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Today I reached the milestone I have been longing for since the start of December!

My Maternity Leave!

Yes, today I got to walk away from work for a few months and hopefully get a bit of rest and quality time with my little girl before our new arrival lands in February.

It’s been a time of a lot of change at work. I lost my role whilst I was on maternity leave last time due to outsourcing and restructures. Up till 3 weeks before my return I had no idea what role I was going back to and I was a little bit stressed. I ended up doing a couple of temporary positions for almost a year, whilst also applying for every role that came up within the organisation. I eventually got a permanent position in September 2012 but was no sooner given it than we were told that there were potential redundancies and I had been placed in a selection pool and wasn’t necessarily safe in my new role. At this point I was 4 months pregnant and it didn’t feel an idea situation to be in and was very stressful, especially managing a new team that were all feeling the pressure too! However I rode the wave and came out unscathed, thankfully keeping my job and my position, as did my colleagues.

The role I am doing is totally different to anything I have done before however my new team have been very welcoming, very supportive and very patient while I have been learning the ropes. They gave me a lovely send off today with these gorgeous flowers, gift voucher and card.


It feels strange walking away for several months when I feel like I have only just joined them but boy am I ready for a bit of a break!

It has been a very long month, not only with Christmas, New Year and family birthday’s, but also with myself falling ill with the cold virus at the end of November, beginning of December, followed by hubby being knocked for six by the D&V bug, followed almost immediately by the cold virus, which was relentless for a good 2-3 weeks. Our little girl then picked up the cold virus around Christmas Day and I managed to get it back from them both just in time for New Year, I still haven’t managed to get rid of it and have felt awful for the last two weeks. The bugs, combined with lugging around my growing bump, preparing for the new arrival and all the Christmas festivities and shopping has been tough going. Getting to today has been a milestone for me and I made it! 🙂

Hubby has  a bit of time off over the next week or so, so he is about to help out a bit. I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest to get rid of this virus and then start to spend some quality time, both with him and my little girl before our new arrival lands. I want to have some fun family days out and catch up with friends… so here’s hoping my plans work out!

I have had that much on my mind I feel like I haven’t really had chance to feel excited about the impending new arrival

So this post is my form of raising my virtual glass to maternity leave and my bump… let the fun begin!


Maternity Bag Essentials

Now that I am 30 weeks pregnant I figured I had better start preparing my hospital bag!

I was so much more prepared last time! I guess it wasn’t getting close to Christmas last time though! I have been so busy trying to buy presents, decorate the house and write my Christmas cards that everything else has taken a back seat.

However I am now panicking somewhat that I should be more organised! Especially since my little girl came 3 weeks early with only one days notice and this baby is also, like she was, measuring small.

I am having a planned c-section so know that baby will be coming at at least 39 weeks and I will be in hospital a little longer than the norm so will no doubt end up like a pack horse! However there are obviously a few essentials that I will need and from my experience last time couldn’t do without…

For me:

maternity bag montage 1

I’ve got my toiletries sorted out. I’ve bought a Sanctuary face wash, Dove body wash, Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, a Nivea deodorant and Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste. I already had a Molton Brown body cream and some travel size Lancome moisturisers too which I will use, as well as my Batiste dry shampoo! (I looked like an oil slick last time!) I also swear by Lansinoh’s Nipple Cream and Breast Pads, I used them last time and they were fab and I always sleep with an eye mask too, a must have if you are in a room with lots of other women and lights are going on and off! I will take my basic make up supplies too… or at least have hubby or my mum ship them in post op if I forget!

Strangely I am told by my local chemist (or rather my poor hubby was told in quite some detail! that tena lady are fantastic as maternity pads??? The chemist apparently got all the promotional materials out and almost launched into a demonstration for my poor hubby so he took her word for it and I now have several packs! Hope she’s right!

I have some sleep bras from last time but will probably go and get fitted for some new sleep and nursing bras and as it was summer last time I may also invest in some new pyjamas, I love the above sets from Mamas & Papas and have also seen some at Castaluna.co.uk, so may have to treat myself!

For the baby…

hospital bag montage 2

I have just dug out all my old baby clothes and as my little girl was only 5lbs I have NO IDEA what size clothes to pack! I will probably pop in some 9-10lb ss vests, ls vests and sleepsuits for now, but have washed a lot of the tiny baby too just in case! I’ve got a couple of snow suits and some hats and booties. However despite having a tonne of bibs and mitts I seem to now have none! I probably dished them out amongst friends, so need to buy some more. I love the new bandana style bibs. There didn’t seem to be as many about when I had my daughter so I may get a few of them and use my existing pile of muslins!

I am planning to breastfeed or at least do combination but I will still pop a couple of Tommee Tippee bottles and ready prepared cartons in, just in case. I breastfed until 4 and a half months last time but did introduce an evening bottle at 2 and a half months. I am under no illusion that it will be harder this time round, I can’t sit for over an hour at a time feeding as I did with my little girl as I will have a toddler needing attention too, so am fully prepared to do combination this time and as it is Tommee Tipppee that I used last time so will do the same again as they worked a treat for me. I just need to buy some new teats and possibly some new bottles.

