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My Birth Story Second Time Round

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As you will have read, my gorgeous little girl arrived 5 weeks early on 20th January not long after midnight. I have to say it was a real shock as we had just “popped” to the inlaws for the night and I basically didn’t come home for 5 days!

In the days running up to the birth I had awoken at 4.30am every morning (like groundhog day) with period like pains in my tummy. However they disappeared each time after a couple of hours and didn’t seem to have a regular on off pattern. After calling the midwives I was told it was probably just Braxton Hicks. (I had no experience of labour as my first little girl was born by an elective c-section so just took their word for it.)

There was really bad snow forecast for that weekend and I have to say I was very apprehensive about travelling to my inlaws, who live over 40 miles away, but having been reassured by the midwives and not wanting to disappoint, I got in the car on the Friday afternoon and we headed off.

That night, whilst having dinner I got the tummy pains back and ended up having to leave the table and go and lean over my mother in laws sofa! The pains lasted for 10 minutes or so and wore off so I headed back to the table but no longer had I sat down, than I had to stand up again and resume the position as they came back. However after 10 minutes they went and that was that for the rest of the evening… until that was 4.30am again, when I awoke in so much pain that it resorted me to tears. I ended up sat in the living room with my mother in law looking at me rather concerned. After an hour or two they wore off again so we got washed, dressed, had some breakfast and decided to head home. I just wanted to get back to my home town and the comfort of a hospital I knew, as well as my family.

En-route the pains started again and I was so uncomfortable I was holding the passenger side handle of the car whilst ringing the hospital. I was told I could either go home, have a warm bath and see how I felt or come straight in to the hospital. I had a gut instinct that something wasn’t right so we dropped my daughter at my mum and dad’s en-route and headed for the hospital. I felt awful as it was all so rushed and when I gave her a kiss and told her mummy would see her later I didn’t envisage it being the following day in a hospital bed!

We arrived at the hospital and headed for the labour ward. As I stood deep breathing through another set of pains in the packed lift I think I freaked a few people out who possibly thought I may give  birth there and then!

On arrival at the delivery suite I was placed on a monitor to see what was happening and after a short while I was told that it did look like I was going into premature labour as I was getting mild contractions (tightenings). However at this point baby looked fine so they decided to give me a drug to stop the contractions and give me chance to have two steroid injections to help the baby’s lungs develop should the worse case scenario happen and she be born early. The first injection was given to me then and there and the second was to be given the following morning, so I was told I would need to stay in over night. (Good job I had packed and taken my hospital bag with me!)

I was examined and told I was 1cm dilated and would be on the monitor for a couple of hours and then moved to the ward. After a 2-3 hours a doctor came in and told me the drugs to stop the  contractions didn’t seem to be working and that they were going to stop them and let things take their natural course. The doctor then started really selling the concept of a natural vaginal birth to me instead of a c-section. She was telling me she saw no reason why I couldn’t deliver naturally and it was better for baby. This did confuse and upset me as all my life I’ve been told I can’t have a natural birth and I would need a c-section and the decision had been taken for a c-section last time after consultation with my orthopaedic surgeon and examination. However the doctor still sold the idea to me and I was left to “have a think about it”. Hubby had gone to get himself some tea (I was told I wasn’t allowed anything to eat in case I had to go to surgery) and on his return I explained what had happened and both of us were equally confused and perplexed. To be honest it wasn’t something I needed at this point and was quite out of the blue.

Over the coming hour things started to change and after asking when I would be going to the ward I was told I would be monitored for another couple of hours in the delivery suite. The midwives then started asking me to lay on my side in order to to get a better trace for baby and after at least a couple of hours of turning from one side to another a doctor was brought in to check the reading. The atmosphere in the room was certainly changing and hubby and I were told that the accelerations and decelerations in baby’s heart beat weren’t as they wanted. Apparently they should be quite erratic showing large fluctuations and that’s what they like to see on a perfect trace. However mine were becoming flatter and flatter, despite trying different positions to wake baby up more and get a better reading.

A new doctor had come on by this point and he kept telling the midwives to give it another half an hour but after a while and at least two “half hour”  responses the midwives seemed agitated and we overheard them telling the doctor that he needed to make a decision and call my consultant. Next thing I know he’s talking about me having no more fluids (which I knew meant nil by mouth) and there was a hive of activity in the room. I was having fluid pumped through my arm, I was being prepped by an anaesthetist and being asked to sign consent forms and told of the risks surgery could have. All the time the midwives were saying that it was to get me ready just in case my consultant decided I needed to go to theatre. Despite having an elective c-section before I suddenly felt very scared, I’d only been finished work a week, my baby wasn’t due for 4-5 weeks and I didn’t feel ready. I was also petrified that something bad was going to happen and I could lose her.

