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Special delivery

Just a quick line to let all my readers know that I got an unexpectedly early special delivery this morning in the form of my new little girl!

She arrived 5 weeks early by emergency c section and although in transitional care is a good weight and allowed to stay with me, being monitored for a few things
but so far so good.

Further updates to come but I may be offline for the next week or so


34 Weeks Pregnant


This week I am 34 weeks pregnant and boy do I feel it! Bump seems to have had a sudden growth spur and everyone says I am now looking much bigger than last time, ironic when I have been saying all along that I feel small! Think she’s been listening and packing on the pounds!

I was told by a midwife 4 weeks ago that they thought she was measuring small, like my daughter had been, so they booked me in for a growth scan this week and I’ve been apprehensive about what to expect. However it seems that I am right in thinking that baby has suddenly piled on the pounds, as instead of measuring small we are measuring a week and a half over! She’s already almost the weight my daughter was when she was born so I don’t think I need worry any more about suddenly being told she’s being brought early like my daughter was!

Having read my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book and looking at the curve on my maternity notes it appears therefore that my bump is actually measuring above average.  I feel this too as I am at the point where I am struggling to get off my sofa, turn over in bed and put my shoes, socks, tights and trousers on! All makes for comedy moments. Hubby has actually referred to me as “Moby Dick”, an “Old Ford Cortina” (apparently I am ok once I get going) and “the raising of the Titanic”! We have laughed that last time round I felt like a walking Timote advert and this time round it’s more like Atilla the Mum! It’s a good job I love him and have my sense of humour still!

Speaking of sense of humour I am keeping it but it is being tested to the extreme with some fairly normal, but also some crappy side effects!

  • I am still not sleeping (as I haven’t since week 8 so that’s over 26 weeks!) and I am generally awake every hour during the night. Still having been at work and looking after a toddler (as well as having both hubby and my no sleeplittle girl ill in the run up to and over the Christmas period), my energy levels in general are very, very low. I’ve got the third trimester slump and am out of breath just walking up the stairs and it feels like once I had got Christmas and New Year out of the way I just flat lined! However I have to say for the last 2-3 nights I have actually woken up less and got a bit more sleep so there may be light at the end of the tunnel or I may just be past the point of extreme exhaustion! lol!
  • I am suffering from horrendous heartburn still and the last couple of days I have rather attractively had acid reflux! It comes from nowhere, without warning and frankly has been disgusting. My husband’s face was a picture when we were gavisconin the car the other day. Not attractive!
  • Because of the heartburn I often have to go to sleep sat up. However of late when I do this baby wakes up and uses my bladder as a trampoline and it’s really uncomfortable. My stomach looks like a scene from alien and I just can’t get to sleep, so I try to compromise between laying on my side, but slightly upright and this does work a little.
  • On a night in our room would look so funny to an outsider too as we only have a double bed and because I have so many pillows,pillows and my hubby is quite broad, we just can’t comfortably fit side by side, so have in the last week or so resorted to top and tailing! So romantic!
  • I am suddenly getting cramp and am regularly jumping up out of my seat or out of bed in the early hours of the morning hopping around the room which my husband is finding quite amusing. After over 5 minutes of staggering around at 1.15am the other morning whilst my hubby laid in an unconscious slumber I shouted at him to get up and help me, begging him to rub the side of my foot and encourage my little toe to go back to what remotely resembled a normal position! He was in a state of shock bless him but desperate times need desperate measures and I couldn’t reach my foot!
  • I lent forward a few weeks ago and felt a pull in my calve. Since then I have had lovely long purple stretch marks down my leg! I have a horrible feeling I am stuck with them too! That will look attractive in the summer! None on my tummy, but lovely big ones down my leg!
  • I still have this cold virus, it hit on New Years Day and I haven’t been able to shake it off, I’ve gone from the constant coughing glycerin medicine(which really did my pelvic floor no good at all and made me feel incontinent!) to being totally blocked up and having sinusitis one minute and going through a box of tissues the next and the sore throat has kicked in in the last few days. My blog posts have dropped off a little as I have been dragging myself up to bed early most nights just to try and get some rest! Such a pain when you can’t take anything other than linctus syrup! I have permanently had my head over a bowl of hot water and menthol crystals over the last few days and even that has’t helped!
  • I’ve also got another issue which has arisen, but the docs don’t think it’s anything to worry about and probably pregnancy / hormone related but I am having to have hospital appointments just to check so will be happier when that’s dealt with and I know what it is.

On the plus side! Yes there is a plus side! Honest!

After a sudden panic at 30 weeks I went into overdrive to get things ready for the new arrival. All my baby clothes, moses basket, sheets etc were in the loft so I set to work getting everything together and buying anything I might need and I have finally got there.

  • I’ve washed and boxed up 5 different sizes of baby clothes (6lb, 7.5lb, 9lb, 10lb and 0-3 months) as I had no Britax baby safe plus SHR car seatidea what I might need.
  • I’ve washed existing and bought new bedding / sleeping bags / moses basket mattress.
  • We have sorted our new mode of baby transport (more to follow on that one).
  • We’ve got out our Britax car seat that we bought for my daughter. However the handle is seeming a little wonky so I’m hoping it’s ok!
  • Nappies and new bibs have been boughttommee tippee 2
  • My mother in law is buying some new Tommee Tippee Bottles for my planned combination feeding. I used Tommee Tippee last time when I finished breast feeding and they were great.
  • I have my lovely SnuggleBundl prize at the ready for my post c-section.
  • Hubby is converting our daughter’s old cotbed back into the cot.

