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Happy Birthday My Beautiful Little Girl

Wow, where have the last two years gone?!

This week you celebrate your second birthday! You’re not a baby any more, but a toddler, independent in your own right, with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions and a wonderful and strong willed little personality!

I remember you watching in horror as daddy pulled the batteries out the back of Violet the Dog Toy to change them. You were so shocked and your little face a picture. It’s moments like this that make me realise how innocent you still are and how every day brings a new experience and feeling for you, you are soaking everything up like a little sponge, learning about life and the things around you as well as how to deal with the way you feel. Learning what makes you laugh and what makes you cry.

In the last 4 months alone your speech and language development has come on a storm, it is wonderful to be able to hold conversations with you, I love it when grandma calls me at work and puts you on to say hello and tell me what you have been up to. I can imagine it is so liberating for you to be able to tell me exactly what you want and on the how you feel too. With this liberation has however come a very strong mind and you are certainly learning to assert yourself! However you also have a great sense of humour and I laughed so much when you pumped the other day and turned around to grandma and said “That was you grandma!” They are right toddlers do say the funniest things! I blame that one on daddy!

It seemed a long time coming but you finally took your first steps at 17 months, watching you gain confidence on your feet has been amazing. I was so proud the first time I was able to take you to our favourite soft play and watch you take off on your own with all the other children! It’s lovely to be able to let you walk with us when out and about and watch you explore your surroundings, you run around and squeal with delight and it makes us all smile so much to watch you.

This last year has seen mummy have to go back to work and you started nursery with lots of other boys and girls. It wasn’t easy initially and you took some settling but after a short while you were soon feeling right at home and loving going to see your new friends and joining in all the fun activities. You’ve now moved up to you next  “big girl room” as we call it, so there’s lots of exciting new challenges, a few new friends and faces and lots of new toys to explore! Although mummy has to to go to work and you spend your time at nursery and with grandma we certainly still made the most of our days off together doing lots of fun things, like swimming, going to the park, visiting soft play and seeing our friends, as well as having some lovely days out . Mummy is glad that I chose to go to work part time as it means I can have the best of both worlds and still get to spend lots of time with you.

We had our first family holiday away on our own in May to Centre Parcs which was great, you could run around to your hearts content and loved swimming every day!

You love music, dancing and nursery rhymes, as well as sticker books, CBeebies, your dolly and pushchair. You also love your baby cousin and of course your grandma’s and granddad’s and daddy and I love you so much too!

This year has brought so much fun and joy and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, we already know it will be a little brother or sister for a start and I know you are going to be a fantastic big sister to them. The rest is an exciting new chapter!

Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl



Simply Swim – Costume Review

As you will know from my swimming posts I love the water! So when I was contacted recently by the lovely people at SimplySwim.com I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to try out one of their products. It was just in time for my family holiday away too!

As I am pregnant the swimsuit I chose was the Zoggs Melbourne Maternity Scoopback (RRP £32 and available in sizes 8 – 18)


When you are pregnant your body changes so much so you really do want to feel comfortable in your swimwear, space and support for your growing bump and growing bosom is a must!

This is a really feminine, very flattering and comfortable costume. The integral shelf bra supported my … erm shall we say increased bust as I was bobbing around in the pool! and I liked the pull bow at the front that allowed me to have as much or as little cleavage as I wanted. I felt totally comfortable, free to swim and splash around with my little girl to my hearts content without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions!

Simply Swim have a great range of products from Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Swimwear to equipment ranging from accessories like goggles and caps to swim and training aids. If you see a product cheaper they will try to match it and they have a 28 day return period and free size exchange. I do a lot of my shopping online due to having bad hips and back as I get very tired when out shopping, so it’s great to know that Simply Swim are there for any future purchases.

Disclaimer: A product was supplied to me for the purpose of review however no money was exchanged in return for this post.

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An explanation

So as you know I did have a break from blogging for a few weeks and got some lovely messages from my lovely blogging friends hoping I was ok and I think I worried some people with my sudden and a bit  abrupt disappearance.

At the time I felt so rundown and exhausted I just had no energy to do anything but I couldn’t fully explain what was going on at the time… until now.

If you haven’t already guessed… I’m pregnant, 14 weeks.

So for all those wondering what was up with me, thankfully I haven’t been really ill or anything like that. I’ve just been very green, exhausted and waiting to get my dating scan out of the way and work told!

