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My Birth Story Second Time Round: The First Month (Part 2) – The Feeding Challenge

I decided to try breastfeeding again this time. I managed it for four and a half months with my toddler and do agree that it gives babies a great start, as well as being cheap and at times relatively easy. I say “at times” and use the word “relatively” as breastfeeding can be very, very hard and I have to say I have found it hard this time.

I always prepared myself for the fact that I would likely combination feed, if not stop completely as I know how time consuming and demanding breastfeeding can be and couple that with a demanding existing child and you can imagine the picture! I have found this to be the case this time!

Baby clusterfed all night most nights for the first week at least and after that I was up for huge periods of the night, so by the end of week two I was exhausted. My body was physically shaking and I felt like I had a bucket on my head, I was so tired I couldn’t take in what people were saying, everything was just echoey and almost distorted. I realised there was no way I could be awake all night and function to look after a toddler the next day, so I introduced an evening bottle of formula to try to see baby through the night a little more and it did work.

The day my husband returned to work I realised I also couldn’t exclusively breastfeed during the day, as my daughter was wanting me to play and demanding my attention, but baby was also demanding my attention and feeding constantly. I kept having to tell my daughter to “hold on” and found myself saying “mummy won’t be a minute” or “mummy can’t right now darling” and this made me get a bit emotional as I felt like piggy in the middle and bad that I couldn’t give my daughter the attention she has always had from me. So I have also introduced a bottle or two during the day too to fill baby up and reduce the time spent with on / off breastfeeding, as well as an additional bottle during the night. I guess I could officially say I am at present combination feeding, but potentially heading towards solely bottle feeding.

I am one for structure and being organised, even though hubby calls me organised chaos! I like to know where I am and what to expect and I have felt this time with breastfeeding that I am totally disorganised and can’t plan my day like I want to and effectively plan in quality time with my toddler too. So this is probably another reason for my decision.

I’ve got mixed feelings about moving from breast to bottle. I don’t feel pressure or guilt in any way, it is certainly the best option for me and so far I have given her over a month of breast milk. I am probably more gutted that I now have to wash and sterilise loads of bottles and constantly buy formula! I am also feeling the pain! My breasts have been really engorged and I’ve even resorted to the Savoy Cabbage tactic to try and ease the pain (have to say it seems to have worked a bit!)

It’s early days in the combination feeding stakes and I am still trying to find a structure in breast v’s bottle feeds, as I keep mapping it out but then baby wants more food and I end up popping her on the breast for a quick thirst quencher if the bottle isn’t due or ready, which then has a knock on effect on the next feeding time,  but we’ll see how we get on… You would hope that things will only get easier!?!

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My Birth Story Second Time Round: The First Month (Part 1) – C-Section Recovery

Wow! My baby girl is a month old now! Where did that go?!

This first months seems to have absolutely flown by!

I was in hospital for the first four days and on returning home found my recovery harder than expected. I was fortunate enough to have my hubby around for the first 3 weeks and I am soooo glad for that!

I know that c-sections aren’t easy to recover from, having been there before. However this time round I was getting a lot of pain beyond what I probably should have and found it very hard to move. Then I discovered a small raised area above my scar on the left so I called the midwives and they arranged for a midwife to come and see me on an emergency appointment (as it was a weekend). The midwife was lovely but didn’t know if it was scar tissue or an infection so she kept me on beyond the normal discharge period and came regularly over 3 or 4 days and also called me to see how I was managing. Luckily by day 4 the pain had subsided compared to what it had been and I was discharged.

However the raised area was still there and a bit tender and a few days later I had a heavier bleed than I had been having and ended up on the phone to the labour ward, who said they wanted to see me immediately. Only problem was it was 11pm at night, I couldn’t drive, hubby had had a drink and we of course had the kids in bed anyway. Unbelievably everyone else I called had had a drink too! All my options to get to the hospital were out and it wasn’t even a weekend! I then called a local taxi firm, who said they had no cars available and wouldn’t for quite a while. Couldn’t believe my luck! However my amazing neighbour came to my rescue bless her and drove me there, even waiting for me for an hour and driving me home! (I bought her a big bottle of wine the next day!)

The outcome of my trip back to the labour ward was that there was no immediate sign of infection, but they couldn’t be sure and gave me antibiotics just to rule out anything that could be brewing. I have to say I think there probably had been an infection as a week later and the raised area had gone and I was moving around so much easier!