Within half an hour my consultant had arrived from being called out at home, he took one look at the trace and within 5 seconds said “right lets get to theatre”. I was being wheeled out the room as I was signing a disclaimer and hubby was left in his scrubs waiting for them to give me a spinal and call him in.

As I looked around the theatre room the atmosphere was a lot different to last time, there was a more serious tone and there was double the number of people there had previously been. I was bent forward having my spinal put in place whilst being introduced to special care baby doctors who were already in position to receive my little girl and I could see my consultant and other doctors and nurses scrubbing up in a side room.

Within 10 minutes of being wheeled down the corridoor I was laid on the theatre table with hubby by my side and the screen preventing us from seeing anything in place. There was a Black Eyed Peas song on the radio “Meet me half way” and I remember saying “ooh I love this song” when my consultant asked for it to be turned off and for everyone to concentrate. It was at this point it felt very very real and I began to feel the tugging sensation on my tummy.

I don’t know exactly how long it took but I know it wasn’t as quick as my daughter’s delivery. However when I felt a pull and my tummy become lighter I knew she was out and it was only a short while before I heard her cry. It was the best moment and hubby and I looked at each other with a look of relief, exhaustion and emotion and it wasn’t long before our new little bundle was amazingly handed to us. She had passed the Apgar score and was doing well on her own, as well as being a good 6lb+ in weight, so the Special Care baby team decided that she could stay with me and be monitored through transitional care. I cried with relief and happiness.

Having arrived at the delivery suite around 2.30pm on the Saturday afternoon it was now after 12.30am in the early hours of Sunday morning, a whole exhausting 10 hours later, but we had welcomed our premature baby girl safely into the world and that’s all that mattered.

It turns out I had had an undetected placenta previa that had been missed on the two scans I had had and the cord was pressing on my daughter’s head potentially restricting oxygen at various times. Had I not followed my gut instinct that something was wrong, had I not had a previous c-section and therefore needing to be monitored longer, the whole story could have had a very different outcome for both me and my daughter and that doesn’t bare thinking about. In my consultants own words “You would never have made it to 39 weeks”

The last week has been very emotional, I keep getting flashbacks and shedding a few tears about the experience and what could have happened, but most importantly the overwhelming emotion I feel is sheer love for my little girl. I had been worried prior to having her that all my attention had been focussed on my daughter and I was scared that I might not bond. However this couldn’t be further from reality. It is true there is more than enough love to go round and both my girls mean the world to me. My daughter has been great and keeps wanting to see and hold her baby sister, you can definitely say that we are currently one very happy and relieved family! I love my new arrival with all my heart and just want to hold her close all the time.

I’m just looking forward to a full recovery following the surgery and being able to get out and about with both my girls. Hubby and I both agree however that after my first daughter came at 37 weeks and our new arrival at 35, we won’t be going for a third as this may be pushing our luck! We are quite happy with our gorgeous girls.


Baby Essentials – Part 3

This is part 3 of my Baby Essentials posts and this time I have chosen to share my favourite baby toys.

montage 5

1. Play gym, 2. Buggy toy (Some of our favourites have been from Lamaze), 3. A car seat toy, 4. hand and feet finders, 5. That’s Not My… books, 6. Teething rattle / toy, 7. Fabric books

Babies don’t need a huge amount initially but the above items are some of the essentials you might need for the first 4 months. We love the Lamaze range and my little girl was bought quite a few pieces for her first Christmas, which we still have and will be using again. I love this Lamaze pay gym too. I have also read to my little girl every night since she was a few weeks old so can’t recommend books enough. Fabric books are great for them to explore and it doesn’t matter if they chew! The “That’s Not My” series are also ideal for encouraging them to explore textures and concepts. You can never go wrong with teether toys either!