I have to say this pregnancy has knocked me for six this time and I frankly have felt shocking up to about 10/11 weeks! I didn’t suffer with morning sickness with my daughter but this time I have felt horrendously sick every day until at least lunch time and sometimes throughout the rest of the day. Some mornings I have had to lay down on the floor mid getting me and my daughter dressed, just to avoid being sick on the spot and the amount of times I was driving desperately hoping not to be sick on my own knee was unreal!

I think if anyone had told me I would feel this way it may have put me off going there again for life! lol! You also don’t realise until you are in the situation how hard it is having another child and being pregnant as you can’t just come home and curl up or have a lie in as you might have done first time round. You have to get on with it and I think that added with the exhaustion and sickness has literally nearly finished me off!

However I have come out the other side now and despite still feeling really tired I am definitely feeling more myself! I am also just so relieved that I can be open about it now! For a start my clothes were getting way too tight across my bulging tummy and I was starting to get suspicious looks!!!

So there you have it, that’s my news…

I felt really strange writing this post, as since I have been away I have come back to far too much sad news from some of my lovely blogging friends and somehow writing this positive news feels almost wrong. My heart goes out to Multiple Mummy and her family at the minute, she’s very poorly at present and we are all willing her to pull through so she can be back with her husband and children where she belongs. My heart also goes out to Ready Steady Mummy and The Fabulous Mom’s Guide, I feel for you both so much. I don’t quite know what else to say, other than I send you all my love and am thinking of you all



Off on a little family jaunt

We’re packing up our bags and heading off on a much needed family break away for a few days.

Will we be as lucky as we have been every holiday this year and have glorious weather or will our yearly August voodoo hit and the heavens open…. we shall wait to see.

Adios for now my lovelies and I shall see you on my return with an update!


How Do You Use Yours???

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Total Greek Yoghurt and invited to a press event they were hosting. Unfortunately due to the day and location I couldn’t attend but suggested a few bloggers that they may wish to contact and as a thank you they very kindly sent me out some lovely samples of their Total 0% and Total 0% Split Pot with Raspberry and Pomegranate.

The Split Pots are great, offering a main section (135g) of creamy Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with a very tasty side pot portion (35g) of Raspberry and Pomegranate fruit compote. I have to say I don’t usually eat Natural Yoghurt on its own, I tend to use it in recipes but the fruit compote side pot was a lovely tasty addition.

On having a look at the Total website I liked the idea that FAGE who make Total have a strapline of:

“We would never make a product that we would not give to our children”.

and I was keen to find out more. Apparently they use 4 litres of fresh pasteurised cows milk into each litre of Total Greek Yoghurt and they don’t add any sugars, sweeteners, thickeners or artificial additives.

We regularly use Natural Yoghurt in our home made curry recipe and added the pot of Total 0% to our curry this week, it tasted lovely and creamy. Checking out the nutritional information it’s a great, healthy addition to our family meal so we’ll definitely be buying from the range in future. I’d post a pic of the curry but my recipe pics never come out well and it is likely to put you off more! lol! So here’s a lovely pic of Total’s 0% yoghurt!

We will be trying out the Thai Green curry and Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Lollies recipes on their recipe page too! Oh and maybe at some point the Vodka and Strawberry Cocktail!… ahem… 🙂

Anyway… I would just like to say a huge thank you to Total for being so kind as to send us these samples. If anyone out there uses Total in their recipes I would love to hear how you use yours?

*Disclaimer – Samples were sent for me to try however no review was requested in return and no payment exchanged. This article has been written of my own accord as a thank you.


Showing my Love for The Olympics #TeamGB #OurGreatestTeam

For the last couple of weeks I have  been GLUED to my TV, Internet and Mobile keeping up with all things Olympics.

I have ALWAYS loved the Olympics and have watched every year, but this year, being held in our home country, everything was different and I was captivated even more than usual!

I always said if the Olympics came to the UK I would volunteer, take time out from work and be part of it all. However with my little girl being so young and living such a distance from London it unfortunately wasn’t feasible so my once in a life-time dream was put on hold and instead I threw myself into “watching”  and “supporting” TeamGB.