The first couple of weeks didn’t see much happening due to my recovery period, but seeing that I was starting to climb the walls, my hubby decided to get me out in the car in my second week and we headed to our local Mothercare to get me measured for a nursing bra. However this one little trip was enough for me as only parking up right outside, walking in and coming out again nearly finished me off! By week 3 I managed a short walk with hubby and the girls and in week 4 ventured further, walking to a friends house near where we live. It was great to get out and about and to finally start getting used to going out on my with my girls and looking after them on my own.

As I write this 5 weeks have gone by and things feel much easier, I have no pain or pulling. However I feel 2-3 weeks behind in the whole caring for my girls and getting used to having two. I’ve only actually done half a dozen bath times on my own with both girls and left the house 3 times on my own with them both. Everything is taking such a long time! The first morning I got up on my own with them both took me two hours to get me showered and dressed, them up, washed and dressed and all of us breakfast! I haven’t got an exact bedtime routine down as such, I’ve been trying a few different things but am proud to say that so far I have got tea / bottle, bathtime and bedtime all done in good time and my baby has been seen to and put down in her basket in good time to enable me to keep my toddler’s bedtime to the same timeframe and straucture. We will see how long this lasts but not too bad so far!

Being disabled I have felt a strain on my back and hips when we have been out as I am lifting two and pushing a bigger pushchair etc but I am hoping that, along with timing too everything will just fall into place and become quite natural and hopefully easier!

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Friday Favourite – Supabath

I was dreading having to bathe my first little girl on my own once my husband went back to work. I’ve got a bad back and hips and had to have a c-section so was really worrying how I would manage.

I did a lot of research into the products that were out there and came across the Supabath from Mothercare, which was a god send then and is proving the same this time round having just had my daughter!

So this week my Friday Favourite is the Supabath


This is a fantastic product that sits over the top of the bath meaning its raised height makes bathtime a whole lot easier. There’s less need for bending over and I can easily hold my little girl and lift her in and out. The bath doesn’t slide under my taps when it was level with the bath sides but if we tip it ever so slightly we can slide it under and still fill the bath easily and then just tip it slightly again to slide it back without losing any water. We also have a shower head on my bath so can fill it with this too if needed. The Supabath has a handy little plug in the bottom that you just push up and it allows the water to be released easily into the bath below. Only downside is you have to hold it while the water drains, it could have down with a catch or some element to enable it to stay open while the water drains.

The Supabath can be used for at least the first 2-4 months of your baby’s life (depending on the size of your child). I would definitely recommend it to any parents out there! Especially if you are recovering from a c-section!


Carry on Constipation is still… erm… carrying on!

Any regular readers of my blog may have read my post OMG Carry on Constipation, about issues we were having with our toddler. I wrote the post back in October 2012, about the trials and tribulations of a toddler with constipation and just how much it affects their behaviour and eating.

We had been prescribed laxatives by the health visitor and at the time I hadn’t wanted to give her them too much as I wasn’t sure if it was going to have any long-term implications. Things seemed to briefly improve but it wasn’t long before we were back to the same old cycle of her holding it in, writhing and rocking on the sofa, refusing to play, complaining she was tired and not eating properly.

We discovered however that if we could get her to stand up for a couple of minutes, she would eventually go as she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Whilst this seemed a quick fix it was soon apparent that it was probably having an even more negative effect as she was so traumatised and upset by it, it seemed to be making her worse so we stopped forcing the situation too much.

I had an appointment with the health visitor in January to discuss in more detail and to hopefully find a solution but with our little girl arriving 5 weeks early I ended up in hospital instead so we had a couple more weeks before we could deal with the issue.

We’ve met with the health visitor a few weeks ago and they prescribed a powder laxative to put in her drinks that not only acts as a laxitive but also helps treat the bowl and get it back into it’s regular routine and condition. However, my daughter only drinks water and immediately sussed there was something in her drink and refused to drink it. My husband persevered in trying to give it to her but I became worried that she was going to stop drinking water completely and I would then have a dehydrated daughter on my hands too so I made him stop and we sought further advice.

The health visitor told us to put it in her milk as she wouldn’t taste it in that. However (yes, another however!) We had stopped putting my daughter’s milk in a bottle to encourage her to drink it from a cup instead, and being the stubborn toddler she is she was, after two weeks, STILL refusing to drink the milk. The health visitor told us to go back to the bottle, which we did, but unbelievably she refuses to drink the milk out of a bottle too now!

