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Netmums United Kindmums – Knock on a Neighbour’s Door

The latest United Kindmums step is to Knock on a Neighbour’s door and I am pleased to say I have done this twice recently.

The first time was to introduce myself to a new mum that had moved into the street and to invite her to my Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning I was holding in aid of CLIC Sargent. I didn’t know her but heard she had a little girl around my daughter’s age and thought it might be nice to get to know her. The move was a positive one and she came along and stayed, getting to know other mummy neighbours at the same time.

I also arranged a last minute jubilee street party with some of my mummy neighbours and I decided to let our other neighbours know (all 20+) and invite them to join in. Half a dozen families came a long and all the kids had a great time playing. It was fab to get to know the parents too. Everyone was really pleased that the event had been organised and came over to introduce themselves and say thank you. I think it provided a great opportunity to meet new people and we are already planning future events.

So… you see… it really can work! Why not give it a try? Join United Kindmums and Knock on a Neighbours Door… you may be pleasantly surprised with the result!


Jubilee Celebrations

I’ve finally got an evening to sit down and share some lovely photo’s of our jubilee celebrations. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get better shots but hope it gives a flavour of the day we had.

We decided on Thursday evening to hold a street party in our street with some of my lovely mummy neighbours. After a quick pow wow we each had our tasks and the plan was in place. I dashed to the shops after work on Friday evening and grabbed the very last packs of bunting anywhere along with flags, balloons and other bits! Our street looked fab we had them stretched from house to house right across the street itself and people from around the doors were all coming to take a look and commenting on how great it looked. We popped notes through neighbours doors inviting them to join us and hoped for good weather!

The Jubilee weekend was full of busy! Saturday my little girl and I headed to a local soft play with a friend and her children, we spent Sunday stocking up on bits for the street party before heading to my parents for tea with my sister and her daughter and watched the Royal Flotilla. My hat goes off to The Queen and Philip for standing in that freezing weather out on the Thames for all that time. I really felt for them!  Monday was spent with the inlaws, we baked cakes for our street party and went for a walk and to the local park, the weather was lovely and I prayed it would stay that way.

Tuesday was the big day and we prayed that the weather would hold and luckily it did! We had a small marquee up just in case! We spent all day outside till early evening and despite the last minute planning and invites we had a brilliant day! 15 sets of neighbours and their families came out to join us, which was great as we got the opportunity to speak with people we hadn’t really socialised with before. We had music playing and everyone brought food and drink, as well as toys for the kids. We had slides, bouncers, rockers, trikes, ride-ons, games, swingball, skittles, hoopla, colouring in books and pens and trampoline to mention a few! The children were in their element! I loved watching my little girl have the freedom to play outside with new friends, she hasn’t stopped asking to go on the trampoline with her new friend “mi mi”, as she calls her, since!

All in all a great day and weekend for that matter was had by all and we are already planning our Olympic street party!

I’ve felt proud to be British in the last week, some people may call it all “pomp and ceremony” but I love that, I think we should be proud of our heritage and the great British spirit that we have! I think it has set the stage for what we can achieve and show to the world during the Olympics and I for one can’t wait!

Hope you all had a good bank holiday!? I’d love to hear how you spent it so please do share



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