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Book Review: Giraffes Can’t Dance – Part of @Homedad’s #FictionFriday

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his #FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature Giraffes Can’t Dance (Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees) one of my daughter’s favourite’s

This is a fabulous and beautifully illustrated tale of a giraffe called Gerald and his longing to take part in the annual jungle dance. The cruel animal taunts at the dance however make Gerald freeze on the spot and  and creep off home feeling all sad and alone. On his journey home an encounter with a friendly cricket sees Gerald realise his potential and his dreams of dancing come true.

“Gerald felt his body do the most amazing thing. His hooves started shuffling making circles on the ground, his neck was gently swaying and his tail was swishing around.”

As Gerald loses himself in the music all the animals that had taunted him earlier in the evening begin to gather around and watch in awe.

The moral of the story is that

“We all can dance when we find music that we love”

If you want to join in with #FictionFriday why not hop on over to @HomeDad’s blog to join in the fun and find out more


Feel Good Friday #2

Hello and welcome to #FeelGoodFriday!

As always the question is simple, what’s made you feel good this week or today in general?

Why not write a post on your blog then link to the lovely Not Just a Mummy’s Feel Good Friday and also back here by posting a comment and a link to the post on your site. Let’s share the feel good factor!

This week it’s not only been my birthday

But I have also had the week off work which has been lovely (even better with the weather the way it’s been, can’t beat a bit of sun!).

Having the week off has meant more time with my family, which has been great! I’ve seen my parents, the in-laws, my sister, her hubby and my little neice and my husband too! It’s been lovely! In addition I have a night out planned this weekend with my girlie friends for birthday food and drinks fantastic!

So my Feel Good Friday this week is dedicated to fun in the sun with my family and friends because it’s been a good week to share with them!

Having had such a beautiful sunny and chilled out few days I thought I’d share a lovely piece of chill out music with you Chicane Low Sun Enjoy!

What’s your #FeelGoodFriday? Please share!


The Comical Moments of Venturing out for the First Time with a Newborn

So a few posts on twitter recently got me back to thinking about my experiences of first venturing out with my little one and boy it wasn’t easy! Not so much because I had had a c-section and was walking like John Wayne, that of course was a problem. No it was more the humourous yet frustrating incidents that occurred on the outings!

1.) I am sure that’s not meant to happen:

Having had a c-section I couldn’t drive so one of my lovely mummy friends kindly came to pick me up with her newborn to go to a local breastfeeding and weigh in clinic / group. Arriving in our local town we got our little ones out of the car and I lifted by Britax car seat on and placed it on the pram chassis. All was fine for the rest of the morning until we returned to the car. I pressed in the button on the top of the handle to release the car seat from the chassis and lifted the car seat up… well I say car seat, the whole pram chassis came with it! Erm… ok I was pretty sure that wasn’t meant to happen. What came from this was five minutes (I kid you not) of me and my friend desperately tugging at the car seat, trying not to shake the poor little baby sat in it too much. Eventually after some battle we prised it free and got on our way. However this wasn’t to be the end of it! This happened on a regular occasion for the first three months!!! I had to carry a can of WD40 in my boot to release my child! I got some pretty strange looks in the car parks I have to say and at the time it really didn’t feel funny especially if I was out on my own. A couple of times I was close to tears! However I must say I do now look back and have to laugh! It was so ridiculous!

2.) Oh my god she didn’t just do that did she???

At 6 weeks I was given the all-clear to drive so headed to the group in my own car to meet my friend there. I had no sooner got into the car than my daughter started screaming, and boy do I mean screaming. There’s always that awkward problem where you are driving, trying to concentrate on the road but desperately watching your child through the car child mirror begging them to please stop crying and singing nursery rhymes in a hysterical manner… well yes that was me for the whole journey into our local town. When I got there I opened the car door, released the car seat straps and placed my hand under my daughter only to step back aghast! Oh no! she hadn’t had she? Oh yes she had! Houston we had a problem… a Big, Big, Big problem, one hell of an explosive nappy which had come through all her clothes and on to the car seat. The smell was incredible! I just picked her up, placed her in her pram and hurried as fast as I could through the town to the group, knowing I would be stripping her off to be weighed. I entered the room with a hysterical, screaming child, covered in poo, red in the face and… oh yes I forgot to add, she had a peeling flakey face too as the olive oil I had been recommended to use on her had made her skin go all flakey! It was a beautiful moment!  kind of like “Hi everyone, this is me and this is my adorable daughter…!” I was, you could say a little stressed but relieved to be able to strip off my daughter and calm things down a little!

3.) The weigh-in melt downs

I should also add that out of 24 weigh-ins I went to at that very same group my little girl had a hysterical hissy fit melt down every time I put her on the scales bar twice! I was the mum everyone looked at, some probably in horror and some in pity! Of those two times she didn’t cry I had arrived early and none of the other mums were there to see it! That’s called sods law!

4.) What? You want to go out, eat or shop? I don’t think so… I’m hungry!

