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See it Snap it Love it – Candid

I am thrilled to have been chosen as Photo of the Week in See it Snap it Love it hosted by the lovely Lucy across at Dear Beautiful Boy for my Peace and Quiet entry.

Thank you so much I am very chuffed! *Doing a little dance around the room*

So now I have calmed down from my excitement it’s on to this week’s theme….


Well I have to admit I struggled on this one but looking through my pics it just had to be this…

simply known to us as ‘The Scream’!

Want to join in? why not hop on over to Dear Beautiful Boy and share your pic?


See It Snap It Love It – Messy

This week’s See It Snap It Love It¬†theme hosted by the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy is “Messy”

I couldn’t help but share this pic of fun we had a long time ago now at a Messy Play session.

If you are intrigued as to what the contents are it is in fact mashed potato! Yum!

The concept and exploration of texture (and taste!) was great, it was the cleaning it off that I didn’t enjoy!

If you want to join in why not hop on over to Lucy’s blog and link up your pictures


See It Snap It Love It – FUN – Number #1

With my lovely new camera and hobby of snapping away for my photography course I now have absolutely no excuse not to join in See it snap it love it hosted by Dear Beautiful Boy

So seeing as though this week’s theme was fun and I am back from hols just in time to join in I thought I’d share one of my garden fun photo’s with you.


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