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Baby Essentials – Part 2

Last week I shared some of my “Baby Essentials” thoughts for clothing, bathing and changing. This week I wanted to share some of my suggestions for essential products in the nursery, home and travel

montage 3

1. Moses basket, 2. Gro Egg room thermometer, 3. Baby comforter, 4. Gro sleeping bag 5. Blanket, 6. Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal unit, 7. Fitted sheets, 8. Flat sheets, 9. Nursery furniture sets

My nursery furniture and moses basket all came from Mamas and Papas, we did shop around and looked at a wide variety of sets but felt that the set we chose from Mamas and Papas offered a long-term investment and would last our daughter well through school. The cot converts into a cotbed and we will therefore between my daughter and the new baby get several years out of it. the wardrobe is a good size too and not as small as some of them out there so will enable the growing clothes sizes to fit (some seemed so small you couldn’t imagine fitting anything beyond toddler clothes in). I am glad we bought the Gro Egg too, a friend had one and I thought it was great then, so went out and purchased one myself. You can see at a glance the temperature in the room, it moves between three colours, blue (cold), orange (correct temperature) and red (too hot) and also acts as a nightlight. My daughter was bought lots of comforters and two special ones have remained by her side faithfully every night, as well as one at grandmas for when she’s there. They offer kids a little comfort so will definately be hoping for more for the new baby.

I used basic white flat and fitted sheets and blankets from Mothercare whilst my little girl was in her moses basket. (I also found a swaddle I was bought from Pumpkin Patch great as my little girl was too small for sleeping bags initially and did start kicking covers off so the swaddle provided an alternative. As soon as she was old enough I moved her into sleeping bags and can’t rate them anough, so simple, you can get some great travel ones too that enable you to strap your baby into the car seat without disturbing them.

The Tomme Tippee nappy disposal unit was one of our best purchases too! It saves you having to go up and downstairs with smelly nappies and keeps all the nasty smells locked away. Cassette’s aren’t cheap for it but worth it and can be bought in bulk for cheaper.

montage 4

1. Tomee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles, brush and steriliser unit, 2. Lansinoh nipple cream, 3. Britax baby safe SHR II car seat, 4. Tommee Tippee healthcare set, 5. Baby Jogger City Mini Double pushchair, 6. Mamas and Papas bouncer, 7. Tommee Tippee Breast pump set, 8. Lansinoh breast pads, 9. Babystyle Oyster travel system

I breastfed my daughter until four and a half months but did introduce bottles after this and an evening bottle at two and a half months and I chose to use products from the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range as I read reviews and parenting magazines and heard they were the closest to breast feeding. I have the steriliser, breast pump and bottles. I was also bought the Tommee Tippee healthcare set when I had my little girl and this included  nail scissors, nasal aspirator, baby hairbrush and thermometer to mention a few things. However I don’t know what I have done with a lot of the bits from it so may have to invest again! I did recently write a post about Keeping Winter Bugs at Bay where I noted some helpful tips as well as products I have used (including various thermometers and our humidifier) so please do stop by to find out more about some essential baby healthcare tips

I can’t recommend Lansinoh nipple cream and breast pads enough! I tried a few different brands but these were the best in my opinion, I woke up wet in the night with some of the other breast pads but these were great so I have stocked up again. We are huge Britax fans and have FOUR Britax car seats in our family. I will be using them all again, first off the baby safe SHR II (however I do need to get the handle checked on it which is a little wobbly, probably through extensive use!), followed by the Safefix Plus, which my little girl is currently using. you can find my thoughts and review on our Britax car seats here. I bought the Babystyle Oyster travel system for my little girl  as it was very lightweight and our Britax baby safe SHR II car seat easily clipped on and will probably still use it to some extent. My review can be found here. However a double buggy like the Baby Jogger City Mini Double is also in play for when I am out and about with both my girls.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and no products were received to test for this post. All the views are entirely my own.

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Special delivery

Just a quick line to let all my readers know that I got an unexpectedly early special delivery this morning in the form of my new little girl!

She arrived 5 weeks early by emergency c section and although in transitional care is a good weight and allowed to stay with me, being monitored for a few things
but so far so good.

Further updates to come but I may be offline for the next week or so


Baby Essentials – Part One

With baby number 2 on the way I’ve been digging out all my little girl’s baby bits and compiling lists of everything I might need so thought I’d share some of my thoughts and ideas with you as to what I see are my “baby essentials”

First up it’s basic clothes, bathing and changing

montage 2

1. Nappy Sacks, 2. Wipes, 3. Cotton wool balls, 4. Hats, 5. SS  Vests, 6. Bibs 7. Pampers New Baby Nappies, 8. LS vests, 9. Scratch mitts, 10. Muslins, 11. SnuggleBundl Lifting blanket, 12. Booties, 13. Sleepsuits

When nappy changing I used cotton balls for the first few weeks and then moved on to wipes but opted for the likes of Huggies Pure or Pampers Sensitive. You can get some fab baby clothes from a wide range of retailers, some of my favourite are Next, George at Asda, Mothercare and Jo Jo Maman Bebe. I tried both Huggies and Pampers nappies and preferred Pampers, however as my daughter grew up I did start using Asda’s Little Angels and Pampers Pull ups too so will probably do the same again. I am thrilled to have won a Snugglebundl lifting blanket recently in their competition, as I am due to have a c-section so no doubt this will come in very useful indeed!

