Play, Development and Early Education by Johnson, Christie and Wardle:

There are two fundamental reasons why outdoor play is critical for young children in our early childhood programmes and schools. First, many of the developmental tasks that children must achieve – exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge – can be most effectively learned through outdoor play. Second, our culture is taking outdoor play away from young children through excessive TV and computer use, unsafe neighborhoods, busy and tired parents, educational accountability, elimination of school recess, and academic standards that push more and more developmentally inappropriate academics into our early childhood programmes, thus taking time away from play.

This article also states:

  • Children need opportunities to explore, experiment, manipulate, marvel, discover, practice, push their limits, yell, sing, and create. Some of our favourite childhood memories are outdoor activities.
  • Outdoor play enables young children to learn lots and lots and lots of things about the world. How does ice feel and sound? Can sticks stand up in sand? How do plants grow? How does mud feel? Why do we slide down instead of up? How do I make my tricycle go faster? How does the overhang of the building create cool shade from the sun? What does a tomato smell and taste like? What does a chrysalis change into? Do butterflies have to learn to fly? Much of what a child learns outside can be learned in a variety of other ways, but learning it outside is particularly effective – and certainly more fun!
  • One way to reduce the spread of infection is through lots and lots of fresh air. Outdoor play enables the infectious agents to spread out and be dissipated.
  • Outdoor play also enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise, fresh air, and activity.
  • Children who learn to enjoy the outdoors have a much higher likelihood of becoming adults who enjoy hiking, gardening, jogging, bicycling, mountain climbing, or other outdoor endeavours.
  • Outdoor environments fulfil children’s basic needs for freedom, adventure, experimentation, risk-taking, and just being children.
  • Children need the opportunity to explore the unknown, the unpredictable, and the adventurous. They also need to be able to wonder at nature, from the worm gliding through the newly turned dirt in the garden to the monarch butterfly emerging out of the chrysalis and gracefully fluttering away in the summer breeze.

I think these are all great points. My little girl loves playing outdoors, I often can’t get her in! and that’s why I’ve been supporting the campaign with regular votes (as well as every time I purchase a soft drink). At writing this there were 37% of patches activated. If you want to get involved and help give recreational facilities for children in your area a boost just visit the Transform Your Patch site to find out more.

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Syria: A Day Of Protest

So the other night I turned the TV on just as the news headlines were on and was shocked and appalled to hear about the slaughter of not only innocent people, but innocent CHILDREN in Houla, Syria. On 25th May at least 180 people were killed, mostly women (34) and children (49) in what appears to be an initial shell attack on the town, which ended in house by house killings late into the night. Whilst some appear to have been killed by the shell fire, most were shot or stabbed at close range in what was frankly a callous attack on innocent civilians, unable to defend themselves.

Who carried out these horrendous killings remains a matter of contention. Anti-government activists, eyewitnesses and human rights groups point the finger at the Syrian army and the shabiha, a sectarian civilian militia that supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian government however denies all responsibility, saying its soldiers were attacked and armed terrorists went on to shoot and knife civilians. (BBC)

I have to confess as the images hit the screens I had to turn off in shock as it upset me so much. I immediately thought to my little girl asleep upstairs and how I would feel if someone came out of the blue and took her young life for no reason and even more so in such a barbaric and despicable manner. Children are innocent, defenceless young things, their eyes are only just opening to the world around them, they have no grudges or hatred, they need to be nurtured, cared for and loved and to think that thousands if not millions of children around the world don’t have this and are experiencing war, poverty and hurt on a daily basis crushes me as a human being.

When I heard about bloggers uniting to help promote the fact that Save the Children were launching a petition calling on world leaders to put in place an immediate and legally binding “Resolution to Protect Children” that carries the full force of international law on those attacking children and other civilians, I knew I had to help.

Save the Children believe “Thousands more children are experiencing terrible suffering and trauma in Syria, yet aid agencies aren’t yet able to get urgent help to these children who have been injured and traumatised by the conflict. Unless more action is taken now to stop the fighting, we are likely to see the further slaughter of children in Syria.”

As Save the Children so rightly say, “no child is born to die” and with that in mind I urge you to show your support, sign the petition and help put the strength of the united world wide web voice to world leaders to take action and stop the loss of more innocent young lives.

If you would like to get involved further you can also write a post of your own to share with your followers and link up to Britmums Blog – Syria: A Day of Protest campaign, or help promote the petition and campaign by mentioning it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media methods using #Syria #TippingPoint #StoptheKilling and sharing or RT others posts.

You can also sign an online petition at Avaaz.org (please be aware there are distressing images).

My baby is tucked up safe asleep upstairs, shouldn’t every child deserve the same?

Together we can be heard!

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