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I guess I should write about it a bit more really!

I haven’t really written a lot about my pregnancy so far, it’s strange, as when I had my little girl, I kept a journal and wrote in it religiously, I was shopping for items, planning the nursery and excited constantly, but this pregnancy has felt different. I haven’t had the energy or the motivation and have felt pretty crappy throughout the whole period so far. I had morning sickness till week 12 and haven’t slept well for weeks now, functioning on an average of 4-5hrs sleep a night. I’ve started a new, more senior role and am working longer days and having to be up earlier and as a result am feeling even more shattered. The last few weeks has seen my hips (as you know I am disabled) start to play up and I am getting very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain on and off, as I write this I have retreated to the bedroom under hubby’s orders to rest and get a break.

After I had my daughter I always thought to myself that if I had another I would keep an even better diary and mark every moment even more, but I just can’t seem to find the oompf I had back when I had my daughter and I almost feel bad for it being this way. It’s almost like I am so distracted with everything else going on in my life (I have a few other problems that I am hoping will end well and not in more stress) that I don’t have time to really think about it or give this poor little thing that is growing inside me the attention it deserves, and I guess when you have most of the things you need from the first time round there’s less shopping and planning to do too.

So… with a  bit of time out ordered I have decided to write about where I am to date with “bumpety” as hubby has nicknamed baby. I’m now 19 weeks pregnant (20 on Tuesday) and I’ve been feeling baby kick lots it in the last couple of weeks, it’s very active, which I guess is a good thing! I was sure I had been feeling little “pops” or kicks practically since week 11 / 12 but you’re never quite sure if it’s just a rumble, your imagination or an actual kick! Then one night at around 15 weeks I felt an unreal sensation in my tummy, it was so weird, like tremendous flutters, going full pelt! It was much stronger than the first sensations I had when  had my little girl. It went on for a good 30 seconds, then stopped, but an hour later, and an hour again after that I felt it and since then I regularly feel ripples and vibrations, which is always lovely and comforting. They are so regular I am sure baby will be joining the Riverdance contingent from an early age! 🙂

I’ve mentioned the sore hips and insomnia, not great but something I just have to get on with, strangely the tiredness is actually becoming easy to cope with and 4-5hrs sleep and red rimmed eyes is just the norm now! The hips are slightly more problematic when you have a two year old who wants you to get down on the floor and play, be carried or climb on you constantly, but this is something we are having to try to work around.

On a positive from the niggly side effects, it’s nice to be out in the open with things now. As mentioned, I am in a new role now, which I had applied for and interviewed for prior to me finding out I was pregnant. I was obviously thrilled to be offered the job, but I was so nervous about the prospect of having to tell them and gutted that I couldn’t even let it slip a little bit to the colleagues I currently worked with, who had supported me so much the first time round. However, that is all out of the way now and it’s officially out in the open and I can dress without fear of showing my bump hurrah!!!

I’ve had some more news of late that means possible changes could be afoot for me and I don’t know how this will pan out, whether it will mean more stress or work out well, I just have to wait and see. So I guess I have a lot on my mind too, which can be draining in itself, but hopefully soon, things will be clearer, I will be less drained and I will find the lovely pregnancy glow that I got last time… god please let me find the glow! lol!!!

I am looking forward to my 20 week scan in the next week or so, there’s always the obvious apprehension of whether everything is ok, but it’s lovely to see your little one on the big screen. We are probably going to find out what we are having again, I am too impatient and have a gut feeling that this one is a boy, if so I need to prepare as there’s far too much pink in my house and I have no idea about diggers, trucks, cars and all things blue!

I was sat thinking today about the children on either side of our family and trying to work out if there was a swing either way but it’s fairly even, there’s 8 girls, 6 on my side and 2 on  the husband’s and 7 boys, 1 on my side and the rest on my husband’s. Anyone want to hedge a bet and we’ll have an online sweepstake and I will update in a couple of weeks!

Lots of my friends are having / have had babies at the minute ( 11 in total!!!) and for many it’s their second. I am finding this nice as not only will we all be going through it together again (and as I am at the end of most of them I can learn how to cope with two from them all!), but also, it means that my little girl is seeing all of her friends get little brothers or sisters, and it therefore almost seems natural to her. She has a cousin who is just under a year and a half younger than her too and she loves her to bits, so hopefully all the babies will be a real help in the long term!

All in all, things seem to progressing well, I am almost half way through… 20 down 19 / 20 to go!


Wow… what a break… NOT!!!

WOW! What a few weeks I’ve had! I’ve had just over two weeks off work and am due back this week, starting a new role too. So after my time off I should be going back to work relaxed, stress free and revitalised yes??? WRONG!!!

My “break” started with my daughter’s second birthday, which, don’t get me wrong, was fantastic, but with prep for the party, guests staying, the birthday itself and the tidy up, present opening etc, the whole thing took up 3 days and saw me and bump exhausted by the end of it!

