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World Book Day

Happy World Book Day everyone!

As any of my regular readers will know, we as a family love books and I have read daily to my little girl from her being a few weeks old. We enjoy some of the well known household names such as Julia Donaldson, but have also come across some other fantastic children’s authors over the last two years, who are new to us including Clara Vulliamy, author of Martha and the Happy Bunny Brothers and Benji Bennett, author of Before You Sleep to mention a few.

children's books

World Book Day is a fantastic day to celebrate all things literary and as with last year lots of book publishers and booksellers, in partnership with schools all over the country, have been distributing millions of £1 World Book Day book tokens to children throughout the UK. When you get your book token, all you need to do is to take it to your local bookshop and swap it for one of eight select World Book Day titles or, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book instead! A great excuse to add a new title to your collection! there’s also a host of games, information, tips and ideas about enjoying books on the World Book Day website.

In celebration of World Book Day today we will be reading The Tiger That Came to Tea, (Judith Kerr)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We love finding new books to enjoy! Do you have any favourites or recommendations? If so we’d love to hear your comments!

Last year in my World Book Day Post I profiled the lovely Liz Million, a children’s illustrator that I have the privilege of knowing. This year I am proud to introduce another lovely lady and friend, Gemma Wilford. Gemma is the author of the children’s book The Ruby of Egypt.

Gemma self published her first children’s book, The Ruby of Egypt in 2011, a story of Ruby, a young girl who finds herself being dragged on aThe Ruby of Egypt sight-seeing holiday to Egypt. Viewing the pyramids is the last thing she wants to be doing but her disappointment soon turns to delight when she curiously follows a black cat inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where upon entering she is mysteriously transported back in time to Ancient Egypt. Aided by a talking feline, guided by a dragonfly and protected by a Falcon headed God, Ruby must embrace an important mission that will not only challenge her ability to amend her stroppy attitude, but will change the purpose of her life forever.

The book is available via Amazon as an ebook and Gemma is currently working on and aiming to get published, a chick-lit recession based novel too. I’ve asked Gemma to tell us a bit about how she came to develop her passion for writing, which she shares below. However in the meantime to find out more about Gemma and read some of her fantastic interviews with other authors and literary views visit Missuswolf’s Storyland Blog or view a trailer for the Ruby of Egypt

Gemma Wilford
A word from Gemma…
Thanks to AMummysView for having me here today, I am honoured to be featured on her amazing blog.
I have always loved reading a writing, English was my favourite subject at school and I couldn’t wait to dive write in to creative writing stories.
As a child, I loved adventure stories; early favourites include The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and Nancy Drew. I spent my summers engrossed in these books and when I did come up for air, I would immediately start writing my own version.
I loved my English Lessons in Middle School and the teacher that helped nurture my writing back then has recently published his first novel Beyond Saving. It was during my time at this school that I was a member of BBC Newsround’s Press Packers and I was twice runner up in their journalistic competitions, attending their studios to film in the Blue Peter Garden a news piece to camera.
Adolescence then the hum drum of working adult life soon crept in the way of any creative writing. It was the back end of 2010 when I started writing again and wrote a children’s book The Ruby of Egypt ,which became my first self published book in 2011. It has since been revamped; fully revised and edited with a brand new cover and the second edition is now available.
Last year, I had a short story ‘Breaking The Rules’ published in the I Am Woman Campaign Anthology Volume Two as well as spooky story ‘Lady In Black’ featured on GK Adams blog as part of a Halloween theme. I am currently in the editing stages of my first novel, a humorous Chick-Lit recession based book ‘Miss Pooshoe’, which I hope to release Autumn 2013
As you can see Gemma followed her childhood passion and has fulfilled her ambitions in the literature world. World Book Day is a fantastic celebration of literature and the wealth of information, events and online information will undoubtedly help inspire more young people in the way Gemma was inspired and I for one think that is a fantastic thing.
Happy Reading One and All!

