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Please Help Find April

5 Year Old April Jones has been missing since yesterday evening after being abducted just yards from her home in Machynlleth, Wales

Please help spread the word and bring this little girl home to her family where she belongs.

April was last seen at 19.30 getting into a light coloured van. She was wearing a purple knee length coat with her primary school polo shirt.If you think you can help the search please call Missing People on 116 000, or contact Dyfed-Powys Police who have asked anyone with information to contact the dedicated hotline on 0300 2000 333.

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Happy Birthday My Beautiful Little Girl

Wow, where have the last two years gone?!

This week you celebrate your second birthday! You’re not a baby any more, but a toddler, independent in your own right, with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions and a wonderful and strong willed little personality!

I remember you watching in horror as daddy pulled the batteries out the back of Violet the Dog Toy to change them. You were so shocked and your little face a picture. It’s moments like this that make me realise how innocent you still are and how every day brings a new experience and feeling for you, you are soaking everything up like a little sponge, learning about life and the things around you as well as how to deal with the way you feel. Learning what makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

In the last 4 months alone your speech and language development has come on a storm, it is wonderful to be able to hold conversations with you, I love it when grandma calls me at work and puts you on to say hello and tell me what you have been up to. I can imagine it is so liberating for you to be able to tell me exactly what you want and on the how you feel too. With this liberation has however come a very strong mind and you are certainly learning to assert yourself! However you also have a great sense of humour and I laughed so much when you pumped the other day and turned around to grandma and said “That was you grandma!” They are right toddlers do say the funniest things! I blame that one on daddy!

It seemed a long time coming but you finally took your first steps at 17 months, watching you gain confidence on your feet has been amazing. I was so proud the first time I was able to take you to our favourite soft play and watch you take off on your own with all the other children! It’s lovely to be able to let you walk with us when out and about and watch you explore your surroundings, you run around and squeal with delight and it makes us all smile so much to watch you.

This last year has seen mummy have to go back to work and you started nursery with lots of other boys and girls. It wasn’t easy initially and you took some settling but after a short while you were soon feeling right at home and loving going to see your new friends and joining in all the fun activities. You’ve now moved up to you next  “big girl room” as we call it, so there’s lots of exciting new challenges, a few new friends and faces and lots of new toys to explore! Although mummy has to to go to work and you spend your time at nursery and with grandma we certainly still made the most of our days off together doing lots of fun things, like swimming, going to the park, visiting soft play and seeing our friends, as well as having some lovely days out . Mummy is glad that I chose to go to work part time as it means I can have the best of both worlds and still get to spend lots of time with you.

We had our first family holiday away on our own in May to Centre Parcs which was great, you could run around to your hearts content and loved swimming every day!

You love music, dancing and nursery rhymes, as well as sticker books, CBeebies, your dolly and pushchair. You also love your baby cousin and of course your grandma’s and granddad’s and daddy and I love you so much too!

This year has brought so much fun and joy and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, we already know it will be a little brother or sister for a start and I know you are going to be a fantastic big sister to them. The rest is an exciting new chapter!

Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl



My Pregnancy Story – Part 4 – The High’s and Low’s and Side Effects of Pregnancy

My Pregnancy Story – Part 1

My Pregnancy Story – Part 2

My Pregnancy Story – Part 3

The second trimester brought a developing little bump and I was happy to have come out to my work colleagues and proudly (and comfortably wearing my bump band maternity trousers!) I was finally able to ask my colleague if it really had been a fluke that she had dreamt I was pregnant or if she had in fact suspected. Turns out it had been a really weird coincidence, she hadn’t actually suspected a thing! I was going to suggest she read my tea leaves to see if she had a gift but thought I’d best leave it there! 😉

In addition to all the lovely events and plans mentioned in my previous post My Pregnancy Story – Part 3 – The Second Trimester I was getting lots of lovely side effects of pregnancy too:

I’d been lucky in the first part of my pregnancy, no morning sickness at all, just extreme tiredness. However the rest of my pregnancy brought a wave of things, most fairly normal, but when you think back it makes you realise what a rollercoaster pregnancy is and just how much your body changes!