I’ve got nappy bags, cotton balls and a pack of Pampers New Baby nappies. One thing I won’t do this time is stock up like crazy as you are then left with tonnes of nappies you just don’t need. I will certainly buy as I go!

maternity bag montage 3

I will also take our Kindle with my latest Sophie Kinsella Mini Shopaholic read on, as well as a puzzle book… took my mind off the waiting last time! and I certainly won’t forget my camera and phone and their chargers!!!

 I know I will need our Britax car seat etc on the day we leave and intend to buy a head hugger for this as my little girl looked lost and so small last time, I didn’t know back then that I could buy a head hugger, I wish I had! I of course need to pack some clothes too! Note to self… do not forget your clothes and underwear!!! OMG now that would be a nightmare!!!

I am hoping that I have covered everything off, my mind feels like fudge so any suggestions always welcome! What did you pack???



30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant this week and I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, they seem to have flown by! It’s probably been because I have been busy preparing for Christmas (or at least trying to!) so my mind has been taken up by other things!

30 weeks

At my latest consultant appointment I was told that my bump is measuring small again and I have to admit this has stressed me out a little. My little girl measured small throughout and suddenly at the end of 36 weeks dropped to lower than she should and a scan showed low blood supply to the placenta and low levels of amniotic fluid. I was given one days notice that they were going to bring her 3 weeks early and it was a real shock! You can read about this more HERE in my previous pregnancy story. However now I am paranoid that the same is going to happen again. I have been very aware that I have felt small throughout my pregnancy (we not small… I have felt like a house end…) but I mean that I have a small bump in comparison to many!

Suddenly hitting the round figure of 30 weeks has galvanized me into a state of panic like action! I have had hubby up in the loft digging out all our old baby supplies and because my little girl was so small (5lb 7oz) I have a lot of baby clothes ranging from 6lb and 7 / 7.5lb to 9lb and 10lb and even 0-3 months! I have NO IDEA what size I am going to need so I went through all the boxes and washed a bit of each. It has been like wishy washy’s laundry in our house! We’ve had well over half a dozen loads through and I’ve nearly done myself an injury but I now have 3 boxes of sized up clothes for all eventualities and I feel a bit more prepared! I’ve also washed a couple of sleeping bags and wraps but did go into a mild panic when I couldn’t find any of my many Moses Basket sheets and blankets as I knew I had had tonnes of them! A quick call to my sister and I think I have tracked them down so just need to wash them and buy a new Moses Basket mattress to go with my Mamas & Papas basket.

I also need to get my steriliser back from my mum / sister who are currently using it for my niece and buy some new teats for my Tommee Tippee bottles if not totally new bottles. I am planning to breastfeed initially but know I will end up changing to bottles at some point if not doing combination so Tommee Tippee served me well last time and I will use these again this time. Did anyone else buy totally new bottles or just new teats? Any advice very welcome.

I haven’t packed my hospital / maternity bag yet either but have bought some travel sized toiletries and maternity pads. My poor hubby offered to go to our local chemist to see if they had maternity pads as I had forgotten when we had been in town. I think he was beginning to wish he hadn’t bothered when the sales assistant launched into a full sale pitch for Tena Lady and how great they were as maternity pads! Apparently they take a whole can of coke and the demonstration she’d seen was just fantastic! I did wonder where he had gone to when he had been gone so long and did have to laugh and his stunned face when he returned! Apparently she had even got the promotional literature out! Anyway… he came away with two big packs as he just wanted to get out of there so I hope she’s right! Has anyone else used them as maternity towels??? Any advice or experiences greatly welcome!

I’ve suddenly realised that my nursing nighties from last time are a bit past it and quite summery too so I am going to have to look around for a couple and perhaps another pair of nursing pyjamas, as having my baby in February it is still going to be cold.

We’ve been looking around at double buggy’s, as we just know that despite my little girl being 2 and a quarter when the baby comes, she still gets tired when out and about so will want to sit down too like her baby sister. We had her out in her Babystyle Oyster pushchair the other day and it was so funny, she looked massive and has really outgrown it. Her head was touching the top of the hood and the straps, despite being on the highest and longest setting are too tight bless her, I could hardly do up the buckle! It seems a long time to wait until February though to use a new double buggy so am in a dilemma as to what to do!? I can’t let my poor little girl be uncomfortable and can see myself walking along with a double and one child in it prior to baby coming! lol!

I also plan to buy a cosy cover for my car seat, the Ruby and Ginger ones look lovely and maybe a Snugglebundl too, as I am due another c-section and this looks a fab product! I struggled so much last time lifting my baby up and especially carrying her up and down the stairs. In the early weeks last time my mum would come over at bedtime if hubby was at work to help me get upstairs as I was in so much pain, the Snugglebundl looks like it would make life a whole lot easier!