Friday Favourite – The Tickle Book – Book Review

As you know we love our books and regularly review our favourites. I have previously linked up to #FictionFriday and #FridayPick{tureBook} but with neither of these being regular linkies anymore I have decided to continue reviewing our books as and when but under a general theme of my own entitled #FridayFavourite

This week our #FridayFavourite is The Tickle Book (Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler) that my little girl got for Christmas. She has really taken to it and loves it.

the tickle books

The Tickle Book is a pull the tab / lift the flap, interactive book and is all about a Tickle Monster that pops up throughout the book tickling the characters.

On page one young readers are invited to knock on the doors asking if the occupants inside are tickly. Behind each door each character responds and eventually the Tickle Monster pops up to surprise!

There’s a picnic scene, a zoo scene, a train scene and a bedroom scene, each with lots going on.

My daughter loves reading this every night and each time the Tickle Monster appears we have a tickle and she giggles with delight! A lovely, short, fun and interactive book for toddlers.


Hide and Seek Christmas – Friday Pick{ture Book}



I’m taking part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky again this week and really wanted to share a new book we have bought entitled Hide and Seek Christmas (Fiona Watt and Lesley Danson, Usborne Books, 2007)

hide and seek christmas


This is a fabulous ‘touchy feely’ book that invites its readers to search for mice in santa’s workshop, teddy’s on santa’s sleigh and much, much more. Children can lift the flaps to search for the images and explore various textures and colourful delights and images along the way!

We loved reading this last year and it has been a firm favourite again this year. I can highly recommend it to mums out there with toddlers.

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Friday Pick{ture Book} – There’s a House Inside My Mummy (Giles Andreae)

I’m taking part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky again this week and really wanted to share a new book we have bought entitled There’s a House Inside My Mummy (Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban, Orchard Books, 2001)

“There’s a house inside my mummy Where my little brother grows, or maybe it’s my little sister No one really knows.”

This is a lovely story of a little boy waiting for his new brother or sister to arrive. He has been told by his mummy and daddy that it’s a lovely place and he once lived there too.

It explains all about how baby needs the house to have lots of room to grow and it follows the little boy’s imagination as to whether the house has a kitchen or windows and how he cuddles and talks to the baby in its house  through the tummy telephone, culminating in how he can’t wait to meet him.

I think this is a lovely book that perfectly captures the concept of a new addition from a child’s point of view and I hope it will help in explaining more about our new baby to my little girl.

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#FridayPick{ture}Book – Supermarket Zoo

I’m taking part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky again this week and really wanted to share another favourite book of my daughter’s entitled Supermarket Zoo (Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves, Simon and Schuster UK Ltd, 2010)

I am currently reading this EVERY night!

It’s all about a little boy who really hates going shopping with his mum… until that is he goes to the Supermarket Zoo!

“At the supermarket, the first thing I notice is our trolley. It’s enormous – I can’t even reach the handle. And there’s a funny smell. Mum doesn’t seem to notice, she just hands me the shopping list and sets off.”

Albie heads off for the most alternative shopping trip he’s ever had and soon realizes that not every shopping trip is bad!

It’s a fun and entertaining read that every child will love.

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Friday Pick{ture} Book – Mummy Mummy What’s In Your Tummy?

It’s been a while since I took part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky but I really wanted to get back in the swing of things so this week I am joining in with a new and increasingly favourite book of my daughter’s entitled Mummy, Mummy, What’s in Your Tummy? (Sarah Simpson-Enock and Linzi West, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2008)

A friend bought my daughter this book for her birthday and it is lovely and very apt! The opening page reads “Mummy, mummy what’s in your tummy?” followed by “We do want to know what’s making it grow.” and a lift flap shows a little seedling inside the mummy’s tummy.

The book goes on to guess about a range of things that may be inside the mummy’s tummy with lift flaps under which are some fab illustrations such as a big red balloom and the man in the moon.

