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Terrible Twosday – Meltdowns and Poo Gate

Well after the last week I have had I had to share a few of the highlight’s I’ve had with my lovely little delight as part of The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday.

On Sunday I headed across to my mum and dad’s for father’s day as my hubby was at work all day. Mum and dad were going to a local event and asked if we wanted to join them. They were initially going to take my little girl so I could have a bit of a rest and an hour or so to myself but at the last minute I decided to join them.

On arrival at the event my little angel developed devil horns and went into a huge meltdown just being generally awkward and very very loud. She didn’t want to stand and we had left the buggy in the car, she insisted on being picked up, but only by me and no one else and even when I did that she fought to pull away from me and even when she didn’t I could only hold her for so long because of my hips and back and when I tried to release her she clamped herself tightly to me. I basically couldn’t appease her no matter what I did and it was starting to get really stressful, what made it worse was at one point I looked up and saw my little girl’s nursery nurse and her family looking back across at me. She smiled and waved but I just wanted the ground to swallow me up as my snotty, hysterical, red eyed daughter clung to my leg wailing like a banshee!

On arrival back at my mum and dad’s, with a now very calm and contented daughter we sat down for our tea, with guests from abroad and my aunty and uncle only for my daughter to announce “poo poo”. I took her upstairs and to my amazement we had our first number two in a potty! I was so busy wondering how to extract it from the potty that I left my daughter on her change mat on the floor nappy free… big mistake, I came back to find we had had a number one accident. I let out a “noooo” and this resulted in my daughter bursting into tears, getting hysterical again and me having to strip her off completely and try to calm her! All this as people sat below politely ignoring the shenanigans and carrying on with their meal!

Just before we left for home that night I was once again told “poo poo” only this time it had already happened in the nappy. What I wasn’t banking on was her shoving her hands down there and rolling across and reaching out for my parents spare bed duvet as I turned away to get a wipe out! “argh!” I explained only this time it wasn’t followed by tears and I did manage to catch her in time thank god! Needless to say I was glad to get home, hand over my little angel to hubby for bath time and take a big sigh of relief. What a day it had been!

However… my week of tantrums and delights didn’t end there.

Today, I decided my daughter could have one of her birthday presents early to make the most of it and I set about putting together her mini trampoline. She had a go on our neighbour’s larger trampoline during the jubilee celebrations and I haven’t heard the end of it so I thought it would keep her happy.

However! Once the frame was constructed and I began to put the base in place my daughter soon realised what it was and was desperately trying to climb on to it when it wasn’t yet finished. As I fought off the advancing and very determined toddler, in the blazing heat, time and time again, she got more frustrated and it resulted in the hugest melt down I have seen in a while. Ear-piercing screaming, tears, drooling… the works! Trying to pull bungee cord through loops and tie it tightly with a child hovering in your face is not easy and not that relaxing! Luckily my mum had come across so I thrust my daughter in her direction once we had managed to do the main task and asked “please take her out of my face for five minutes!”

I finally finished the task in hand only to find the base goes on a certain way to sit around the jump handle at the front and guess which idiot hadn’t realised that! Oh well, so the bottom doesn’t quite sit right… it will have to do as I am soooo not taking it all apart now! I blame the hysterics I had to put up with anyway for distracting me!

Amazingly, once my daughter heard the trampoline was finished the tears vanished, she flung herself on to it and jumped and laughed with glee for the rest of the day!

See some stories do have a happy ending!

I am hoping the week improves somewhat! What have your little treasures been up to? Why not hop over to The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday and share your woes!


“No!”, Tears, Tantrums and Mischief #TerribleTwosday

Well, I can’t believe that Tuesday’s here again and I have ANOTHER Terrible Twosday post to add!

The last couple of weeks have been challenging. My little girl is really trying to assert herself. Everything is “NO” or even when it’s “yes” it’s then wrong.

For example, she loves Driver Dan, goes on about it all day so when it comes to 6pm and we have her ready for bed and settled you would think she would be in her element when it comes on CBeebies? Oh no… well normally yes, but this last week it’s had the opposite effect. The theme tune starts and her head starts shaking frantically and she starts repeating those immortal words “no, no, no” then the tears start, followed sometimes by hysteria. However strangely after a couple of minutes, often not even that, the tears have stopped and she’s staring at the telly avidly… huh???!!!

This week she’s also been on top form in both the tantrum stakes and the mischief stakes.

Whilst doing my Spring Clean in the kitchen the other day I left my daughter playing as normal in the living room and kept popping my head round the corner to check on her (when she wasn’t popping in the kitchen to help me that is).

On one of my peeks into the living room I was greeted by this…

Yes, that is an entire pack of wipes taken out of the nappy bag and scattered in the doorway, not to mention half her toy box and books scattered across the room. Note to Self: Make sure the nappy bag is FULLY zipped up in future!

Then today, on our trip to buy her some new shoes (her feet haven’t grown since last September) she had the most amazing meltdown. You would actually think we were taking her to have her feet removed, not buy a new pair of sparkly new shoes!