My hips were playing up horrendously and I was struggling to walk at times and unfortunately had to have days off work here and there as I literally couldn’t drive or sometimes even stand and I was using my crutches all the time to support me and help me get about. This was the point at which it dawned on hubby and I as to why my parents had been so quiet at first when we had told them we were pregnant and how the concerns they had were valid and were actually starting to happen. We wondered how I would manage as I got bigger and if I would end up being placed on enforced bed rest. It was a scary prospect but one that would just have to play out along the way. The time off work did result in me being sent to see our occupational health department and having to have an attendance meeting, however everyone soon realised little could be done, no support could be offered other than that already in place, no discipline could be taken as my issues were genuine, I was a disabled, pregnant woman, who’s disability and pregnancy were affecting one another… what’s more to be said?!

My hips also made sleeping at night very uncomfortable. I invested in a DreamGenii pillow but as the weeks wore on and with the existing problem of my hips it didn’t provide me with enough all over support and I ended up resorting to laying pillows either side of me in a line like a beached whale and much to the annoyance of my husband as I took up 3/4 of the bed!

I kept getting a dull ache and pulling feeling in the lower left hand side of my tummy but speaking to other friends who were or had been pregnant I discovered this was normal so just learnt to ignore the niggles and put them down to things stretching and starting to make room for the growing little person inside me.

I also kept getting really dizzy and faint, especially when out and did actually hit the deck in my local Boots store, much to my husband’s shock!

Whenever it happened he kept telling me not to be silly and always tried to keep me moving, but I knew that if I didn’t sit down my body would pull me down regardless, so up to this point I had always managed to over rule him and find something nearby to sit myself down on and regain my composure.

However on this one day I had bumped into an old school friend and her mum who I hadn’t seen in some time. As I politely chatted I felt my eyes start to blur and a buzzing in my head, I knew I was going to go but hoped to god that I could keep control till the end of the conversation. Unfortunately I didn’t quite manage and mid way through my friend talking I announced that “I was going to…” and didn’t quite finish my sentence. All I remember next is going down towards the floor. My friend and hubby caught me before I managed to actually hit it and hubby was trying to pull me upright. I was saying “no let me lay down” and he was refusing, I said “please let me lay down I am going to be sick”, to which he told me to not be dramatic. It was at this point I let out an almighty wreching noise and I have never seen him move so quick in his life! Needless to say he let me lay on the floor! So there I was laid on the floor of my local Boots, on any other occasion this would have been the most embarrassing thing ever, but at that moment in time I really didn’t care, I was starting to feel less woozy and the floor was my best friend! My friends mum had gone to get a member of staff who very kindly got me a chair by the door and a drink. Apparently it is very common and happens several times a week with pregnant women in their store! Nice to know!

Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of my dizzy spells (despite being checked out and told my iron levels were fine.) I had several encounters with various floors, most popular, my bathroom floor (luckily I managed to lay on it before I fell onto it!) and on one occasion I just managed to get my car back onto the drive and lay across my passenger seat… now that could have been a lot worse had I not been closer to home!

As we got closer to the end of the trimester the lovely heartburn and indigestion started to kick in and boy are they annoying and uncomfortable. I’ve never really had this until pregnancy but it’s very, very uncomfortable and there just seems to be no let up. Gaviscon became my best friend! I had bottles in the kitchen, by my bed, small bottles in my bag, in my drawer at work, you name it and I had a bottle hidden there… ok maybe don’t name it! Anyway, I was lost without it!

As briefly mentioned in my last post, with my digestion and hip issues I was recommended an Aloe Vera drink to try as it’s meant to help digestion and joints, so I thought what the hell I will give it a go and went and bought a huge bottle of it… big mistake! It was the most repulsive thing I have ever drank. I tried over a few days but gagged at the taste and ended up throwing it in the bin as even the bottle in my fridge made me feel sick! I just had to put up and shut up!

Heat – Boy is it hard being pregnant in the heat. I felt like I was dragging myself around like a sack of spuds and wheezing like an asthmatic old dog! I was known on occasions to actually change my outfits several times a day as I was so hot and sweaty! Thank god again for my lovely friends who had been there previously and donated some of their pregnancy wardrobe to me!!!

My emotions really went haywire too! I had some amazing hissy fit meltdowns!