It culminates in the obvious and is a great way of teaching small children about an impending family member. My daughter wants to read this book several times a day at present, which is fine with me with a new arrival on the way, even if she does still say “noooo” when I ask her if there’s a baby in my tummy! lol! I am sure it will help in the long run though and we have quite a while to go yet!

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Children’s Book Week – Who are your Hero’s and Heroines?

This week 1-7th October is The Booktrust’s Children’s Book Week, an annual celebration of reading for pleasure, aimed at children of primary school age.

This year’s theme is Hero’s and Heroine’s, with the aim of encouraging children to enjoy reading by identify with the characters and talking about their favourite storybook hero or heroine.

For me, back when I was younger, my heroes and heroines may have been the likes of the children from the Famous Five books or Sweet Valley High, the Princess from A Little Princess or even Mildred in the Worst Witch! In the current day I can well imagine that Harry Potter would score highly on the list!

My little girl may only be two but I have read to her every single day practically since she was born, it is part and parcel of our bedtime routine. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know my passion for reading and will have seen my previous book related posts, such as A Little Reading Each day Goes a Long Way. You can also see some of our favourite reads here too.

Whilst my little girl might currently be too young to tell me who her hero or heroine is I can hazard a guess that the In the Night Garden characters, Charlie and Lola or Peppa Pig would rate highly with her for a start! Our book collection is ever growing and we love picking out a story together at bedtime!

During Children’s Book Week, schools, libraries and venues across the UK hold events and activities aimed at encouraging children to enjoy reading for pleasure, as well as exploring libraries and bookshops, and perhaps even starting to write themselves. Each year The Booktrust makes a range of resources available to organisations and parents to enable them to run fun and engaging activities.

I personally can’t sing any more about the benefits of reading to and with your children, I think it has so many benefits for them and it is proven that it improves their confidence and learning abilities. If you don’t already, pick up a book and enjoy some time with your children. My daughter and I have great fun and giggles giving characters funny voices and acting out some of the story lines, there’s so much fun to be had!

To find out more about Children’s Book Week, events in your area or to be inspired to try some new reads you can visit the Booktrust website where there’s a wealth of information including  a 2012 Best Book Guide. One of our favourites, The Signing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson, is in there in the 5 years and under category.

Do you have a favourite book or who was / are your past and present hero’s and heroines? I’d love to hear!

Happy reading and happy Children’s Book Week!


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Book Review: Peepo! #FictionFriday

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his#FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature Peepo! (Janet and Allan Ahlberg)

I have to be honest I wasn’t sure about this book’s old fashioned style at first but it has really grown on me andit is currently one of my daughter’s favourites. Really sweet book, I’d recommend it!

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Book Review: The Singing Mermaid (Julia Donaldson) #FictionFriday

t’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his#FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature The Singing Mermaid written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks

We were lucky enough to win this book recently when we entered a competition on Mumsnet.

Julia Donaldson is a fabulous author and we were thrilled to be sent one of her latest books!

The story is all about a singing mermaid who is enticed to join a fair with the promise of fame and luxury by an evil ringmaster who just wants to make money. The mermaid leaves her home to join the circus but all is not what she expected and she soon becomes homesick, until one of her friends comes to her rescue.

The book is fantastic and the illustrations are great, accompanied by glitter, which my daughter loves! I would really recommend this to anyone!

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Book Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends My Very First Annual #FictionFriday

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his#FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Friends My Very First Annual (The World of Eric Carle)

Anyone who has read the Hungry Caterpillar knows what a popular classic this is. Well this annual brings the story (and that of the Very Lonely Firefly too) to life. Children can add stickers to each page of the book as they read, as well as colouring and counting pages at the back making it great fun and educational too.

My little girl and I read the book every night over a couple of weeks and each night she added stickers to one of the pages. I hadn’t read the Very Lonely Firefly story before but think it’s great!

I can recommend this annual to any parents, it will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

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