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Friday Favourite: The Savoy!

on March 1, 2013

This week I have a rather unusual Friday Favourite to share with you all.

This week my Friday Favourite is something that has saved me from the most extreme pain and enabled me to have a little more sleep…

This week my Friday Favourite is….

The Savoy Cabbage!


No I haven’t lost it completely! I promise!

I am trying to wean off breastfeeding and move towards bottles with my little girl. However I learnt this week that I really have to do this gradually and can’t go cold turkey!

Last time I came off breastfeeding I was more established and my daughter was starting to wean so dropping her bottles too. However this time my body must be so confused as I am still building my milk supply and consequently I have had the most painful breasts!

In desperation I asked around and read up on what’s the best way to stop breastfeeding and I was told all about the wonderful Savoy Cabbage!

Since the early 1800’s cabbage leaves have been recommended to reduce swelling in moderate to severe engorgement and cabbage compresses have been used to reduce the swelling in sprains and broken bones. There isn’t much research but published studies and anecdotal reports seem to support the view that it can reduce breast engorgement.

Cabbage is known to contain sinigrin (allylisothiocyanate) rapine, mustard oil, magnesium, oxylate and sulphur heterosides and herbalists believe that cabbage has both antibiotic and anti irritant properties. It’s thought that this mix of natural ingredients helps reduce tissue congestion by opening small blood vessels which improves the blood flow in the area.

Whatever the science behind it one thing is for sure it does work! It saved me from being soooo uncomfortable and that is why the simple Savoy Cabbage is my Friday Favourite!

Respect to the Savoy!

2 responses to “Friday Favourite: The Savoy!

  1. Dare I ask? You are eating the savoy cabbage?

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