I screamed at my poor mum and sister like a banshee because for the first time in their lives they turned up on time to pick me up and I had just painted my nails and they were still wet. They didn’t even get out the car and sat waiting for me, which pile don the pressure so by the time I got in the car I was screeching so loud only dolphins could hear me! We were going to try on and pick up my mum’s dress for my sister’s wedding and then on to my bridesmaid dress fitting. On arrival at the mother of the bride shop they parked up the car and left me in it to calm down. However they locked the door remotely as they walked away and within a few minutes, as I inevitably moved in the car, the alarm started going off. However, as the shop was on a main street, they didn’t realise and didn’t come out to help me! I couldn’t do anything, the doors were locked and I couldn’t get out and I burst into tears, with a restaurant full of people across the road looking at me! I looked like a lunatic! My sister eventually came out of the shop after I called her and released me. I think the embarrassment put pay to my freak out on that occasion!

On another occasion I jabbed my husband with the loft hatch pole because he had refused to quickly pop a small box in the loft for me and I was adamant I wanted it in there there and then (my nesting got a bit intense!). So, I attempted to open the loft and go up the ladder myself (stupid I know but I was very irrational and emotional!) He tried to grab the pole off me and tell me not to be silly. I freaked out, jabbed him with it and then sat on the floor and cried for half an hour before apologising and agreeing to get off the floor and go for lunch at my inlaws as we were by that point running quite late!

Looking back on these I laugh so much, but as any pregnant woman knows, you become an irrational, highly strung and a very emotional fruit loop! There’s no excusing it or explaining it, it’s just how it is! I was also exhausted as I was finishing one job and starting another and in my last few weeks in my existing role I had been given a huge, last minute, time critical project to complete, as well as compiling a handover to my replacement so I was shattered and this really can’t have helped my emotions.. poor hubby! He told me at the time he went to work for a break… I think he still does!

The emotions continued right the way through, I would cry at the drop of a hat, from silly little things like how happy I was or the birth or death of an animal on a TV wildlife show, to more serious things. I cried loads when hubby couldn’t get any time off work to come away on our regular family holiday and I had to leave him at home and go on my own with my parents and sister. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, I would have been home alone anyway, it was the sheer fact that we were so close to my due date and I just wanted to spend some time with him and relax and we couldn’t. I had visions of going into labour early and us being hours away from each other and unable to do anything. My parents probably wondered what was going on as I sobbed on and off in the back of their car for half the journey there! After 48 hours I eventually calmed down and became a rational human being again!

Along with the waves of emotional outbursts I would get mini panic attacks as to whether I would be a good mum… well it was too late for that kind of thought regardless! lol! I guess it is a such a huge change coming your way though, you go from being single minded and care free to having to change your whole outlook and way of life, I guess you are bound to have little moments of worry.

The last month or so of my pregnancy I would wake up unable to move my fingers, they were literally stuck rigid and I couldn’t bend the joints. It was the weirdest feeling and would take a good half hour or so to wear off. Not easy when you need the loo or want to make a cuppa!

I started to feel tired again at the start of my third trimester, not the extreme tiredness I had felt at the beginning of the pregnancy, more of an “ok” lets just get on with it kind of tiredness and by the time I’d get home from work I just wanted to go to sleep. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I seemed to have developed pregnancy insomnia! I just couldn’t for the life of me sleep at night, now it wasn’t necessarily always about my hips stopping me sleeping, it was that AND about me being “ping” wide awake at stupid o’clock! I would sit on facebook at 4am, often I would wander into the kitchen and eat a mini chocolate brioche, I am sure I would have painted if my hubby would have allowed it! It drove me mad! Come 6am when I had to be up I could have slept for England!

The toilet trips came back with a vengeance too! When I first found out I was pregnant I was on and off the loo, feeling like I had a bladder the size of a pea! Then it calmed down a bit and normal service resumed but the last trimester saw it come back with a vengeance and I was known to be up and down to the toilet regularly 8+ times a night! Again, no wonder I was tired… god come to think of it my hubby must have hated sleeping in the same room as me those last few months! ha ha!

