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Pretty.Little.Things – Beautiful bags

Well coming back into the world of blog land after a bit of time out I just had to join in with this week’s Pretty.Little.Things hosted this week by Lisa over at Hollybobb’s  the theme being “Beautiful bags”.

Before I had my little girl a friend who had just had  her baby 5 months before came round to mine one day with a fab Pink Lining change bag and I knew instantly I just had to have one! So hubby bought me mine as part of my Christmas box.

This bag has gone everywhere with me and I have to admit has taken a bit of a battering and could do with a good clean! loL! Despite my little girl almost being a toddler I STILL use it.

They’ve got some fab new designs on their site so anyone looking for a change bag I can highly recommend the. You get two insulated bottle pockets, two nappy pockets, two other internal pockets, a change mat and a wet bag for storing wet clothes etc. There’s also two side pockets and a button fastening front pocket. What more does a “Yummy Mummy” need! lol!

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I am a Pretty.Little.Thing

Wow I am a lucky girl I have been awarded yet another picture of the week, this time by the lovely Lisa at Hollybobbs for my entry to Pretty.Little.Things last week.

The theme was Funky Footwear and I just couldn’t help but share this pic of my little girl wearing her winter boots with pride in the hight of the last heatwave we had!

I’ve been given this rather gorgeous badge to display. Thank you!

This week’s theme is “favourite bathtime toy”

Yes… you are seeing right… this is our fave bathroom “toy” at the minute… making bubbly potions in empty bottles with daddy using mummy’s bubblebath! No expense spared!!!

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The lovely  Love From Mummy and Hollybobb’s are once again hosting the fab linky that is Pretty.Little.Things and this week’s theme is Funky Footwear.

I IMMEDIATELY again knew which picture I wanted to share and it just HAD to be this one taken a few weeks ago…

It was a red hot day and my daughter opened her wardrobe, found these boots and INSISTED on wearing them! She had a denim dress on and it looked hilarious!

Then when she climbed in her old bouncer, that she is now a bit big and we had actually got it out for her baby cousin,… well it just looked even funnier!

Kids really do make you smile!

If you want to join in Pretty.Little.Things it’s being hosted this week across at Love From Mummy’s blog 


#PrettyLittleThing – Calming Comforters


The lovley Lisa at Hollybobb’s and Love From Mummy are once again hosting the fab linky that is Pretty.Little.Things and this week’s theme is Calming Comforter.

My daughter has two bunny comforters that have been with her in bed since almost day one. They are there waiting for her every night and I always have to have a chat with them about what she’s been up to that day and check that they are going to give her big kisses and cuddles to help her sleep. It’s like a little ritual, a bunny chat before bed!

This pic is only of one of the bunnies but it just makes me laugh. We went up in her room one night and this is how we found her!

If you want to join in Pretty.Little.Things it’s being hosted this week across at Hollybobb’s blog so why not “hop” over (excuse the pun) and join in!


Pretty Little Things: My First Photo

This week’s Pretty Little Things theme from the lovely Love From Mummy is ‘My First Photo’ so I thought I would share one of the first pics taken of my lovely daughter when she was born.

As I had to have a c-section hubby returned to our room with our little girl while I was “sewn up” and the lovely nurse took this photo after he had dressed her. I think it is so cute!

If you want to join in with this linky why not hop on over to Love From Mummy’s blog and share your “first” picture


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