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MAD Blog Awards

MAD Blog Awards

The fourth annual MAD Blog Awards has just launched and celebrates the best and favourites of the blogging world as well as launching new blogging voices into the community.

Anyone can nominate in the awards, whether you are a blogger or simply enjoy reading blogs, all nominations are welcome.

There are 15 categories, you can nominate in one or two, a few, or all of them depending on the genre of blogs you read / are interested in.

When nominations close the four blogs with the most nominations in each catergory are shortlisted as finalists, as well as one selected by the MADS judging panel.

Once finalists are announced everyone is invited to vote for their favourites and an awards ceremony is held in London in September.

I think The MADS are a great opportunity for you to give recognition to some of your favourite bloggers. For example if you are a regular reader of a blog that makes you laugh out loud, why not nominate them in the Most Entertaining Category, or if a blogger has inspired you with amazing use of new technology, why not give them a shout in the Most Innovative Blog category? There are 16 categories in total covering everything from photography and family life to crafts.

I was new to blogging in February last year so I didn’t put myself forward, but I did vote for a few of my favourite bloggers in certain categories and I have done the same again this year. There are some brilliant blogs out there and often it’s hard to pick just one in a specific category as I like so many but I’ve seized the day and cast my votes for some amazing bloggers that inspire me and entertain me.

If you want to see someone receive a pat on the back for the contributions they make or for inspiring you through their blog then don’t sit back hoping someone votes for them, please make your voice heard and NOMINATE NOW.


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