It’s not the first time she’s been to the shoe shop, it’s not the first time she has had her feet measured, but for some reason she took an instant dislike the minute we walked through the shop door this time! The poor sales assistant looked a little scared, he was only young bless him but he put on a brave face as he tried to hold our wailing and flailing daughter’s foot to measure it!

When the sales assistant went off to get some shoes for us to try (why do they only ever have one or two styles in stock???) she appeared fine and calmed down climbing on and off the square stool. However the minute he returned the hysteria started again. As he unveiled the shiny new shoes (with flashing lights in the heel I might add) my daughter burst into tears again, retreating backwards from us as we tried to place them on her feet and shaking her head shouting “no” as we managed to finally get them on!

We stood her up and showed her her sparkly new shoes in the mirror, pointing out the nifty flashing lights, but not even they won the day! She pointed at and grabbed her old, scuffed and worn shoes longingly and sobbed and sobbed.

“Don’t worry” said the female sales assistant across the room, “It’s perfectly normal, they get very attached to their old shoes, it happens frequently”, she said smiling. A lady with her added “She’s not as bad as my grandson was yesterday, I had to leave we didn’t even get the shoes on!”

Well all I can say is I’m glad I’m not alone!

The end result was us paying up quickly and leaving the store with a dribbling, hysterical and very snotty child!

It’s been a long, long week, oh wait, it’s only Tuesday…..

Terrible Twosday is hosted by the lovely Crumby Mummy why not stop by and share your “moments”


Have We Entered the Terrible Two’s???

So I think my little girl may be entering that lovely phase that all parents come to dread. the Terrible Two’s!!!!

The last two days have been frankly chaotic and tiring to say the least!

A trip to the in-laws yesterday saw multiple meltdown’s, with a leisurely jaunt to the park and an ice-cream, slowly turn to chaos! The meltdown’s came thick and fast and arose for various reasons, from not wanting to be on the swing, wanting the 50th go on the slide when we needed to leave, wanting the cone of everyone elses ice cream and not the tub I had specifically bought to share with her, not being allowed to run around the car park where cars were driving past and not wanting to hold anyone’s hand but mummy’s. I am sure there was lots more but I forget now!

Today however was the worst yet! We went to view a bigger house near where we live and had a lovely stroll there with our daughter on her trike. However a sunny stroll soon led to the house viewing from hell! The minute the poor lady opened the door my daughter went into the most spectacular meltdown I think I have seen in quite some time! We hadn’t even got over the doorstep! The couple politely invited us in and my daughter just continued to freak out beyond words! We made a quick beeline for the garden in the hope she would calm down and she did briefly but the minute we went back in the house she started up again. The poor couple was trying to show us around and tell us about the house and my daughter was literally screaming like something deranged with snot and dribble everywhere. She only wanted to be carried and by me and I was struggling to carry her so had to pass her to my husband, which only served to make it worse! In the end hubby apologised and headed outside with my daughter to leave me to complete the viewing on my own, I was mortified and apologising profusely, whilst in the background outside was the constant sound of shrieking and screaming. We headed downstairs and the lady tried to placate my little girl by getting her trike and taking her to see the flowers, but that didn’t work, she kicked and screamed wildly as I tried to put her in the seat! Then the gentleman tried to pick her up and calm her down in a grandfatherly manner, which resulted in him being covered in snot and dribble and her kicking to be away! (Very embarrassing!) The couple were lovely, very kind and understanding but I have to say I don’t quite think I fully took everything in and wouldn’t like to have to ask to go back!!!!

On leaving a neighbour of ours drive past and commented “Oh that’s who it is, I heard the screams down by my house!” Very, very embarrassing!

My husband literally carried our daughter kicking and screaming back to our house, nothing would calm her down. When we got in she asked to go to bed, wouldn’t lie on the sofa or bed with me, just wanted to be in her cot. After 20 minutes chilling out on her own with her dummy and bunnies she came downstairs like a different child! Unbelievable!!!

This hasn’t been the first meltdown of late, we’ve had other meltdown’s because we couldn’t go play in the garden, because we wouldn’t hold mummy’s hand when walking to the car, because we suddenly want our dummy beyond bedtime and don’t want to give it up and because we didn’t want to go with grandma the other morning when mummy had to go to work. This was a particularly random one, we are fine every morning but this particular morning we dug our heels well and truly in, so much so that my poor mum had to leave the library session she had taken her to and just head home because she was still screaming when they arrived and as the session was about to start!

My daughter’s meltdown’s are very, very spectacular, anyone who knows us will know that she can literally hit new heights on the Richter scale! I am just dreading the day it happens in a shop or cafe!!!

I remember being so adamant before I was pregnant that if I ever had children they would be very well-behaved, no tantrums, they wouldn’t get their own way etc etc. Oh how different it is when you are living it! I just hope I can remain strong and not bow to her demands as such and deal with it calmly so that we come through the other side quickly. In the meantime however I may give house viewings with my daughter a wide berth!!!!


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