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Help Bring Home Madeleine McCann – Launching #Blogging4Madeleine

on May 12, 2012

Today is Madeleine McCann’s 9th Birthday.

Madeleine, a British youngster, was abducted whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007.

Despite worldwide apparent sightings and information she still hasn’t been found.

Today myself and the lovely Tea&Biscotti are launching #Blogging4Madeleine a campaign that is bringing together bloggers, hopefully in their hundreds, to write posts about Madeleine’s disappearance and help spread the word worldwide that she is still missing and to not give up hope on her and bring her home to her parents where she belongs.

I can only imagine the heartbreak her parents must be going through, not knowing where their little girl is. Having a child myself that I worship and adore I honestly don’t think I could cope. I have been in tears just watching the video appeals on the FindMadeleine official website and this amazing YouTube post made by a lovely campaigner. My daughter means the world to me and to lose her in any way would break my heart, but for her to be taken in the middle of the night and to still, all these years down the line, have no idea what happened, who has her or where she is would just crush me, I don’t know how I would come back from that.

Madeleine was only three years old when she was taken.

She was an innocent little girl enjoying a holiday with her mummy, daddy and her little brother and sister until someone callously snatched her from her bed, taking her away from everything she knew and loved.

Someone out there KNOWS what happened to Madeleine. Someone KNOWS where she is. It’s never to late to come forward with any information.

The Metropolitan Police Force recently released this picture of Madeleine as they think she could look now. They believe Madeleine McCann could still be alive. They have identified 195 potential investigatory leads and are revisiting hundreds of previously uninvestigated calls that were received from psychics and others following her disappearance in a hope that some of the information may corroborate more tangible information already received.

If you see a young girl who looks like this,PLEASE CONTACT:

Your local police force immediately, AND

Operation Grange
0207 321 9251 (in the UK)
+44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)


OR Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111 or www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Please join our #Blogging4Madeleine campaign and help spread the word, share the images and links and lets bring this little girl home to her family where she belongs.


  • If you are a blogger why not write a post of your own, tag others to do the same, include #blogging4madeleine and come back to this page and Tea&Biscotti’s blog to share your post with us. You can also share it at the Britmums link up too
  • The Find Madeleine website has lots of banners, posters and images that you can download and circulate
  • Download the new age-progression poster of Madeleine from the website and display it in prominent places. The posters are available in many different languages so you can also take them with you when going on your holidays.
  • Car stickers, Luggage tags and Prayer cards are also available – To obtain contact the Find Madeline campaign email address with your details- campaign@findmadeleine.com
  • Carry a Madeleine ‘business card’ in your wallet or purse or a photo and the investigation helpline number in your mobile phone. This will allow you to have instant access to a photograph of her and the investigation contact number, should you see a little girl who looks like Madeleine.
  • Social networking sites: If you are a member of ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Google+’ or other social networking sites, you could share this post or those written by other bloggers, add a Madeleine banner to your site and follow or make the ‘find madeleine’ site your ‘friend’.
  • Donate to Madeleine’s Fund ‘Leaving No Stone Unturned‘ – This can be done via several routes including via the website.
  • Join Support Groups: The ‘Helping To Find Madeleine’ group was set up shortly after Madeleine’s abduction, by caring people wanting to help with the search for Madeleine. Visit www.helpingtofindmadeleine.org

We came up with the idea of #Blogging4Madeleine following reading that it was about to be her 9th birthday and that a new picture of what she may look like now was being released. It breaks my heart to think that her parents still don’t know where she is or what happened. I am writing this post with dozens of other lovely blogger friends and hopefully many more to help keep the search for Madeleine McCann alive. We want to help spread the word and remind people to keep looking and to not give up on Maddie. With the blogging and social media community being a global one together we can help to continue to spread the word to all four corners of the globe.

What will you do to help bring Maddie home?


Happy Birthday sweet Maddie, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we all hope that one day you will be found and returned to your family who miss you so much.


20 responses to “Help Bring Home Madeleine McCann – Launching #Blogging4Madeleine

  1. Jo says:

    Can I use your #blogging4Madeline image please

  2. LauraCYMFT says:

    Great idea for raising even more awareness and helping to try and find Madeline 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    What a brilliant idea – thank you and Tea&Biscotti. I have joined in here: http://whitelilygreen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/blogging4madeleine-dont-forget-her.html

  4. A brilliant idea! A very construcitve use of social media. I am just surprised no one else thought of it really. x

  5. Mrs Jones says:

    Well done to both you and Tea& Biscotti for organising this! Just added my blog to the Britmums linky xxxx

  6. Tea&Biscotti says:

    Well lady for being first in the queue! Cybher postponed me to number 38! What a fabulous campaign. Im hoping our words will make even the tiniest of dents! Here’s hoping….x

    • amummysview says:

      oh no… Well every number counts and your part in the organisation was fabulous! Just don’t overtweet ha ha! Thanks so much for being my partner in crime. Here’s to more joining and here’s hoping this is the year Madeleine comes home x

  7. Well done for putting this together. I read the McCann’s book a while back, hadn’t meant to, not usually the kind of book I’d go for, but it got flagged up on my Kindle. If anyone is in any doubt about supporting the McCann’s find Madeleine, then they should read it. They were a family just like any other family. Now they aren’t, because the McCann’s don’t know where Madeleine is and Madeleine doesn’t know where they are. Someone, somewhere, knows what happened on that night and where Madeleine is. Keeping the campaign to find her visible means that there is a much greater chance of finding out where Madeleine is. That’s why you and Tea&Biscotti have done a great thing by instigating this campaign. I hope hundreds and hundreds more bloggers continue to take part. xxx

    • amummysview says:

      Thank you so much honey. You are a star as always for your support it is so appreciated.
      We are up to 41 bloggers after less than 48hrs. That’s brilliant! We are over the moon! x

  8. amummysview says:

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