I thought the opening ceremony was outstanding, Danny Boyle did an amazing job of portraying our small yet wonderful island and how it has grown and developed through the years. After watching I was proud to be part of such a historic and vibrant dot on the map and even prouder that we had just showcased ourselves and opened our country to the world. Venues and historic sites across London and other parts of the UK transformed and major sporting events were held against stunning backdrops of iconic London landmarks.

Initially the medals seemed a little slow but after Rebecca Adlington secured her bronze in the women’s 400m freestyle and the Men’s Gymnastic and Equestrian Teams secured Bronze and Silver respectively the flood gates soon opened and nothing could stop TeamGB!

1st August saw Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome win GOLD and Bronze respectively in the Men’s Cycling Individual Time Trial. In the rowing Women’s Pair Glover and Stanning stormed home to win GOLD with the Men’s Eight winning a very respectable Bronze. Michael Jamieson swam the race of his life to win Silver in the men’s 200m Breaststroke too.

2nd August brought a flurry of medals for TeamGB. Peter Wilson set his sights on GOLD in the Men’s Double Trap Shooting and his target was spot on! The men’s lightweight four, comprising of Chambers, Chambers, Bartley and Williams took Silver in the rowing. Gemma Gibbons kicked British Judo into the limelight with an amazing performance to take Silver. Hoy, Hindes and Kenny lit the taper for what was to be a stunning medal haul in tack cycling, bringing home the first GOLD in the Men’s Team Sprint and Lizzie Armistead finished off where the men’s team failed with a Silver in the Women’s Cycle Road Race. Baillie and Stott and Florence and Hounslow brought the canoe slalom festivities to an amazing close with a GOLD and Silver respectively in the Men’s C2 Double Canoe.

3rd August saw further success in the Velodrome, Clancy, Thomas, Burke and Kennaugh took GOLD in the Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit and Victoria Pendleton GOLD in the Women’s Keirin. British Judo once again  shone with Karina Bryant taking Bronze and there was further success in the rowing, with Watkins and Grainger storming home to take GOLD in the Women’s Double Sculls, Nash and Snatch taking Bronze in the Men’s Pair and Alan Campbell Bronze in the Single Sculls. Rebecca Adlington put up a stirling effort to clinch Bronze in the women’s 800m Freestyle in the pool.

4th August became known as Super Saturday, with a stunning medal haul for Team GB. Jessica Ennis sailed home to victory with a clean sweep in the women’s Heptathlon to take GOLD, Mo Farah stormed across the finish line in the Men’s 10,000m to take GOLD and Greg Rutherford also jumped into his GOLD medal position in the Men’s Long Jump. Another GOLD for the Velodrome too with King, Trott and Rowsell pedalling home to victory in the Women’s Team Pursuit. There were two further medals for the GB rowing team, Gregory, Reed, James and Triggs Hodge took GOLD in the Men’s Four and Copeland and Hosking, GOLD in the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls. Purchase and Hunter took Silver in the Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls.

5th August saw Andy Murray finally beat his nemesis and take GOLD in the Men’s Singles Tennis Finals and in partnership with Laura Robson he took Silver in the Mixed Doubles. Further success was also to come in the men’s Gymnastics with Louis Smith and Matt Whitlock taking Silver and Bronze in the Men’s Pommel Horse. Ed Clancy took Bronze in the Men’s Omnium in the Velodrome, whilst Christine Ohuruogu, a Silver in the Women’s 400m. Ben Ainslie sealed his place in Olympian history with GOLD in the Men’s Finn and Percy and Simpson took Silver in the Men’s Star.

6th August brought further GOLD’s with Jason Kenny taking GOLD in the Men’s Sprint in the Velodrome and Skelt, Maher, Brash and Charles jumping into the GOLD medal spot in the Equestrian Team Jumping. Beth Tweddle added to her many medals with a bronze in the Women’s Uneven Bars.

7th August The Brownlee Brothers stole the show in the Triathlon, with Alistair taking GOLD and Jonathan Bronze. Nick Dempsey sailed to a Silver Medal in the Men’s RS-X Windsurfing and the Equestrian Team added to their impressive medal tally with yet another GOLD from Bechtolsheimer, Hester and Dujardin in the Team Dressage. Laura Trott and Sir Chris Hoy added to the GOLDEN glory in the Velodrome with GOLD medals in the Men’s Keirin and Women’s Ominium.

8th August saw just one medal for Team GB, Robert Grabarz jumped his way to a Bronze medal in the Men’s High Jump.