We had hoped to get away for a break during our time off but for various reasons this didn’t happen and as a result meant most of our time was spent at home. Now for many, such as my hubby, this can be fun and relaxing (computer time!), but for me, as a part time mum and part time worker it didn’t feel much of a break and more like any other day / week. Don’t get me wrong, we had days out and visited the hubby’s family overnight etc but we still had several days at home and the longer I spent around the doors, the more I just merged into the usual routine of cleaning, tidying, washing etc and I also started clucking like a nesting chick and finding things to do (or often for my husband to do and me to oversee!), including cleaning out the loft and garage, resealing the shower and bathroom and having good tidy up and cleaning sessions. (Hardly relaxing but strangely therapeutic for me in its own way.)

I also spent two days contained to our living room, playing with my little girl and trying to start potty training, which if you read my post, you will know didn’t quite go according to plan and saw me close to a breakdown by day two! So those days were a bit of a write off and we are certainly no further ahead with the potty training!

My lovely daughter is also choosing now to really try out the terrible two’s!!! We are having refusal to sleep, refusal to cooperate, tantrums, whining… the lot! Many nights while we have been off she has woken several times during the night, which is draining when you are used to them sleeping through. However…the other night (with hubby back to work and it being down to me to get up) she refused to sleep and was actually singing Bob The Builder to me at 4.45am! Now whether this went on any longer I have no idea, but I do know I did pass out for three hours at around 5.30am but this could have been through extreme exhaustion and not any let up on her part! lol! She was actually so tired the next day (as was I for that matter), that it was like having some possessed being in our midst! She STILL refused to sleep during the day and writhed around the room not sure of what to do with herself and looking like a washed out wreck. Thankfully that night she did sleep and the following day we had a lovely day out together.

We do often have LOVELY days, she can be an absolute sweetheart and very cute and funny. This evening she has been adorable, full of chatter, very funny and loving playing with us until bedtime. However this has been intermixed some days of late with hissy fits, stubborness and rudeness, the favourite phases at the minute being “mummy do it” and “no”.

We are certainly not ones to let it lie and do use time out and pull her up when needed, I think we just have to accept that age old saying of “it’s a phase” and just keep trying our best to teach her right and wrong. However with baby number two en route it is draining and tiring at times and I think until you “go there” you really don’t realise, I’m just hoping she gets a lot of it out of her system now! 🙂

To top my wonderful time off, just as I was about to return to work I have found out that I potentially face redundancy in the coming months too! This didn’t come totally out of the blue we were aware that it was on the cards but you always hope that it won’t be yourself that’s in the firing lane (excuse the pun!) So now I face an uncertain few weeks / months, and whilst ordinarily I would be of the opinion that if the worst comes to the worst I will just look for another job, I can’t see many people wanting to take a heavily pregnant person on who will only have a short while to go before maternity. So for me now, it’s a waiting game to see what happens, and being the person I am, planning for all eventualities and outcomes, as even dates and timings will affect little things, such as whether I get my contractual maternity pay, SMP or merely maternity allowance.

And finally!… yes… there is more… As is always my luck, I (along with my little girl) am also coming down with a lovely cold. Being pregnant I can’t take anything for it bar paracetamol which is a bit crap. I headed in to my local chemist today in the hope that I could at least have strepsils to help my razor throat but… denied! 🙂 I drank so much water through the night last night to soothe it I was up at the loo even more than usual! lol! So for now, it’s gargling with good old salt water and hoping that it passes quickly.

All in all, I would love to say that I am going back to work refreshed and revitalised and raring to go! However… I would soooo be lying! I am red eyed, shattered, snotty, coughy and hoarse and my skin has broken out! (Nice!) Next time I take a chunk of time off I will be doing so knowing that I am going somewhere, even if just for a long weekend, and not staring day in day out at my own four walls! Mummies need sanity and a bit of pampering every now and then… FACT! 🙂

Here’s to a few better weeks ahead!


Potty Training – To Train or Not to Train

Way back in April I wrote a post called Potty Tales about how my little girl had taken herself to her potty of her own accord and in June in one of my Terrible Twosday posts entitles meltdown and poo gate I shared a nightmare potty and poo experience. To date I haven’t forced the potty and everything had gone quiet on this front and she hasn’t been remotely interested in taking a seat in months. But with a new baby on the way I really want to start potty training and see if I can get my daughter nappy free by the new year as I feel it will make things so much easier for me and I was wondering if I missed a key cue when she first showed interest.

I’ve been reading up on the Huggies Potty Training website about how to get started and their key signs that your child is ready. I was a bit disheartened though as it said ideally they should be showing at least three of the signs and I was lucky if my daughter was showing one! However I had her 2 year annual review with the Health Visitor and she basically told me to just let her wander around nappy free or with just pants on if we are in the house for a couple of days and encourage her to tell me if she needs the toilet and to regularly encourage the potty or training seat over the course of the day. She said if I had repeated accidents over a day or two and no joy to go back to nappies as she probably wasn’t ready and to try again in a few weeks /months.