At our wits end and having tried the tactics suggested for several days we called the health visitor yet again who came out to see us. She told us we can put the powder in things like soup, yoghurt and custard, or her cereal milk / porridge, so we have been doing this and thank god it has worked! We had also gone back to a basic, syrup laxative when we hadn’t been able to get the powder into her and have been giving her this via a syringe, which she has been taking fine.

After a week or so of the syrup and a couple of days of adding the powder also, we seemed to be getting results and our daughter started going more regularly and without tears or any pain, albeit with the occassional help from us, such as stretching out getting undressed at bed or bath time (meaning she had to stand up) and going for walks / soft play etc. Fabulous, we thought, we are on to a winner!…. or maybe not!

My daughter has the most unbelievable will power! Even with 3 doses of laxative a day she seems to be able to once again hold her bowels! As I write this we have had 2 days without a poo, with my daughter laid on the sofa, staring at the TV, refusing to play, complaining she’s tired and that her tummy hurts, as well as having some great tantrums! You can visibly see her holding it and how uncomfortable she is. We have sat and time and time again explained to her that it is better for her to let herself go when she feels the need than hold it in, we’ve explained that’s why her tummy hurts and that the longer she holds it the worse the pain and the harder it will be to go etc etc. However, being two years old she either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to understand or listen!

She cries and demands her nappy is changed when she has gone, so obviously doesn’t like the feel of it in her nappy, however she flatly refuses to use a potty or toilet and gets hysterical. It’s becoming apparent that she is actually getting a phobia of poo as she has started getting upset when we change her sister’s nappy (which being that of a newborn is constantly of a brown variety!)

All we can do at present is persevere with the laxatives and keep trying to encourage her, but I am at my wits end and dreading hubby going back to work in the next week or two as it is a long, long day when she is like this and factor in a newborn to the equasion I feel I may be climbing the walls! lol!

Has anybody else experienced this? Any advice or suggestions would be hugely welcome!



Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

During both my pregnancies I really, really struggled to sleep. They say that it’s all preparing you for the sleepless nights that are to come, and whilst that’s lovely I would have preferred to just have had the sleep prior and dealt with the sleeplessness once it arrived! lol!

During my first pregnancy I got insomnia in the last few months and would sit up on facebook or watch telly at ungodly hours, only to fall alseep at the crack of dawn shortly before I needed to get up for work! However on the plus side, I could come home from work and just go to bed if I wanted, or have a massive long lie in at the weekend.

This time round… no such luck! When you have a toddler you have no time for lies in or resting once you get home from work. The tiredness can really, really, really catch up with you! This time round I had trouble sleeping from 8 weeks onwards! I was surviving on average with 4 hours sleep a night and was so run down and tired by the time my little girl came.

As my regular readers will know in each pregnancy I no sooner finished work for my maternity leave than my baby arrived! First time my daughter came at 37 weeks and this time round my little girl arrived 5 weeks early. So R&R didn’t really happen for me during my so called maternity leave and sleep was once again very limited, but this time due to night feeds!

I did try lots of things…

Going to bed early

I struggle with going to bed too early, as I feel my evenings are my “me” time so by the time I have put my daughter to bed and had my tea it’s often not that early anyway. However many mums I know swear by going to bed really early to get a good night’s sleep.

HorlicksHot milky drinks like Horlicks before bedtime

A milky drink is nice and enjoyable and is certainly better than a cup of tea or coffee, which has caffeine and will keep you awake.

A warm lavender scented bath

Yes, you can’t beat a bath for winding down and making you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Not watching television or being on the laptop too close to bedtime

I can see the arguments for this, as your mind is active and concentrating on what you have just been watching or doing. Many people say that reading is better for you, however I am not always sure as in my view your mind is still concentrating on what you are reading. In my mind you would be better going to bed and listening to some calming music or even ding relaxation techniques or meditation.

Using a pregnancy cushion (during my pregnancy), such as the Dream Genii  or general cushions to support my bump and back

Cushions are every woman’s best friend during pregnancy! I have had the Dream Genii and it did support me to a certain extent, however after a while my hip did ache (but this is probably due to the way the pillow supported it and the way my hip sits due to my disability). When the Dream Genii didn’t work for me I surrounded myself by normal pillows at the front and back and these supported me just as much… just wish our bed was bigger!