Other must have’s include…

montage 1

1. Top and tail bowl, 2. Ergonomic bath and Mothercare Supabaths, 3. Cuddledry apron robe, 4. Bath seat, 5. Johnson’s baby lotion, 6. Changing mat, 7. Johnson’s bedtime baby wash, Johnson’s bedtime baby bath, 9. Johnson’s baby shampoo

I found the Mothercare Supabath a god send after my c-section, because it sits high on te bath it was great for me as I couldn’t bend too far, I then moved on to the ergonomic bath seat and the bath seat. I can highly recommend all three! The Cuddledry robe is fantastic! I bought one before my little girl was born and it was great after my c-section as clips round your neck like an apron and enables you to scoop your baby up and wrap them against you, giving you a free hand to stand up too. I always opted for Johnson’s products when my little girl was a newborn as they are a known and reputable household name and will probably do the same again, but I do also use other products such as Asda Little Angels with my little girl now she is older. I LOVED this changing mat I came across when compiling this. I have just bought a plain one but may have to invest in this one too! made me smile!

In future posts I will also share some of my nursery, toy, feeding, travel and health must have’s so do keep posted.

If you have any suggestions of what made life easier with your little one I would love to hear!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and no products  were received.  All the views in this post are entirely my own.


34 Weeks Pregnant


This week I am 34 weeks pregnant and boy do I feel it! Bump seems to have had a sudden growth spur and everyone says I am now looking much bigger than last time, ironic when I have been saying all along that I feel small! Think she’s been listening and packing on the pounds!

I was told by a midwife 4 weeks ago that they thought she was measuring small, like my daughter had been, so they booked me in for a growth scan this week and I’ve been apprehensive about what to expect. However it seems that I am right in thinking that baby has suddenly piled on the pounds, as instead of measuring small we are measuring a week and a half over! She’s already almost the weight my daughter was when she was born so I don’t think I need worry any more about suddenly being told she’s being brought early like my daughter was!

Having read my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book and looking at the curve on my maternity notes it appears therefore that my bump is actually measuring above average.  I feel this too as I am at the point where I am struggling to get off my sofa, turn over in bed and put my shoes, socks, tights and trousers on! All makes for comedy moments. Hubby has actually referred to me as “Moby Dick”, an “Old Ford Cortina” (apparently I am ok once I get going) and “the raising of the Titanic”! We have laughed that last time round I felt like a walking Timote advert and this time round it’s more like Atilla the Mum! It’s a good job I love him and have my sense of humour still!

Speaking of sense of humour I am keeping it but it is being tested to the extreme with some fairly normal, but also some crappy side effects!

  • I am still not sleeping (as I haven’t since week 8 so that’s over 26 weeks!) and I am generally awake every hour during the night. Still having been at work and looking after a toddler (as well as having both hubby and my no sleeplittle girl ill in the run up to and over the Christmas period), my energy levels in general are very, very low. I’ve got the third trimester slump and am out of breath just walking up the stairs and it feels like once I had got Christmas and New Year out of the way I just flat lined! However I have to say for the last 2-3 nights I have actually woken up less and got a bit more sleep so there may be light at the end of the tunnel or I may just be past the point of extreme exhaustion! lol!
  • I am suffering from horrendous heartburn still and the last couple of days I have rather attractively had acid reflux! It comes from nowhere, without warning and frankly has been disgusting. My husband’s face was a picture when we were gavisconin the car the other day. Not attractive!
  • Because of the heartburn I often have to go to sleep sat up. However of late when I do this baby wakes up and uses my bladder as a trampoline and it’s really uncomfortable. My stomach looks like a scene from alien and I just can’t get to sleep, so I try to compromise between laying on my side, but slightly upright and this does work a little.
  • On a night in our room would look so funny to an outsider too as we only have a double bed and because I have so many pillows,pillows and my hubby is quite broad, we just can’t comfortably fit side by side, so have in the last week or so resorted to top and tailing! So romantic!
  • I am suddenly getting cramp and am regularly jumping up out of my seat or out of bed in the early hours of the morning hopping around the room which my husband is finding quite amusing. After over 5 minutes of staggering around at 1.15am the other morning whilst my hubby laid in an unconscious slumber I shouted at him to get up and help me, begging him to rub the side of my foot and encourage my little toe to go back to what remotely resembled a normal position! He was in a state of shock bless him but desperate times need desperate measures and I couldn’t reach my foot!
  • I lent forward a few weeks ago and felt a pull in my calve. Since then I have had lovely long purple stretch marks down my leg! I have a horrible feeling I am stuck with them too! That will look attractive in the summer! None on my tummy, but lovely big ones down my leg!
  • I still have this cold virus, it hit on New Years Day and I haven’t been able to shake it off, I’ve gone from the constant coughing glycerin medicine(which really did my pelvic floor no good at all and made me feel incontinent!) to being totally blocked up and having sinusitis one minute and going through a box of tissues the next and the sore throat has kicked in in the last few days. My blog posts have dropped off a little as I have been dragging myself up to bed early most nights just to try and get some rest! Such a pain when you can’t take anything other than linctus syrup! I have permanently had my head over a bowl of hot water and menthol crystals over the last few days and even that has’t helped!
  • I’ve also got another issue which has arisen, but the docs don’t think it’s anything to worry about and probably pregnancy / hormone related but I am having to have hospital appointments just to check so will be happier when that’s dealt with and I know what it is.