So… I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I have been procrastinating for so long now but I thought I would seize the moment!

When I got home I got the potty and put my little girl in her big girl pants and explained to her what we were going to do and that she needed to tell mummy and daddy if she needed a wee wee or poo poo and that we would be using the potty and / or toilet training seat. I also let her see me go to the toilet ( not that she hasn’t before, but made a point of it this time round) and told her every time I was going myself and why.

So… Day One

Well… first off, mid morning, no wee but at nap time I put a nappy on her just in case and she did go in her nappy during her sleep. Mid afternoon we had an accident on the sofa and she didn’t seem to be concerned that she was wet she just said “oh oh”. I explained that it didn’t matter and it was an accident but that’s why she had to tell mummy and daddy. Late afternoon I noticed she appeared to be shuffling and uncomfortable, so we encouraged her to sit on the potty and despite initial protests she did use the potty so we made sure we gave her lots of praise and she looked really pleased with herself. However around half an hour to 45 minutes later just before bedtime we had an accident on the sofa again. We took her upstairs to get her cleaned and ready for bed and to cut a long story short it resulted in a second potty hit of the number two variety. She really hadn’t been sure and was distressed and didn’t want to sit on the potty but obviously really needed to go bless her. Afterwards we praised her lots but when she saw it she looked shocked and said she didn’t like it (don’t blame her! lol!). However we explained that we understood and that it would become easier and it meant that she was becoming a big girl and doing what mummy and daddy do and we praised her lots. So… overall it was a mixed day. That night the night nappy went on mind you I am not that adventurous yet! 🙂


Day Two

Well unfortunately day two was a total disaster. In the first two and a half hours of the day we had 5 accidents. Despite me sitting my daughter down on the potty every half hour and asking her if she needed to go she got absolutely hysterical every time we sat her on the potty  and screamed to be off, often having an accident right next to the potty within seconds. I spent the whole morning clearing up accidents from one end of my living room to the other. My daughter seemed to get more upset and to be honest I got more stressed. By lunch time we were back in our nappies and the house was a lot calmer!

It became clear to me in this short period that she just isn’t ready yet. It’s like her brain isn’t yet connecting the feeling of needing to go to the toilet with the action. She was so upset at times I just couldn’t put either of us through any more. SO… for now potty training is on hold. Some may see this as me giving up too early but for me it just seems sensible before I scare her away from the potty completely. We will continue to talk about the toilet, read her potty book and I will encourage her to tell me if she needs to go but for now, it’s potty TIME OUT! 🙂 I am a bit disappointed as I had almost 3 weeks off work and was hoping to get potty training well under way, but we’ll just have to try again another time.

If anyone has any similar experiences or hints and tips I would love to hear from you!


My Little Pumpkin Fairy

Every year at Halloween my friends and I now get together with our kids to have a Halloween coffee morning. Last year we all got our little ones dressed up and my little girl sported a fab witches costume and hat. It was great fun and a great excuse to get in the ‘spirit’ even though our little ones were too young to go trick or treating! This year we have decided to do the same again and are really looking forward to it! It’s probably any excuse to be big kids ourselves!!!

I have to admit I am really not the best at fancy dress, I have no sewing skills and wouldn’t remotely attempt to make a costume! I am going to end up spending a fortune once all the school fancy dress days come along!!! So I was thrilled when I was contacted by joke.co.uk to see if I would be interested in reviewing a Halloween costume. Fab timing and a life saver!

I had a look on their site and having done the witch costume last year I opted for the Toddler Pumpkin Fairy Halloween costume for this year.

As you can see it is such a cute costume comprising of an orange, black and green dress with a netted overlay skirt and a really cute pumpkin headband. It looks adorable on and the orange and black tights can be bought separately and really finish the outfit off!

It comes in a small (age 1-2) and a medium (age 3-4) and costs £15.99.

My little girl looks so cute in it! I’ve just been struggling to get her to stand still in it to get a decent photo today so am using the one from the website so apologies for the size!!! you can see the picture better by visiting the site HERE

There’s loads of other costumes to pick from including, a bat, a spider, a monster, a mummy a skeleton and a vampire to mention a few! Why not take a look at a few of them HERE

The guys at Joke.co.uk have been so friendly and helpful, I would just like to say a huge thank you to them for approaching me and being so kind as to send us a costume out. I am really looking forward to our coffee morning and will be sure to share with my friends who may be looking for any ideas themselves!

I’ve linked this post up to Emmys Mummy’s Halloween Blog Hop why not head on over there to take part if you have a post to share?

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Disclaimer: Please note a product was supplied in return for a review on this blog. No money was exchanged and this is not a sponsored post.

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