9th August and the medal tally was back on form with the girls taking centre stage! Nicola Adams became the first woman ever to take a GOLD medal in Women’s Boxing and entered the history books. Charlotte Dujardin took GOLD in the Individual Dressage and Laura Bechtolsheimer, Bronze.  Jade Jones also shot Taekwondo into the limelight, taking GOLD.

10th August and Lutalo Muhammad took to the Taekwondo ring and took away a Bronze, whilst Patience and Bithell and Mills and Clark both took Silver in the 470 sailing. The Women’s Hockey Team and Anthony Ogogo both fought their way to a Bronze medal.

11th August and Mo Farah became a double Olympian, taking an amazing GOLD in the Men’s 5,000m and Luke Campbell added to the GOLD tally with a Boxing GOLD. Another GOLD came from Ed McKeever in the Men’s Kayak Single and Schofield and Heath, a Silver in the Men’s Kayak Double. Tom Daly did his dad proud and was ecstatic with his Bronze in the Men’s 10m Platform Diving.

12th August, the final day brought a GOLD and Silver in men’s Boxing, from Anthony Joshua and Freddie Evans respectively and Samatha Murray, a Silver in the Modern Pentathlon.

Overall Team GB finished a FANTASTIC 3rd in the overall medal table, with 29 GOLD medals, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze. It was our best performance for almost a century and proved that Team GB 2012 were #OurGreatestTeam

I don’t think there’s one highlight of the Games for me, I screamed with joy every time we took a medal, let alone GOLD! However Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Ben Ainslie, Katherine Grainger and Victoria Pendleton all stand out for their amazing achievements both prior to and during London 2012! For some of them it was a climax of a career and the last Olympics, and in some cases competition that they would participate in.

London 2012 saw some new names move up the table in British Olympian History and new names were made. In addition, it also saw some amazing achievements from other countries too, no one will forget the name Michael Phelps! he may have got off to a slow start but he soon showed that he had earned his place in Olympic history as the greatest Olympian and was going to go out on a high!

I think the Olympics have been great for the UK, it’s brought people together in a united show of patriotism and joy, people who would never normally speak with one another interacted and London, a city not normally known for it’s sociable commuters appeared to spring into full blown conversation.

The Olympics most certainly has ‘inspired a generation’! I hope that the plans for investment in sports within schools being discussed by political leaders come to fruition and develop for when my daughter attends school.

Times haven’t been easy for a lot of people of late, but for two brief weeks it seemed as if a lot of worry had been forgotten and people celebrated with one another. I just hope that some of the joy and patriotism stays with us all and I can’t wait for the Paralympics now!

*Images taken from the London 2012 website

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Well I haven’t been about for a while as you know but I was thrilled when I logged on to Twitter the other night to find that the fabulous Tea & Biscotti had nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. A wonderfully kind gesture and a hugely appreciated one when I have been AWOL for a short while too!

She very kindly nominated me for the following reason and I have to say it made me feel so special:

“Because somehow she always seems to put everyone else first! Read CJ’s many posts on charitable affairs, this is one about Syria is astonishing.”

So, to pass the baton to other very worthy bloggers I have to nominate six people and then share ten things about myself that you, my favourite reader, would not know.

So I nominate:

Love From Mummy – for writing fabulous blog posts and being such a friendly, caring and helpful blogger

Hollybobbs – For being a fab and friendly blogger with a great blog

Mrs Jones – For a brilliant blog and for being a friendly, kind, caring and helpful blogger

The Crumby Mummy – For a wonderful and inspiring blog and for being such a friendly and caring blogger

MissusWolf – A wonderful, friendly and aspiring novelist who already has a fabulous book, The Ruby of Egypt which you must check out

Ready Steady Mummy – Brilliant, heart felt and thought provoking blog posts and a wonderful friendly blogger

And now for ten things you probably don’t know about me:

  • I’ve got two degrees
  • I LOVE chinese food
  • I have one leg shorter than the other!!!
  • I am slightly obsessed with the Olympics and have been glued to it from start to finish!
  • My guilty crush is Chris from ‘Show Me Show Me’!
  • I’ve an interest in mediumship, clairvoyance and all that kind of jazz
  • According to my husband I am organised chaos, as I am extremely organised, but with it I can leave a wake of chaos and clutter! lol!
  • I gained grade 8 in my London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exams
  • I’ve been a Brownie, Cub and a Scout!
  • I am petrified of wasps and have a fear of heights!