On the plus side! Yes there is a plus side! Honest!

After a sudden panic at 30 weeks I went into overdrive to get things ready for the new arrival. All my baby clothes, moses basket, sheets etc were in the loft so I set to work getting everything together and buying anything I might need and I have finally got there.

  • I’ve washed and boxed up 5 different sizes of baby clothes (6lb, 7.5lb, 9lb, 10lb and 0-3 months) as I had no Britax baby safe plus SHR car seatidea what I might need.
  • I’ve washed existing and bought new bedding / sleeping bags / moses basket mattress.
  • We have sorted our new mode of baby transport (more to follow on that one).
  • We’ve got out our Britax car seat that we bought for my daughter. However the handle is seeming a little wonky so I’m hoping it’s ok!
  • Nappies and new bibs have been boughttommee tippee 2
  • My mother in law is buying some new Tommee Tippee Bottles for my planned combination feeding. I used Tommee Tippee last time when I finished breast feeding and they were great.
  • I have my lovely SnuggleBundl prize at the ready for my post c-section.
  • Hubby is converting our daughter’s old cotbed back into the cot.

I nearly did myself an injury running around doing it all as well as Christmas, but with all of the above done, my hospital bag packed and my maternity leave started, I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest, kick the bugs into touch and enjoy some quality time with my little girl and hubby before baby arrives! Hubby gave me a lovely lie in the other morning and took my little girl out for an hour or so. They returned with some lunch for us all and some lovely flowers for me. It really cheered me up 🙂

I am very conscious that our lives are going to change dramatically again and I have to be honest my main focus has been on my little girl, how she will feel, react and cope and how I will feel about it all too. I am looking forward to meeting our new addition but my thoughts have been fairly set in one direction. I kind of feel bad for that, but am hoping that now I am on my maternity leave and have pretty much everything else sorted that my mind will turn to my impending arrival too.

My daughter and I have talked about what her baby sister might bring her, and of all things it looks like the game Hungry Hippos may be on the cards! I have also seen a few lovely prints about Sister’s too so think I may have to invest in one of those!

I have to say (probably for the umpteenth time) this pregnancy has been very, very different to my first and very hard but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and I feel so much better knowing that we are almost there.

I have my next check up in two weeks time and will get a date for my elective c-section then. I am told it is likely that it will be 13th or 14th February so I have told hubby that I will of course be expecting an extra special combined baby / valentines gift! 🙂



and…… relax…. or at least try!


Today I reached the milestone I have been longing for since the start of December!

My Maternity Leave!

Yes, today I got to walk away from work for a few months and hopefully get a bit of rest and quality time with my little girl before our new arrival lands in February.

It’s been a time of a lot of change at work. I lost my role whilst I was on maternity leave last time due to outsourcing and restructures. Up till 3 weeks before my return I had no idea what role I was going back to and I was a little bit stressed. I ended up doing a couple of temporary positions for almost a year, whilst also applying for every role that came up within the organisation. I eventually got a permanent position in September 2012 but was no sooner given it than we were told that there were potential redundancies and I had been placed in a selection pool and wasn’t necessarily safe in my new role. At this point I was 4 months pregnant and it didn’t feel an idea situation to be in and was very stressful, especially managing a new team that were all feeling the pressure too! However I rode the wave and came out unscathed, thankfully keeping my job and my position, as did my colleagues.

The role I am doing is totally different to anything I have done before however my new team have been very welcoming, very supportive and very patient while I have been learning the ropes. They gave me a lovely send off today with these gorgeous flowers, gift voucher and card.


