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I’m Nominated… Wow Thank You!

MAD Blog Awards

I was reading some blog posts on Bloglovin earlier this evening and came across a post by Attachment Mummy to say she had been nominated for the MADS (congratulations honey!) Not realising the nominations list was out I headed by for a little look and was thrilled but stunned to find myself on the nominations list for best Pregnancy Blog.

For me this is a real honour, especially as I am up against some other wonderful and lovely bloggers, whose pregnancy posts I have thoroughly enjoyed following myself and I am only just coming into my first year of blogging too. Being up against some fabulous bloggers and having spent most of my pregnancy feeling shocking and not writing as much as I would have liked, I don’t expect to make the final cut but have to say that to be nominated at all means the world to me. So whoever nominated me thank you ever so much, you’ve made my day and have given me my first major recognition in the world of blogging, thank you!

If you haven’t yet nominated your favourite blog in any categories don’t worry, nominations can still take place until 18th February 2013 but don’t forget! This is your chance to give your favourite bloggers a big pat on the back!

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