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Book Review: Calm Down Boris! (Sam Lloyd)

“Boris is a VERY lovable monster. If only he didn’t get so carried away…”

This is a fantastic book that I came across whilst I was pregnant with my little girl and on holiday. Its bright fun cover with fluffy monster puppet head jumping out immediately caught my attention and it still doesn’t cease to amuse me and my daughter!

Children journey with the excitable and “kissy kissy kissy” Boris through his day as he gets ready to go to the park, eat his picnic and play with the other little monsters before the story culminates in Boris saving the day… but as to how I won’t give any more away!

This is a fun book for children across a wide range of ages. I’ve read it to my daughter since she was 6 months old and I have friend’s children who are 3 and 4+ who also love it. The reaction to Boris’ tickly kisses has been so good time and time again that I have bought Boris and some of the other books from the Sam Lloyd monster range as Christmas and birthday presents, which have gone down a treat!

I’d recommend this range to anyone looking for a fun, imaginative and entertaining story for their little one.


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