It feels strange walking away for several months when I feel like I have only just joined them but boy am I ready for a bit of a break!

It has been a very long month, not only with Christmas, New Year and family birthday’s, but also with myself falling ill with the cold virus at the end of November, beginning of December, followed by hubby being knocked for six by the D&V bug, followed almost immediately by the cold virus, which was relentless for a good 2-3 weeks. Our little girl then picked up the cold virus around Christmas Day and I managed to get it back from them both just in time for New Year, I still haven’t managed to get rid of it and have felt awful for the last two weeks. The bugs, combined with lugging around my growing bump, preparing for the new arrival and all the Christmas festivities and shopping has been tough going. Getting to today has been a milestone for me and I made it! 🙂

Hubby has  a bit of time off over the next week or so, so he is about to help out a bit. I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest to get rid of this virus and then start to spend some quality time, both with him and my little girl before our new arrival lands. I want to have some fun family days out and catch up with friends… so here’s hoping my plans work out!

I have had that much on my mind I feel like I haven’t really had chance to feel excited about the impending new arrival

So this post is my form of raising my virtual glass to maternity leave and my bump… let the fun begin!


Keeping Winter Bugs at Bay and Having Peace of Mind

The winter bugs have well and truly hit our area and I don’t think there’s one person I know who hasn’t either had the winter vomiting bug or a nasty cold virus that has been doing the rounds. I think this New Year’s Eve was the quietest one on record for many!!!

I seemed to get the cold virus a couple of weeks before Christmas but my poor hubby has had both, both before and during / after Christmas, my niece, who’s birthday was Christmas Day was full of cold and coughing on her birthday and for several days after, and following this my little girl started coughing and her temperature started soaring the day after Boxing Day.

I think the only thing that has initially kept it at bay for me during Christmas was the timing of my flu jab with me being pregnant! However now… Happy New Year… I have it back again too! Just in time for going back to work! I think that’s what you call sods law! 🙂

I have to admit when my husband got the winter D&V virus I was quick to stock up on Dettol and cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, door handles, toilet handles, light switches, the lot and kept my little girl at my parents over night as I really didn’t want us all getting the virus for Christmas! Luckily it only lasted a couple of days! However the cold virus seems to be clinging on a little more and lasting longer. So with my lurgy filled house of different ages and different needs I thought I would share a few top pointers of how we have tried to try to keep the cold bugs at bay or at least fight them once they arrived!

Bugs & The Pregnant Woman

glycerin medicine

Being pregnant I was / am again unable to take much to fight my cold and I have to say this probably prolonged it all for me that little longer. However I was able to take Glycerin, Honey and Lemon Linctus and Glycerin throat lozenges, as well as paracetamol but that was pretty much my lot. To keep bugs at bay you can also take things like Berocca or basic fresh orange juice and multivitamins to boost your immune system and have a nice warm bath and place bowls of boiled water with Olbas Oil in the room at the same time.

Bugs and Young Children and Babies

Children seem to generate, multiply and breed bugs and germs bless them, especially once at nursery! There’s often very little you can do to stop them, especially the common cold virus but once here there’s a few things you can try.

  • Raise the cot / mattress in the room using blocks under the cot legs or blankets under the mattress.
  • Use a humidifer in the room to regulate moisture levels and creating clean and healthy air, helping your child to breathe vicks humidifiereasier. there are two types, warm mist and cool mist. Cool mist are probably safer around children but take more maintenance and require daily cleaning. I have to say I have had a Vicks warm mist one since my little girl was young. However my daughter isn’t a curious into everything child so I have been lucky with her just leaving it alone.
  • Put a dab of Children’s Olbas Oil on a muslin or a pillow in their cot
  • Stock up on children’s cough medicines and paracetamol such as Tixylix, Nelson’s and good old Calpol. You can actually get pharmacy own brand children’s paracetamol free in many cases too.
  • You can buy vapour plug ins for bedrooms too which emit vapours to soothe, calm and help children breathe more easily.
  • I have just been told that you can rub Vicks Vapour Rub on their feet too? However I haven’t tried that one until now so we’ll see!
  • Invest in a good thermometer, there are several types from under arm / tongue, behind the ear and in the ear.
  • When my daughter was first born I had an under the arm / tongue digital thermometer. These are good and do the job. However I find them a little harder to use with young children, as you have to find a way to their armpit, which is awkward when they are in their long sleeved clothes, especially sleepsuits and it can therefore be hard not to wake them when they are asleep! My daughter used to panic and pull away from me too, I think she thought it was an injection! It was therefore hard to keep her still for the 8-10 seconds often required and get an accurate reading I soon moved on to an ear thermometer, which I have to say I found a lot better. The reading happens in a matter of seconds and is very accurate. You can also therefore check the temperature of a sleeping child very easily and very quickly.