Using a scented room spray, such as the Cussons Mum & Me Relax & Unwind Sleep Mistcussons mum and me sleep mist

The lovely people from Cussons Mum & Me were kind enough to send me some of their Relax & Unwind Sleep Mist to try when they heard I was having trouble sleeping. I have used Sleep Mists before and this one did smell lovely and combines Camomile and Lavender to help you unwind. I have to confess, during my pregnancy, it didn’t send me into an instant slumber, however I don’t think a sledgehammer frankly would have done that, but it did have an initial calming aroma and seemed to help me sleep a bit better once all the pregnancy side effects had gone.

I’d love to hear any of my readers top tips for getting a good night’s sleep as I am sure over the coming months of night feeds I will be implementing many of the above tactics and any new ones would certainly be welcomed!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a spponsored post. No payment was received for writing this post. A Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Mist product sample was received to try but the views are entirely my own.

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Happy Blogiversary to Me!

one year blogiversary

Today is my one year Blogiversary! I’ve lasted a whole year so far and what a year it has been!

I’ve met the most amazing people, the parent blogging community really are a fantastic group of people and whilst I haven’t yet made it to Britmums Live or Blog Camp to meet people in person, I feel like I know so many people really well. Everyone has been so, so supportive and there are so many wonderful, creative, funny, inspiring and kind-hearted people out there in the parent blogging community (too many to mention individually!). It has been a pleasure and an honour to be welcomed into it!

During this first year I’ve enjoyed not only sharing my own experiences and views, but also actively getting involved in the blogging community to help support some wonderful causes, such as Blogitforbabies, ONE Thrive Food. Farming. Future Campaign and Netmums United Kindmums to mention a few. I also joined forces with the lovely Tea & Biscotti to launch and coordinate our own blogging campaign called Blogging4Madeleine where we got over 40 bloggers to join forces with us worldwide in releasing posts on madeleine’s birthday last year.

My Blogging4Madeleine post remains my number one post on my blog followed closely by the ONE Thrive post, Making Over a Big Girl’s Room for My Little Girl and 30 Things You Should Know in Your Second Pregnancy. My reviews and book posts are also popular too.

Madeleine McCann, Aquadoodle, Minnie Mouse Bedroom and Pregnancy rate high in searches that brought people to my blog. The most random searches being telephone in the wash and toilet grandma! No idea how these terms brought them to me but hey ho!

I didn’t quite know where I was heading when I set out blogging and my posts have been varied from posts about family life, challenges we’ve encountered, experiences and days out we’ve had, products and books we like or have tried, as well as posts supporting good causes and charities. I am really enjoying my little blog and am learning new things every day! I’ve ventured into the world of Google+ and Twitter for a start!

In my first year I’ve had around 25,000 views to my little old blog and received over 1,000 comments which I know may not be as huge as some other blogs out there, but I am pleased with what I have achieved.

I am thrilled to have been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards this year. It feels like a real sense of acknowledgement. I am up against some amazing blogs and to be honest I don’t expect to win, but to simply receive a nomination alongside so many other amazing bloggers is enough for me!

It’s been a great first year and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers for their wonderful support! I’m looking forward to a new year and a new chapter in my blog following the birth of our second daughter and hope you’ll join me for the ride!



Valentines Dedication

Valentines Day

With it being Valentines Day today I wanted to write a short post dedicated to the very special man in my life, my Hubby.

As regular readers of my blog will know, the last few months have been particularly hard with a tiring pregnancy, shock early arrival of our little girl and hard recovery post c-section. However through it all my hubby has been my rock. He’s had a considerable period off work with paternity and holiday, during which he has taken on so much and run around after myself, our toddler and newborn for the best part of a month.

I don’t know what I would do without him and whilst I can have my moody irritable moments, where it may not seem how much I appreciate what he does, I want him to know that I do very much appreciate it and I love him so much.

This post is dedicated to you hubby, happy Valentines Day, thank you for being there and for all your support, I love you so much


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My Birth Story Second Time Round: The Aftermath

Three weeks has passed since by gorgeous little girl arrived into the world 5 weeks early and I can’t believe how time has flown! You may have read my birth story second time round, well here’s what happened after the birth and in the first few hours and days that have followed…

Once the immediate rush of the delivery was over I was stitched back up by the theatre team. I remember asking them if they could do a quick tummy tuck while they were down there but I was told that wouldn’t be possible (oh well, they say god loves a tryer!) I was wheeled back from the theatre to our delivery suite, where my husband was waiting with our daughter. It was then that I was able to have my first cuddle, hold her close to me and have the chance to feed her. She took to the breast immediately and I felt the most overwhelming sense of love towards her.

