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How Do You Use Yours???

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Total Greek Yoghurt and invited to a press event they were hosting. Unfortunately due to the day and location I couldn’t attend but suggested a few bloggers that they may wish to contact and as a thank you they very kindly sent me out some lovely samples of their Total 0% and Total 0% Split Pot with Raspberry and Pomegranate.

The Split Pots are great, offering a main section (135g) of creamy Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with a very tasty side pot portion (35g) of Raspberry and Pomegranate fruit compote. I have to say I don’t usually eat Natural Yoghurt on its own, I tend to use it in recipes but the fruit compote side pot was a lovely tasty addition.

On having a look at the Total website I liked the idea that FAGE who make Total have a strapline of:

“We would never make a product that we would not give to our children”.

and I was keen to find out more. Apparently they use 4 litres of fresh pasteurised cows milk into each litre of Total Greek Yoghurt and they don’t add any sugars, sweeteners, thickeners or artificial additives.

We regularly use Natural Yoghurt in our home made curry recipe and added the pot of Total 0% to our curry this week, it tasted lovely and creamy. Checking out the nutritional information it’s a great, healthy addition to our family meal so we’ll definitely be buying from the range in future. I’d post a pic of the curry but my recipe pics never come out well and it is likely to put you off more! lol! So here’s a lovely pic of Total’s 0% yoghurt!

We will be trying out the Thai Green curry and Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Lollies recipes on their recipe page too! Oh and maybe at some point the Vodka and Strawberry Cocktail!… ahem… 🙂

Anyway… I would just like to say a huge thank you to Total for being so kind as to send us these samples. If anyone out there uses Total in their recipes I would love to hear how you use yours?

*Disclaimer – Samples were sent for me to try however no review was requested in return and no payment exchanged. This article has been written of my own accord as a thank you.


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