I was offered recently to try both the Vicks Comfort Flex (an under arm / tongue / rectal thermometer) and Vicks Behind Ear thermometers and have to say the timing couldn’t have been better with the number of bugs flying around our house! I was actually just talking to my mum about her buying a new thermometer with her often looking after both my daughter and niece. With us all having been hit by various bugs it has given us both plenty of opportunity to try them out!

vicks comfort flex thermometerMy view still remains the same regarding the armpit / under the tongue style of the Comfort Flex, I think they are better perhaps for general use in adults but not so good for children. The Comfort Flex gave a reading in approximately 8 seconds. However you do have to negotiate your clothing to find the armpit, which like I have said is harder in young children and it did seem to give a slightly lower reading each time when compared to the Behind the Ear and my existing ear thermometer (both of which seemed to give higher readings that were fairly identical to one another).

The Behind the Ear thermometer was of particular interest to me as it seems the least intrusive of all of them,vicks behind ear thermometer you simply place the sensor behind the ear at a certain point and the temperature is read in a second, and therefore sounds quick and ideal, especially for children, and I think it’s fairly safe to say that that is the case.

Apparently “the skin area behind the earlobe is over the posterior auricular artery which is a branch of the carotid artery. The carotid artery carries blood to the brain and is therefore the best external place to measure temperature.”

It can perhaps take a little practice at first to ensure you are placing the sensor in the right spot behind the ear (however there is a digital POS message that flashes up to indicate if an error has occurred such as the thermometer moving during the process or being placed in the wrong spot.) I don’t think it is the easiest to use on yourself, purely due to making sure you place it in the right spot, I got the POS message a few times when trying it on myself, but this may come with practice and it is certainly simple and effective to use on your family, especially children. The screen also uses a simple green, yellow and red colour system to show when a temperature reading is normal, slightly elevated or high too, which is handy and the memory stores the last several readings taken.

For me it is Ear and Behind the Ear thermometers all the way at present, I think they provide, quick, easy and accurate readings for all the family. What do you use and what do you think?

I hope you have managed to keep the bugs at bay or at least stave them off best as possible this winter and if you have any tips and ideas to share on this subject please do drop me a comment!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid for / sponsored post. I was sent two products to try but the views and opinions in this post are entirely my own.


Friday Favourite – The Tickle Book – Book Review

As you know we love our books and regularly review our favourites. I have previously linked up to #FictionFriday and #FridayPick{tureBook} but with neither of these being regular linkies anymore I have decided to continue reviewing our books as and when but under a general theme of my own entitled #FridayFavourite

This week our #FridayFavourite is The Tickle Book (Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler) that my little girl got for Christmas. She has really taken to it and loves it.

the tickle books

The Tickle Book is a pull the tab / lift the flap, interactive book and is all about a Tickle Monster that pops up throughout the book tickling the characters.

On page one young readers are invited to knock on the doors asking if the occupants inside are tickly. Behind each door each character responds and eventually the Tickle Monster pops up to surprise!

There’s a picnic scene, a zoo scene, a train scene and a bedroom scene, each with lots going on.

My daughter loves reading this every night and each time the Tickle Monster appears we have a tickle and she giggles with delight! A lovely, short, fun and interactive book for toddlers.


So How Was it For You?

The manic few weeks that is Christmas and New Year has come and gone so how was it for you?

For me, it was a mixed bag of family celebrations, quality time with my little girl, preparing for the new arrival and very sadly news of the sudden loss of a good family friend’s partner and a fellow blogger.

On the plus side it was wonderful to see my daughter who is two years old have so much fun and get so excited about Santa coming.

We did two Santa visits, one with friends and another with family and following the family trip, that same night, Santa even came to us in our street. My daughter was thrilled and it was lovely to see.

santa 1

During the day out with our friends we all visited Santa, then took a walk in a local park, had a play in the playground and ate mince pies, it was a bright and crisp winters day and lovely as all our kids are around the same age so were so excited and had a lovely play together, whilst us adults had a quality catch up with one another.

Our family Santa visit was to a wonderful local grotto, they had really gone to town and made a magical winter wonderland with lots of scenes and a special one on one visit with Santa in his candle lit hut. We took my mum and dad with us and I think they loved watching their Granddaughter gasp at Santa in awe and rip her present open. Afterwards we had cake and tea  together before heading home.