Hubby stayed with us until 4am and then headed home for some sleep and I was left to try and get some of my own. However at 4.45am a lady was brought in via ambulance to a nearby room and she was screaming. It went on and on and there was just no chance of any sleep! I had asked on returning from theatre if I could have some food as I hadn’t eaten since 11.30am the day before, but I was told because I’d had an emergency c-section I would have to wait. (Don’t know what the difference is between last time and this time, each time I only had a spinal and last time I was given tea and toast immediately.) As the morning wore on I asked a few times as I was feeling so weak and starving and finally I got something at 8.30am (almost 24 hrs after last eating).

I was wheeled to the post natal ward mid-morning, ironically to the exact same bay and bed I had been in when I had my other daughter, where the midwife from the labour ward did a handover. It was then that I realised exactly what the problems had been. I heard her mention placenta previa and the cord being pressed on my baby’s head and  it really hit home as I don’t think anyone had fully told me exactly what had happened.

Hubby arrived shortly after I had moved to the post natal ward and both sets of grandparents and our little girl came that afternoon at visiting time. Luckily I was in the bay on my own at that point as it was like an entourage had landed! lol! My little girl was quite good and came straight to see her “baby sister”. However I think she had most fun playing hide and seek! It really was a good job the bay was empty! It was very hard saying goodbye as she left each day as you could tell she was confused as to why I wasn’t at home. One day she even got hold of my hand and said “you coming too mummy” and it broke my heart. Hubby decided to spend the last two evenings at home with our daughter to give her some attention and a sense of normality, which made sense. One evening my sister came to keep me company and the other I just took time to relax.

As our daughter was born a good size and did well with her Apgar score following her birth, it was decided that she should be placed in transitional care, which meant she could stay with me but the midwives monitored her and fed information back to the Special Care Baby Unit, who then made decisions on the course of action / care she required. On the first day she was placed on a special heat bed and remained on this for 2 days until she was able to regulate her own body temperature. She also had heel prick blood tests for 2-3 days around each feed to monitor her blood sugar levels. Initially her levels were a little low and she did have to be cup fed some formula in addition to my breastfeeding to help her, but eventually they decided that her levels were acceptable and she no longer needed monitoring. The final thing she was monitored for was jaundice, to be honest she wasn’t that bad at all and didn’t require any treatment for this. By day 3 she had been released from transitional care and we just needed monitoring for another 24 hours by the midwives before we could come home. For a 5 week premature baby she did amazingly well!

I was in hospital from the Saturday afternoon till the following Wednesday and during that time the majority of midwives and healthcare assistants that looked after me were wonderful. One went way beyond the call of duty and was such an immense support. I was still confused about what had happened between me arriving that day and my baby being born and she took my notes away, read through and came back to me, spending a considerable amount of time talking to me and explaining everything, she even went through the monitor print out, showing me where key changes happened. I was also in a considerable amount of pain at certain points and she made sure everything possible was done to alleviate this and make me comfortable. The day after my c-section she and a healthcare assistant helped me out of bed and into the shower room and stayed by the door to make sure I was ok. I was unable to bend to dry my legs and dress myself (so dignified) and they both came in to help me. It was lucky I had buzzed them and they were with me as shortly after they entered I went shakey and passed out! I was wheeled out of the shower room naked, with only a sheet covering my dignity! At this point I had a new “room mate” who’s boyfriend had just arrived… how to make a first impression! lol!

At the other end of the scale there were two nights where I wasn’t impressed.  I had been told on my first night to buzz to ask for help in getting my baby out of her cot to feeed as I had a catheter in and couldn’t move or twist sideways to reach her. My little girl was cluster feeding as she was so small so as fast as I was feeding her, she was falling asleep and unable to wake her or stir her to feed her more I was having to put her back, then within half an hour max, if not sooner, she would wake again. Therefore I was buzzing quite a bit during the night, but had no choice. However I overheard one of the midwives complaining that I was “buzzing every time the child made a noise” which I felt very unfair. I have had a baby before and I know how to settle a child and when a baby is just stirring or actually hungry. I did wait and try to settle my little girl before buzzing but the fact was she was hungry. It made me feel like I couldn’t buzz for help. On another occassion I was trying to get myself to the toilet but my tummy hurt so much I was unable to move and had got stuck at the bottom of my bed. My room mate buzzed for help and the nurse (at least I think she was a nurse or a healthcare assistant of some kind) that came in just looked at me in a perplexed manner. I had to ask her to help me and explain to her that I needed to get to the toilet and needed support. She didn’t even know how to support me and frankly I felt like I was holding her up more! I then had to ask for her to help me get back to my bed! It was unreal.