However, all of the above were totally worth it, because it’s moments like this that I had at week 18 in April 2010 that make it all worth it, when I felt my baby move for the first time. Sat on the sofa watching tv, I felt a little ripple in the lower left of my tummy, it happened three times in close succession and was an amazing feeling but I wasn’t totally sure that it was what I was thinking it was. However after that they came regularly over the coming days and weeks and got stronger. I absolutely adored the feeling. I thought I would have been scared and freaked out but wasn’t in the slightest, I felt fantastic and very special. The only down side was hubby not being able to feel her too. However at week 22 (May 2010), and just before hubby’s birthday, he was finally able to feel the joy and elation I had felt. “Mini” was starting to give stronger and stronger kicks and more consistently, so, as we lay in bed one night I took his hand and placed it on my tummy and told him to let me know when he thought he felt something. After a short while I felt a kick and at the same time my husband jumped, looked at me and said “was that her!?” to which I smiled and said “yes”. It was lovely knowing that he too could now feel our little girl and share the experience more. He was no longer just on the outside having my running commentary, he could feel the little life that he had created, and over the days ahead we both began to see her rippling across my tummy too. It’s the most amazing and special feeling, you can lay for ours mesmerised, staring and touching this little wriggly being. All the niggles, pains, sickness, tiredness pail into insignificance when you have moments like these…


My Pregnancy Story – Part 3 – The Second Trimester

My Pregnancy Story – Part 1

My Pregnancy Story – Part 2

So the first trimester was behind us, the 12 week scan complete and we’d shouted it from the roof tops. The second trimester certainly was a busy one and brought with it lots of fun!

This trimester included my sister’s hen party (April 2010), one that I was organising, with her other heavily pregnant bridesmaid! Bet everyone thought it was going to be a barrel of t-total laughs! However we pulled out all the stops though and had a wicked time in Edinburgh. Costumes, party bags, restaurants, activities, accommodation, travel, we did it all for a dozen girlies and were very proud but very shattered by the end of it! I think my daughter was scarred for life before she was born though listening to my sister on the karaoke for two hours! She was bouncing around inside my tummy like crazy, which went rock solid in shock! I actually bowed out at the clubbing and headed back to the hotel with my mum and best friend who had come along for support.

(May 2010) With the hen do over and my sister’s wedding fast approaching it was time for my Bridesmaid dress fitting. Luckily I had bought the dress a couple of sizes bigger then I needed but as the weeks wore on I was a little panicked that room was getting tighter and tighter. I wasn’t entirely convinced that there was much more material to “let out”. I had visions of my sister going mad at me! However, I just made it by the time the day came. It was a beautiful day and we got great weather for it. My sister looked gorgeous and her rather bold and bright colour scheme worked amazingly well and looked stunning! I was five months pregnant on the day and the other bridesmaid was seven months! It was very long but we made it through. The only panic was when I left my reading in the wedding car and realised once we were all in the church and the service was under way! It was baby brain of course that made this happen! I had to send my hubby dashing out to get it for me and he arrived back with less than 15 seconds to spare, the look of sheer fear captured on my face during the first half of the service was classic. I am good at ad-libbing but not that good! However, that aside it all went well, but whilst I am usually the life and soul of the party, with bad hips, bad back, swollen feet and a big bump I took to the dance floor a couple of times but did retreat to the bar and big comfy chairs at the end of the evening, leaving many of our family and friends to continue to dance into the small hours.

I also discovered the joys of nearly new fairs during this time! They are amazing! There’s a one held near to us twice a year in aid of charity and some of the things you can pick up are great, never worn clothes, still tagged for a couple of pounds, toys in immaculate good working condition, for the time that kids are in these clothes or play with the toys, you can’t go wrong. I went to my first baby fair during my second trimester with my mum and dad and picked up a Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer for less than half the price I would have paid new, and it became a god send in helping to settle my little girl when she was born.  I also got a fab ergonomic bath seat too, which was brilliant for when my little girl got bigger.

I must say however I went to one of our local NCT baby sales (as did some friends) and we all couldn’t get out quick enough, it was chaos! A cramped, jumble sale free for all, I haven’t been back to one since but love going to this other one I have found, it’s much more spacious, organised and you can see who you are buying from too.