In myself  I haven’t yet had my “glow” of last time and doubt I will now! I spent several days in bed over the last couple of weeks, floored by this cold and flu virus going around, nightmare when you can’t take anything for it! My hips are still holding out, I have good and bad days and do let out the occasional yelp when my hip jolts and / or gives way briefly, but on the whole I am holding out better than I thought, I just can’t manage to do a lot as I tire and hurt quickly and I think this is what frustrates me the most, especially with Christmas round the corner as there’s so much to do! I still have my lovely friend heartburn! Strangely I got a reprieve whilst ill but it came back as soon as I started to get over it… joy! I am also developing the bladder of a 90 year old! I am not sure if baby has moved position but I am sure it’s using me as a trampoline! I am running to the loo constantly and often finding I hardly need to go when I get there! It’s fantastic! Not long to go now though…


It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself….

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant and had my first antenatal check up in a while. I dragged my achey, cold laden body out of bed at the crack of dawn on my child-free day off and headed off to our local hospital for a 9am appointment.

I had all the usual obs by the first midwife, she managed, thank god, to take blood for my 28 week check without massacring me. My usual midwife can’t manage to get any  normally and I end up bruised before she sends me to the lab at the hospital! This time was hassle free thankfully!

I then waited half an hour or so to see my consultant and ended up actually seeing one of his registrars. I normally don’t mind a registrar but this guy didn’t seem to know a lot and left a lot of the checks and decisions to the midwife (which didn’t instill me with much confidence!) However I am glad she was on the ball! The midwife measured my bump and said I was measuring small and suggested that I have growth scans going forward to monitor me. This came as no surprise as my daughter always measured small and I have been convinced my bump is a lot smaller than others at my stage! It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself!

However it did set a little panic button off inside me! As you may have read in my posts about my first pregnancy my daughter suddenly dropped too low in her measurements at the end of 36 weeks and within 2 days she was being brought 3 weeks early! I now have visions of this happening again and it’s making me revisit all kinds of things in my head as well as things such as should I bring forward the date that I intend to leave work, as well as listing all the things I still need to get / order.

I have been debating whether to use a buggy board or buggy pod or whether to get a double pushchair. I think in all honesty my daughter won’t use the buggy board. I think she will want to sit in the buggy like the new baby, so that could rule that idea out. However I am very aware that my daughter will be 28 months old and if I do invest in a double buggy then I may not end up using it for very long so it is a lot of expenditure. Decisions decisions!

I still have to get a new mattress for my Mamas and Papas Moses Basket and some new bottles / teats for my Tommee Tippee range which I love. I am hoping to breastfeed but think it is likely I will do combination feeding so want to be stocked up. I gave a bottle from two and half months at night last time and went onto bottle fully at four and half months so have most things I need like the sterilizer etc. I also have my eye on the fabulous product that is Snugglebundl. I had a c-section first time round and despite having had nine hip operations I was shocked at how much I struggled in the early few weeks. With a c-section planned this time round I think this product looks great and could be invaluable in helping me lift my baby up and down and take them upstairs on an evening at times when I am home alone and hubby at work (especially with my bad hips and back too)

All in all in myself I am plodding along. I am feeling baby kick lots, it’s as if I have a small Riverdance cast in there! I guess that’s a good sign though! My hips haven’t been as bad this last week. I have had one or two moments where my hips have given away but overall the pain has been a little less than it has been. I’ve been plagued with heartburn for the last 2 -3 weeks (as I was last time) so have resorted to glugging from the Gaviscon bottle and went and stocked up on my free prescription again today! It normally kicks in around 4pm and goes on till the early hours, but as I write this today I am feeling it already and it’s only lunch time! I was pacing the floorboards till the early hours the other night. I just keep dreaming of how it will disappear as soon as baby comes! Two and a half months and counting! (if not earlier!) I’ve got a lovely cold this week too, just in time for going back to work so got the ginger tea, honey and glycerine and lemon to hand! lol! Bump does seem to have grown a bit in the last week or so, even though she’s measuring small.

I am loving some of my new maternity purchases from Mamas and Papas and KLM Maternity. I love how comfortable the maternity / nursing tops are that I have bought from Mamas and Papas (see one of them in my bump pic above), they are going to come in so handy over the winter! I am especially excited to wear my sparkly Mama.licious dress from KLM for my Christmas nights out too!

Are you pregnant at the minute? how are you getting on?


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Maternity Wish List – Casual Winter Cosies

Last time I was pregnant it was the height of summer and I was lucky enough to be given a lot of maternity clothes by friends as well as buying a few staple items myself.

However this time round it’s going to be winter and my bank balance isn’t as healthy as it was back then and the summer wardrobe isn’t quite right any more! lol!

So… I’ve been searching around for a winter maternity wardrobe in the hope of finding some maternity bargains and over the next week or two want to share some of my favourite finds. Some are bargains and some a little more plush, so I guess you could say it’s my maternity wardrobe wish list!

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