I had my in laws coming for Christmas Eve. Not being the best cook and feeling the exhaustion of the third trimester of my pregnancy I wanted to put on a great Christmas dinner but didn’t want it to be too time consuming so I headed to Sainsbury’s and got their pre-cooked Turkey joint with stuffing and various pre-done veg. I also stocked up on their Taste the Difference Pigs in Blankets as they are divine! I then took to the kitchen myself that night (much to my husband’s shock) and cooked us up a treat. What do you think?….. Not bad for a novice???

xmas 4

On Christmas Eve my daughter got a personal message from Santa in the North Pole and stared at the lap top screen in awe, it was so cute to see and I have to say the message was so well done! She put a mince pie, carrot and drink out for Santa and Rudolph and sprinkled her reindeer dust outside before heading to bed. However she was that hyper that we still hadn’t managed to sneak in her stocking at midnight as she was still wide awake shouting that Santa was coming! lol!

Christmas Day we woke up and opened our presents from Santa at home with the in laws before they headed off to see family elsewhere and we went across to my parents. Hubby had to leave for work mid afternoon so we managed to grab our Christmas lunch with my parents, sister and niece before he had to leave, which was lovely as he got to spend a good chunk of the day with us before having to leave.

It was lovely to watch my little girl and her cousin play and open presents together. My brother in law was also at work until tea time and it was my niece’s 1st birthday too, so nice that my sister could come across and spend two special occasions with us. The kids opened their presents and explored each other’s toys. I have never seen so much chaos in a long time but it was lovely! My daughter bumbled around the house on her ride-on car from grandma and granddad and loved playing with all of her toys, including a toy hairdryer (which is odd as she hates the actual hairdryer!). However the highlight of her day had to be a Hello Kitty rubber out of the Hello Kitty cracker my mum had bought for the girls! Amazing… of all the toys a rubber from a cracker won the day!

My dad LOVES decorating the house for Christmas and really goes to town. This year he had got some decorations especially for the grand kids and they certainly seemed a hit! My daughter sat on the floor talking to them while my niece charged at them in her walker… don’t think it was intentional though! lol!

xmas decs

My sister left at tea time to go see her in laws with her hubby who had finished work and my daughter and I stayed on at my parents for the evening. I have to say I was exhausted by the end of the day! I felt my body literally mold into my parents sofa!

The next day was my niece’s first birthday party so I helped my mum prepare some of the food to take across to the party, whilst granddad took my daughter outside to play on her ride-on car, she charged herself around for ages and squealed with delight, before we had to pile our presents and overnight bags back in the car to get home to see daddy before he had to go back to work again. We had a couple of hours with daddy exploring our new toys and painting and chalking on our new art easel before heading across to my sister’s for the party.

A lot of family from both sides all came together to celebrate and it was really nice. I have never seen so many presents though! I have no idea where my sister is going to keep everything! lol! I now know why some Christmas day babies have birthday’s mid year! It was a lovely afternoon and we ended up being there till early evening. My daughter loved “helping” or rather totally unwrapping all of my niece’s presents for her! (Don’t think she will get away with that next year!)

bday cake

The days between Christmas and New Year have been very lazy. I think I rushed around that much prior to Christmas that my batteries suddenly ran low so we have had lots of PJ days and played with all our Christmas toys. Hubby and daughter have both had the winter cold virus so have been and are still very run down so I don’t think it’s done us any harm to have some quiet time.

We got some sad news after my niece’s birthday party that a close family friend had lost her partner very suddenly that day. It was very sad and has put the whole Christmas period into perspective. I have felt so much for her and can’t imagine how she must feel. I then also logged on to hear the terrible news about Multiple Mummy and my heart literally broke for her young family and husband. Two very sad losses at what should be a special family time. My thoughts are with all the families involved.

We had the quietest New Year on record, so much has happened, there’s been a lot of illness and we frankly just couldn’t be bothered and weren’t feeling like celebrating so hubby and I got a Sainsbury’s Chinese Banquet and watched TV, and after watching Big Ben chime in New Year and the spectacular Fireworks, we headed off to bed! So Rock and Roll!

Everything is pretty much sorted for the new arrival now too, so with only 5 working days remaining over the next two weeks until I start maternity leave hopefully I should get a little rest between now and February…! Just need to shake off the second winter cold now and start feeling a little human! Inevitable I would get it after being coughed at and sneezed on from both directions… but seriously two days before having to go back to work after almost two weeks off??? Couldn’t it have come during my PJ days?! lol!

So that was our festive period…. How was it for you???


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