Babystyle Oyster Review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for AGES! I wanted to share my initial buggy / pram / car seat experiences with other mums but I just hadn’t got round to it.

When looking for my first pram / pushchair I knew I wanted and needed something lightweight, easy to use and that would grow with my little girl and fit into my car boot easilyTherefore a travel system was top of my list. I have to admit I only actually looked in 3 shops and of the 3 two were independents and both recommended the Babystyle Oyster to me. After having a look I was instantly sold.

The Babystyle Oyster is lightweight, with an easy fold system and you can slot a pram top, pushchair top and car seat onto the chassis.

Having used the Oyster for two years now I can safely assess what I see as it’s pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • It is lightweight
  • The chassis has an easy fold mechanism, collapses compactly and fits in a medium family size car boot
  • The wheels can be locked and unlocked
  • The chassis has an adjustable handle height, great for short ass me and towering hubby to alternate between!
  • You can choose from the Babystyle Oyster car seat, a Maxi Cosi car seat or a Britax car seat, all slot easily onto the chassis with no need for adaptors, I loved being able to lift my daughter on and off the chassis and into the car without disturbing her (I used the Britax baby Safe car seat and can see that you can now get an Oyster colour coordinated head hugger to go with it which sounds good)
  • The pushchair seat can be reclined to several positions and can be placed on the chassis forward or rear facing
  • The hood is extendible (with a zip) so provides excellent cover
  • The pushchair seat footrest can be adjusted to keep little legs up or lowered to enable a more upright seated position as children grow
  • The pram cot has a breathable bottom
  • The pushchair seat folds flat and compact for transportation
  • The pushchair seat adjusts easily with a release handle at the back and this is also how it folds flat for storage and transportation
  • the pushchair has an integral insect net / sunshade that rolls away compact in the hood. (I think the newer version comes from the footrest up over)
  • You get raincovers for both the pushchair and pram cot top as standard
  • It was reasonably priced

The Cons:

  • The release clips on the pushchair are a little fiddly and take some getting used to, I found them quite slim and shallow and it took some getting used to to try and release them and in such close proximity to the side of the chassis handle too.
  • The seat has a padded cover with footmuff but compared to friends it didn’t seem as padded / supportive and therefore in winter wasn’t as snug and cosy too. Also I still haven’t managed to find a way to take the footmuff cover off to just leave the seat cover so even if my daughter doesn’t need the footmuff in certain weather, but would benefit from the seat cover the two can’t be separated and my daughter therefore sits on top of it and it isn’t as comfortable or attractive. (Looking at the pictures of the new style it looks like you can have a seat cover and no footmuff cover so that may have changed now?)
  • The pram cot in winter seemed a little less insulated once again as my friends did, their little ones seemed snug as bugs, with zipped covers and lots of padding, whilst I seemed to need to have to add lots of blankets and my cover not as snug or insulated.  The Babystyle Prestige range seems to have a lovely padded and insulated inner for its pram and something like this would have been great for the Babystle Oyster. The pram cot itself also seemed REALLY deep so maybe this is why it seemed less insulated, lots of room?
  • I find the pushchair seat strap covers hard to clean as they can’t be removed

Additional things to note:

  • I did have a lot of problems in the early days with my car seat getting stuck on the chassis!!! I had to carry a can of WD40 with me to help release the mechanism and get my daughter off the chassis to allow me to put her in the car! A bit stressful, esp in winter as it happened almost every time I went out for the first few weeks!!! However my sister also had a similar problem a couple of times with hers recently so I doubt this was a problem with the design or anything, more just a tightness of the new mechanism in either my chassis and / or car seat initially.
  • You can also get an Optional Ride on Board for toddlers, which is always a great idea!