However I am pleased to say that the positive experiences once again outweighed the negatives.

By the time Sunday evening came I was desperate for sleep as I had only had 3 hours sleep since going to bed on the Friday night. However my baby had other ideas and for the first two nights cluster fed continuously! I think if I was lucky, I managed 2-3 hours over the two nights and by the Tuesday I felt totally washed out and my body was shaking. The midwife that had been so great felt that I might be anaemic so took some bloods and sent them off immediately to be tested, they came back within a couple of hours but I was told I was fine, I was merely exhausted!

Tuesday night, as previous nights, saw another bout of cluster feeding and I have to say I was looking forward to getting home the following day! After waiting for final test results for my little girl we were given the all-clear and headed home at lunch time to start the next chapter of our little family life! (Not before my husband nearly drove me into the side of an ambulance in my wheelchair though! But that’s a different story!)

Check back to see how my first few weeks home have been.


Friday Favourite – Nursing Bra’s

I am going through the first tiring few weeks of breastfeeding my little girl and any mother that has breastfed knows a good nursing bra/s is/are essential!

Following the birth of my little girl I was very kindly contacted by the lovely Karen at Boobie Milk, who offered to send me one of their Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bras to try. This was perfect timing as my little girl had arrived 5 weeks early, as many of my readers will know, and as a result I hadn’t had chance to go get measured for my nursing bras and was using my old ones (which wasn’t ideal as I didn’t know what size I currently was and I was certainly popping out of some of them!)

Carriwell Nursing Bra

I took them up on their very kind offer, having not tried Carriwell before, and I have to say I was really pleased with the fit and design of the bra and have decided to feature it as my Friday Favourite for this week

I like the seamless design of the bra as it can be worn under tight fitting clothing without it showing through and it’s great for both night and day! The bra doesn’t have an underwire (which can sometimes aggravate during pregnancy and breastfeeding) but instead, the wide underband provides extra support and lift.There’s a simple one handed release clasp for easy nursing and the 3 hook and eye on the back makes the bra very comfortable and ensures extra support.

The BoobieMilk website also explains a few more key features:

The silky soft breathable microfiber fabric moulds to your changing body, whilst skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby is maximised during nursing due to the unique non-inner, cup design. This bares your entire breast when the front cup is lowered providing total skin-to-skin contact, thus enhancing and adding to your joyous nursing experience!”

Until 17th February 2013 you can get the red Carriwell Seamless Nursing Bra and Hipster Pants as a set for only £25 on the BoobieMilk website and you can also enter their competition via the BoobieMilk Facebook page to win a custom made Breast Milk Keepsake too.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post and no payment was received for this. I was sent a product to try, however all the views and opinions in the post are entirely my own, with some product information to support the post taken from the BoobieMilk website.


I’m Nominated… Wow Thank You!

MAD Blog Awards

I was reading some blog posts on Bloglovin earlier this evening and came across a post by Attachment Mummy to say she had been nominated for the MADS (congratulations honey!) Not realising the nominations list was out I headed by for a little look and was thrilled but stunned to find myself on the nominations list for best Pregnancy Blog.

For me this is a real honour, especially as I am up against some other wonderful and lovely bloggers, whose pregnancy posts I have thoroughly enjoyed following myself and I am only just coming into my first year of blogging too. Being up against some fabulous bloggers and having spent most of my pregnancy feeling shocking and not writing as much as I would have liked, I don’t expect to make the final cut but have to say that to be nominated at all means the world to me. So whoever nominated me thank you ever so much, you’ve made my day and have given me my first major recognition in the world of blogging, thank you!

If you haven’t yet nominated your favourite blog in any categories don’t worry, nominations can still take place until 18th February 2013 but don’t forget! This is your chance to give your favourite bloggers a big pat on the back!

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