It was during my second trimester that I also heard there was a baby fair being held in my local town and that Water Babies were going to be there so I couldn’t wait to go along and find out more. I found the event really interesting, there were lots of different companies there, from those offering services to those selling products. I signed my little girl up to Water Babies straight away (well I was told there was a huge waiting list after all so being on it before you born is a head start!) as I always knew it was something I wanted to do with her, I also bought a Gro bag sleeping bag (the best invention ever!) and a fab Cuddle Dry cow print towel that has a nifty clip that allows the towel to be essentially worn by you so you can lift your little one out of the bath, against you and wrap them up nice and warm and dry. This was brilliant for me with my hip and back problems as it kept the towel close to me but allowed me to use my hands to steady myself when getting up and hold my little girl. I also came across a company promoting Aloe Vera drinks and got talking to them about my hips etc. They recommended I try one of their products and said it would really help me, so me being me I bought a bloody great big jug of the stuff. All I can say is, I am one to give anything a go but oh my god this stuff made me gag! Needless to say, it unfortunately went to waste and my hips stayed painful!

One of my very good friends also had a little girl during my second trimester and I was over the moon (April 2010) to meet little S, she was gorgeous and I couldn’t believe that the little bump in my tummy would soon be here in my arms too and, in time, that they would be playing together! It was so exciting! Little S was the first of 6 babies that I knew of at the time that were en-route within the coming 6 months, it was lovely to think that “mini” would have so many new little friends and I would know so many people going thorugh the same thing at the same time.

I have been hugely lucky to also have friends who had had children already and very very kindly passed clothes on to me, so much so I had bin bags full and drawers full! My little girl almost had an outfit for every day of her first year and I had to politely tell people that their generosity was very kind but I definitely had enough for her at that point! However… ahem… despite being inundated with baby clothes I still couldn’t help a few sneaky outfits in the sales, just to say they were ones I had personally picked out.

Becoming a new parent means all sorts of new contraptions and gadgets as well. A trip to Mothercare and Mamas and Papas with hubby to get an idea of what we may need was frankly hysterical, I really wish we could have got CCTV from the store. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING we touched either fell over or fell apart. We were like two chimps trying to work out how high chairs and travel cots worked, with very little success! We however finally decided on our nursery furniture and ordered it from Mamas and Papas, I was very excited! Hubby not so much so as it meant losing his beloved office!

With the nursery furniture bought I went into major nesting mode, I suddenly wanted the house immaculate, doors and skirting boards painted, garages and sheds cleaned out, cupboards and drawers emptied of all those things you never use. I drove my husband insane!!! I actually had a list of everything that needed doing and step by step points as to when I wanted it done by… ok can I blame it on the hormones???!!! However it worked and kept us on track. You don’t realise how much clutter you accumulate and how much space you need. We gradually dug out what had been the office and dumping ground and began turning it into our little girl’s nursery. It was so exciting! My friend very kindly offered to paint us a mural too, she is very talented. I knew I wanted it complete by the end of July just to know it was done, and considering she came the beginning of Sept and we were on holiday in August I am pretty glad I set that goal!

However the highlight had to be the 20 week scan (May 2010) and suddenly seeing (and hearing!) a much bigger, actual baby looking back at you and bouncing about happily. The run up to the scan was daunting, was the baby still ok? would they find anything wrong? The hospital we go to doesn’t have a screen so that the mum can see what’s happening so I told my hubby to take in as much as possible to relay back to me and to enjoy the experience and looking at his face when that screen went on I certainly knew he was very happy indeed. He was in total awe, staring in amazement and later told me just how much he could see, even inside our baby’s head and down the spinal column, it blew him away. After an anxious 20 – 30 minutes of me laid watching my hubby and the sonographer’s faces and desperately trying to work out what they were seeing and thinking, the sonographer smiled and confirmed all was ok and asked if we wanted to know the sex, to which we nodded excitedly. “Well, baby is playing up a bit but to the best of my knowledge and from what I can see I would say it’s a little girl” she said. Hubby and I knew it, we just knew it! We were over the moon! From the day we had first met we always pictured we would have a little girl, from the 12 week scan, we just knew it was a little girl and now we knew that little bit more. The sonographer asked us if we would like a picture to which I excitedly said yes please! However it was at this point that little “mini” decided to show her stubborn side and curled into a tight ball. The more the lady tried, the tighter she got! So… whilst I would love to end this part of my little story by sharing a fab 20 week scan pic with you… I’m afraid that’s all folks!