All in all I have been happy with my Babystyle Oyster and would probably use it again if needed but I do think the i-Candy is also very worthy of a look as it was 2nd on my list and two of my friends had this and it looked a very nice, comfortable and snug travel system with some good features

Babystyle Oyster Dimensions >
• Seat area W30 x D26cm
• Fully reclined seat area L90 x W30cm
• Handle height (adjustable) Max 106cm, Min 94cm
• Width 56cm
• Length 83cm to 93cm depending on handle    position
• Folded stroller with wheels W56 x D40 x H75cm
• Folded stroller without wheels W50 x D31 X    H70cm
• Carrycot inside dimensions L77 x W30 x D22cm
• Wheel diameter (rear) 25cm, (front) 18cm

Babystyle Oyster Weights >
• Chassis with wheels 6.75kg
• Seat unit with hood 3.75kg
• Carrycot 4kg
• Stroller (chassis + seat) 10.5kg
• Pram (chassis + carrycot) 10.75kg

Disclaimer: No pushchair, pram or car seat were provided for this review. The product was purchased independently and all views are my own.


Pretty.Little.Things – Beautiful bags

Well coming back into the world of blog land after a bit of time out I just had to join in with this week’s Pretty.Little.Things hosted this week by Lisa over at Hollybobb’s  the theme being “Beautiful bags”.

Before I had my little girl a friend who had just had  her baby 5 months before came round to mine one day with a fab Pink Lining change bag and I knew instantly I just had to have one! So hubby bought me mine as part of my Christmas box.

This bag has gone everywhere with me and I have to admit has taken a bit of a battering and could do with a good clean! loL! Despite my little girl almost being a toddler I STILL use it.

They’ve got some fab new designs on their site so anyone looking for a change bag I can highly recommend the. You get two insulated bottle pockets, two nappy pockets, two other internal pockets, a change mat and a wet bag for storing wet clothes etc. There’s also two side pockets and a button fastening front pocket. What more does a “Yummy Mummy” need! lol!

If you want to join in this week’s Pretty.Little.Things why not hop on over to Hollybobb’s and link up



My little girl is not so little any more!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, tired and needed some time out so apologies to all my lovely followers for being AWOL for a while, I hope to resume normal service soon!

In the time out that I’ve had I’ve noticed such wonderful developments in my gorgeous little girl. She turns 2 next month and is developing into a real little character! A little person in her own right, with strong likes, dislikes and opinions! She tells me what she wants to wear and doesn’t want to wear, she tells me what she will and won’t eat and she tells me exactly when she’s not happy!!!

We had a lovely trip into town the other day! She refused to come into one store with me, instead finding something outside much more interesting, so I nipped in leaving her outside with my husband. I was only in the store 5 minutes and as I came down the escalator to the exit I heard a familiar sound echoing around the complex outside… yes it was my daughter having a hissy fit! A MAJOR hissy fit! It appears she wanted to run wild and head for nearby escalators, which hubby, understandably was having none of and it resulted in a battle!

Things eventually calmed down and all resorted back to normal. Later in our trip we came across a kiddies ride so decided to let her have a go. She was LOVING it, in her element! That was until the ride came to a stop and she had to get off to let other children have a go! A major tantrum erupted and resulted in us battling with a screaming, kicking child in public! We calmly removed her from the area of the ride and having most of our shopping decided to head back to the car. At the point in which we were desperately trying to calm her down my photography lecturer and his wife walked past! *cringe* I politely said hello and he smiled and carried on walking as fast as he could!!! lol! Of all the moments you can guarantee things happen when you least want them to and there’s always someone there you don’t want to see!!!

However, the positives as always outweigh the negatives…

She’s in her big girl bed now and loves it. We bought a Gro Stay on Duvet from The Gro Company and she is snug as a bug and we haven’t had any more tumbles out of the bed as the duvet snuggles her in securely at either side. She actually stays in it too! (here’s hoping it stays that way!)

Her language is coming on so well and she’s full of conversation and new words, ones I sometimes have no clue as to where they have come from such as Tortoise, Peacock and Seatbelt! Others that make me laugh, such as “That’s Mine!” or “Silly Mummy”. Tonight while crawling through her play tunnel she clearly and repeatedly counted from one to ten and I felt so proud of my little bundle! She’s a little sponge soaking everything up and translating it into her world, advancing forward all the time.

Saying this, I’ve also just been told that she is moving up in her nursery class for the first time too! A big change and step forward for her but one I am hoping she will love! I got told when I picked her up yesterday and we got taken along to see the new room and meet some of the team. Upon entering the room she took in her surroundings and soon let go of our hands and started investigating the new toys around her! So that seems a good start!

Watching the Olympics this week and seeing all the talented athletes I can’t help but wonder what path my little girl will choose, what she will be interested in and what she will excel in… the future is bright and I am so excited!


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