I breastfed my daughter for the first 4 and a half months and was pleased with my achievements. However they don’t actually tell you how hard and time-consuming it actually is. The amount of times I would attempt to get out of the house and have to sit back down and feed her was unreal! On one shopping trip I was all set to go with my mum, she was in her car seat and we were about to leave, when she started crying for food. So I undid her car seat, took her jacket off and fed her, almost an hour later we were ready to go! On arriving at the shopping centre and heading into the first shop, my daughter again cried out for food! I had to go into the baby change feeding room and sit with my mum again for over half an hour! Almost 3 hours after first attempting to leave the house we were finally ready to shop! Then there was the time my friend and I sat in a cafe for almost 4 hours having lunch and bought several drinks because as fast as one of our baby’s stopped feeding the other started! It’s a good job the cafe wasn’t busy and the staff were really supportive!

I’ve come to the conclusion looking back that it definitely wasn’t easy, people certainly are not joking when they say it can take you three hours to get out! However… it’s all part and parcel of being a new mummy, it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel but I can guarantee there is! If you are just starting out on this new adventure, I promise you, you will look back and laugh, if you have been there done that and got the t-shirt I am sure you will agree with me that it all makes for a more interesting experience!

How about you? How did you find the first trips out? Any humourous or crazy stories to share?


Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today has been my birthday and I don’t think I ever recall having had such beautiful weather on my birthday in a long time. My daughter was at nursery and hubby and I had the day to ourselves, which we spent pottering in the garden after a nice lie in and then ventured to a pub beer garden for a little cheeky drink. Grandma is babysitting tonight while we head out for a nice meal and more drinks so I will bid you all goodnight!


My Top 5 Beauty Products

It’s #Listography time and this week Kate at KateTakes5 asks for our top 5 beauty products.

So here goes!

1.) Lancome Hydra Zen Moisturiser – light, silky hydrating

2.) Clinique All About Eyes – Light and refreshing

3.) Nivea My Silhouette Body Firming Gel-Cream – probably the best invention used it loads when I had my daughter and with a healthy diet and wobble plates it toned me up. Struggling to get hold of it now though!

4.) Mac Studio Fix Foundation – Light and provides excellent coverage

5.) Aqueous Cream – simple, cheap, effective, keeps my skin well moisturised.


Have We Entered the Terrible Two’s???

So I think my little girl may be entering that lovely phase that all parents come to dread. the Terrible Two’s!!!!

The last two days have been frankly chaotic and tiring to say the least!

A trip to the in-laws yesterday saw multiple meltdown’s, with a leisurely jaunt to the park and an ice-cream, slowly turn to chaos! The meltdown’s came thick and fast and arose for various reasons, from not wanting to be on the swing, wanting the 50th go on the slide when we needed to leave, wanting the cone of everyone elses ice cream and not the tub I had specifically bought to share with her, not being allowed to run around the car park where cars were driving past and not wanting to hold anyone’s hand but mummy’s. I am sure there was lots more but I forget now!

Today however was the worst yet! We went to view a bigger house near where we live and had a lovely stroll there with our daughter on her trike. However a sunny stroll soon led to the house viewing from hell! The minute the poor lady opened the door my daughter went into the most spectacular meltdown I think I have seen in quite some time! We hadn’t even got over the doorstep! The couple politely invited us in and my daughter just continued to freak out beyond words! We made a quick beeline for the garden in the hope she would calm down and she did briefly but the minute we went back in the house she started up again. The poor couple was trying to show us around and tell us about the house and my daughter was literally screaming like something deranged with snot and dribble everywhere. She only wanted to be carried and by me and I was struggling to carry her so had to pass her to my husband, which only served to make it worse! In the end hubby apologised and headed outside with my daughter to leave me to complete the viewing on my own, I was mortified and apologising profusely, whilst in the background outside was the constant sound of shrieking and screaming. We headed downstairs and the lady tried to placate my little girl by getting her trike and taking her to see the flowers, but that didn’t work, she kicked and screamed wildly as I tried to put her in the seat! Then the gentleman tried to pick her up and calm her down in a grandfatherly manner, which resulted in him being covered in snot and dribble and her kicking to be away! (Very embarrassing!) The couple were lovely, very kind and understanding but I have to say I don’t quite think I fully took everything in and wouldn’t like to have to ask to go back!!!!

On leaving a neighbour of ours drive past and commented “Oh that’s who it is, I heard the screams down by my house!” Very, very embarrassing!

My husband literally carried our daughter kicking and screaming back to our house, nothing would calm her down. When we got in she asked to go to bed, wouldn’t lie on the sofa or bed with me, just wanted to be in her cot. After 20 minutes chilling out on her own with her dummy and bunnies she came downstairs like a different child! Unbelievable!!!

