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Toddlers and Technology Don’t Mix – #TerribleTwosday

So every week I stop by and have a read of Terrible Twosday with The Crumby Mummy but I’ve never really felt I had much to say to join in myself. I guess I was thinking of extreme naughtiness and meltdowns, which to be honest my little girl isn’t too bad with. But from speaking to the lovely lady herself and reading her posts I realised anything can go and then of course all the things that happen popped into my head.

I loved reading The Crumby Mummy’s Post this week about SKY and her black and white TV as I too have had problems. My husband and I were sat one evening and he said, “Have we missed some Blue Bloods? I haven’t seen it come up on the planner in a while?” I suddenly realised he was right, so we had a look through and realised we had missed 3 episodes, but had no idea how. We also relaised something else had disappeared. Then a few days later hubby said to me “I didn’t think you would have taped that kind of show?” when I asked him what show he replied it was something about the wonders of the world… and anyone who knows me knows I soooo wouldn’t have taped that kind of show! 🙂

We both looked at each other confused and then almost at the same time the penny dropped and we cast our eyes to the left to our lovely little girl. While we think the innocent pressings of the SKY remote don’t matter when the TV isn’t on (duh!)… oh yes they do….! Needless to say she’s not allowed the remotes anymore and we are now having to wait for Blue Bloods to be repeated! lol!

In addition to this I have learned not to leave my lap top open while she is in the room. I made this mistake one day recently and went into the kitchen to get a drink. When I came back the screen had all kinds of HP messages open and I couldn’t operate the built in mouse to even close them.

My little girl was sat casually watching me as if butter wouldn’t melt.

I sat for half an hour desp trying to work out what had happened and in a complete panic that my blogging may have to be put on hold. I even called my cousin who works in IT and left a message for him. Then I noticed the tiny little red light and button just above the mouse pad. I tentatively pressed it and bingo the cursor appeared and we were back in business! panic over!

My angel faced little girl was watching on curiously all the time. Needless to say I now lock my computer on leaving the room or shut it completely to avoid any more catastrophes!

If you have any moments like this, why not share them with The Crumby Mummy over at Terrible Twosday


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