Until next time! 😉


Top 5 Reasons I know I’m a Control Freak – Kate Takes 5 Listography

So this is the actual Kate Takes 5 Top 5 Listography for this week and it’s courtesy of the lovely Fab 40 Foibles.

This week the theme is “I know I am a… when” and is ours to choose what to do with so I guess I thought to what my hubby would say and my choice is “I know I am a Control Freak when…”

1.) I write lists galore, lists upon lists upon lists upon lists!

2.) I find it hard to let others do things and even when I do I can’t help checking back to make sure it’s done right!

3.) I really should go to bed earlier, I sit up most nights organising, doing housework and typing blogs when it can realistically be left

4.) I can’t leave jobs unfinished, we have to see them through to the end! My poor hubby hated my nesting period… can you imagine!!!??? lol!

5.) I am always looking for new things to do, places to go, courses to potentially try, holiday’s you name it my mind never switches off!

OK so I can’t deny it, I’ve had to be honest with myself here. I may just be a tiny bit of a control freak!

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Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy – Kate Takes 5 Listography

So this week I thought the lovely Kate at KateTakes5 had set her listography as the top 5 things that make us happy… perfect I thought and I drafted this post but then realised I had joined an old one! Doh!!!! ha ha! Oh well lets keep it up here it’s a nice one after all. I’ll go find the right one now!

Number 1

Family, my gorgeous little girl, my husband, my mum, my dad, my sister, her hubby and neice and my inlaws.

Number 2

Sunshine! I love it when the sun is shining! It’s like life is good! Bring on the sun!

Number 3

Holiday! I love holiday’s! Sitting back, relaxing in the sunshine, with good food and good company. Bliss!

Number 4

Friends! My friends are fantastic and mean a lot to me. Everyone needs good friends around them!

Number 5

Dessert! I love dessert! I definately have a sweet tooth!

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Book Review: That’s Not My Fairy

Happy Friday one and all, it’s time for a review of one of our favourite books!

This week I am going to talk about a classic from Usborne’s “That’s not my…” range…

“That’s Not My Fairy” (Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells)

This was one of the first books we got in the range and still remains a firm favourite with my daughter.

The book showcases a range of pretty fairies with various touchy feely elements, a shiny dress, fluffy wings, bumpy slippers, a smooth crown, frizzy hair and a sparkly wand, asking which one is your child’s fairy, of course it has to be the one with the sparkliest wand!

These books are fantastic for introducing young children to a range of different textures and enhancing their sensory experiences. From a very young age my daughter especially loved the soft fluffy touch of the fairy wings in this book. Why not check out some of the other titles in the range


Want to buy That’s Not My Fairy

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello all and thanks for visiting!

As a first time mum of one gorgeous little girl I’ve found the early weeks and months as a mummy can be a minefield, with a wealth of information, advice, products and services to choose from as well as sleepless nights and learning curves!

So, now that I have come through my first year as a new mummy I thought what better than to start up my first ever blog and share my thoughts, feelings and views and hopefully help others a little bit along the way.

It could be said that I have taken full advantage of time with my little girl. I took a lengthy period of maternity leave and spent a significant amount of time looking up and researching places to go and things to do with her! In a quest to be the ultimate mummy and produce a child that would challenge the best mensa candidate, I’ve visited various groups from local playgroups and free Surestart Centre programmes to national schemes such as Waterbabies and Signing Tots. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have had and on the whole wouldn’t change a thing… apart from maybe thinking I am of course the ultimate mummy and will have a mensa child! Reality does have hit at a certain point!

In addition I’ve spent endless hours trawling the internet reading up on baby products, taking in reviews and ratings and making purchase decisions that I have hoped would be of long term benefit. In many cases this has been of benefit but unfortunately not always. Are there items I can’t do without? YES! Are there some I wish I had never bought? YES! This is all part and parcel of being a new mummy and the learning curve that comes with it!

As my daughter grows and develops I am encountering more ‘firsts’ and moments of joy, laughter, tears and tantrums.  I am learning how to deal with such issues and often how NOT to deal with them too!

In my blog I aim to share my experiences, telling it as it is about the products I have tried and the groups and classes I have attended. I also hope to share with you the emotional highs and the frustrating lows… after all, we all go through the same and a little sharing can go a long way…

I hope you enjoy…

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