This hasn’t been the first meltdown of late, we’ve had other meltdown’s because we couldn’t go play in the garden, because we wouldn’t hold mummy’s hand when walking to the car, because we suddenly want our dummy beyond bedtime and don’t want to give it up and because we didn’t want to go with grandma the other morning when mummy had to go to work. This was a particularly random one, we are fine every morning but this particular morning we dug our heels well and truly in, so much so that my poor mum had to leave the library session she had taken her to and just head home because she was still screaming when they arrived and as the session was about to start!

My daughter’s meltdown’s are very, very spectacular, anyone who knows us will know that she can literally hit new heights on the Richter scale! I am just dreading the day it happens in a shop or cafe!!!

I remember being so adamant before I was pregnant that if I ever had children they would be very well-behaved, no tantrums, they wouldn’t get their own way etc etc. Oh how different it is when you are living it! I just hope I can remain strong and not bow to her demands as such and deal with it calmly so that we come through the other side quickly. In the meantime however I may give house viewings with my daughter a wide berth!!!!


My United Kindmums Random Act of Kindness #1

So as you may have read I am supporting Netmums United Kindmums campaign. Netmums is calling on mums across the UK to unite by making small changes to their lives in order to make bigger changes to others, with a view to creating a kindness culture.

This week their action is to help a local food bank, well I did look up my local food bank but it’s unfortunately only open at times when I can’t attend so afraid this action may not be possible. However I have upheld another aspect of the United Kindmums campaign in carrying out a random act of kindness.

My random act was to offer advice to a very talented lady to promote a local scheme she is running. Following a conversation I had had with her I went away thinking of how I could help her gather more interest and participants and I sat down and mapped out a few ideas she could undertake. It only took me fifteen minutes or so but with my experience I can hopefully offer her a few helpful pointers that might make a big difference for her in the long-term. She didn’t ask me to do it, I didn’t need to do it, but I believe the concept she has is great and I wanted to help her in what way I could.

Have you joined the Netmums campaign? If so why not keep sharing the love and tell me in a comment below what you have been doing?


Introducing Feel Good Friday

So driving home tonight listening to some really feel good music got me to thinking about a potential new fun feature for my blog, which I think I shall simply entitle #Feel Good Friday.

The concept? Simple. What is making you feel good each Friday? It may be something you have done that day, it may be something you have planned, it may be a book you are reading or a song you have heard. It may simply be the thought of coming home to your family and the weekend ahead.

Whatever it is why not share it with me by commenting on my post each Friday with a link to a post on your own blog then tweet me @amummysview #FeelGoodFriday

I shall start this week with the song that got me thinking about all this in the first place. I am by no means saying I love this song, let me just put that straight but it brought back some fun old memories!

Introducing the 90’s hit SNAP! Rhythm is a Dancer!


Book Review: The What the Ladybird Heard Song – Part of @Homedad’s #FictionFriday

So this Fiction Friday I thought it would be good to review the latest addition to our collection, our World Book Day book, “The What the Ladybird Heard Song” (Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks).

It’s an entertaining story about a ladybird that lives on a farm and sees and hears everything but hardly ever speaks a word. The ladybird learns of a plan for robbers to steal the prize cow and all the other farm animals kick up a fuss and plan to foil the robbers plans.

The end result being “the farmer cheered and both cats purred, but the ladybird said never a word”

If you want to join in with #FictionFriday why not hop on over to @HomeDad’s blog to join in the fun and find out more


The A-Z of Me

I’ve recently been tagged by the lovely Tracy of a Mum in Meltdown and challenged to do The A-Z of Me

It’s been a challenge to think up but I think I’ve come up with a half decent stab at it! So here goes…

The A-Z of Me

A- Aeroplanes I have a strange fascination with them but am petrified of flying on them!

B- Bump I loved my bump I just don’t love my post bump bulge!

C- Cats My other babies

D- Daughter I love her to bits

E- Enchiladas Yummy!!!!

F- Family Mine means the world to me

G- Good Friends You can’t beat them!

H- Holiday’s I love holidays!!!

I- Ice cream Hmmm I love Ben and Jerry’s

J- Juggling Something every mother needs to learn!

K- Kind I’d like to think I am and appreciate others that are

L- Love You can’t beat it

M- Mother My favourite role yet and I love my own mother too

N- Nana I love and miss her every day

O- Occupation PR

P- Potty Training The next stage to come

Q- Quiet Sorry what’s that???

R- Reiki I’d secretly love to learn how to do this

S- SKY Plus The best creation ever! I don’t have hog it too!

T- Time Why does it always seem to fly by and feel like there’s never enough!

U- Uniform Sometimes I wish I had to wear one for work so I don’t bore of my wardrobe so quickly!

V- Vino Ok maybe the very occasional glass of red is a nice treat

W- Weight loss It’s a bitch post pregnancy!

X- X-ray I’ve had that many I might be radioactive!

Y- Yummy Mummy Week I’m proud to have raised £150 for CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Week campaign

Z- Zumba Something I haven’t actually tried! I fear I couldn’t keep up!

 I now tag:







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