I nearly did myself an injury running around doing it all as well as Christmas, but with all of the above done, my hospital bag packed and my maternity leave started, I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest, kick the bugs into touch and enjoy some quality time with my little girl and hubby before baby arrives! Hubby gave me a lovely lie in the other morning and took my little girl out for an hour or so. They returned with some lunch for us all and some lovely flowers for me. It really cheered me up 🙂

I am very conscious that our lives are going to change dramatically again and I have to be honest my main focus has been on my little girl, how she will feel, react and cope and how I will feel about it all too. I am looking forward to meeting our new addition but my thoughts have been fairly set in one direction. I kind of feel bad for that, but am hoping that now I am on my maternity leave and have pretty much everything else sorted that my mind will turn to my impending arrival too.

My daughter and I have talked about what her baby sister might bring her, and of all things it looks like the game Hungry Hippos may be on the cards! I have also seen a few lovely prints about Sister’s too so think I may have to invest in one of those!

I have to say (probably for the umpteenth time) this pregnancy has been very, very different to my first and very hard but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and I feel so much better knowing that we are almost there.

I have my next check up in two weeks time and will get a date for my elective c-section then. I am told it is likely that it will be 13th or 14th February so I have told hubby that I will of course be expecting an extra special combined baby / valentines gift! 🙂



Maternity Bag Essentials

Now that I am 30 weeks pregnant I figured I had better start preparing my hospital bag!

I was so much more prepared last time! I guess it wasn’t getting close to Christmas last time though! I have been so busy trying to buy presents, decorate the house and write my Christmas cards that everything else has taken a back seat.

However I am now panicking somewhat that I should be more organised! Especially since my little girl came 3 weeks early with only one days notice and this baby is also, like she was, measuring small.

I am having a planned c-section so know that baby will be coming at at least 39 weeks and I will be in hospital a little longer than the norm so will no doubt end up like a pack horse! However there are obviously a few essentials that I will need and from my experience last time couldn’t do without…

For me:

maternity bag montage 1

I’ve got my toiletries sorted out. I’ve bought a Sanctuary face wash, Dove body wash, Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, a Nivea deodorant and Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste. I already had a Molton Brown body cream and some travel size Lancome moisturisers too which I will use, as well as my Batiste dry shampoo! (I looked like an oil slick last time!) I also swear by Lansinoh’s Nipple Cream and Breast Pads, I used them last time and they were fab and I always sleep with an eye mask too, a must have if you are in a room with lots of other women and lights are going on and off! I will take my basic make up supplies too… or at least have hubby or my mum ship them in post op if I forget!

Strangely I am told by my local chemist (or rather my poor hubby was told in quite some detail! that tena lady are fantastic as maternity pads??? The chemist apparently got all the promotional materials out and almost launched into a demonstration for my poor hubby so he took her word for it and I now have several packs! Hope she’s right!

I have some sleep bras from last time but will probably go and get fitted for some new sleep and nursing bras and as it was summer last time I may also invest in some new pyjamas, I love the above sets from Mamas & Papas and have also seen some at Castaluna.co.uk, so may have to treat myself!

For the baby…

hospital bag montage 2

I have just dug out all my old baby clothes and as my little girl was only 5lbs I have NO IDEA what size clothes to pack! I will probably pop in some 9-10lb ss vests, ls vests and sleepsuits for now, but have washed a lot of the tiny baby too just in case! I’ve got a couple of snow suits and some hats and booties. However despite having a tonne of bibs and mitts I seem to now have none! I probably dished them out amongst friends, so need to buy some more. I love the new bandana style bibs. There didn’t seem to be as many about when I had my daughter so I may get a few of them and use my existing pile of muslins!

I am planning to breastfeed or at least do combination but I will still pop a couple of Tommee Tippee bottles and ready prepared cartons in, just in case. I breastfed until 4 and a half months last time but did introduce an evening bottle at 2 and a half months. I am under no illusion that it will be harder this time round, I can’t sit for over an hour at a time feeding as I did with my little girl as I will have a toddler needing attention too, so am fully prepared to do combination this time and as it is Tommee Tipppee that I used last time so will do the same again as they worked a treat for me. I just need to buy some new teats and possibly some new bottles.

I’ve got nappy bags, cotton balls and a pack of Pampers New Baby nappies. One thing I won’t do this time is stock up like crazy as you are then left with tonnes of nappies you just don’t need. I will certainly buy as I go!

maternity bag montage 3

I will also take our Kindle with my latest Sophie Kinsella Mini Shopaholic read on, as well as a puzzle book… took my mind off the waiting last time! and I certainly won’t forget my camera and phone and their chargers!!!

 I know I will need our Britax car seat etc on the day we leave and intend to buy a head hugger for this as my little girl looked lost and so small last time, I didn’t know back then that I could buy a head hugger, I wish I had! I of course need to pack some clothes too! Note to self… do not forget your clothes and underwear!!! OMG now that would be a nightmare!!!

I am hoping that I have covered everything off, my mind feels like fudge so any suggestions always welcome! What did you pack???



30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant this week and I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, they seem to have flown by! It’s probably been because I have been busy preparing for Christmas (or at least trying to!) so my mind has been taken up by other things!

30 weeks

At my latest consultant appointment I was told that my bump is measuring small again and I have to admit this has stressed me out a little. My little girl measured small throughout and suddenly at the end of 36 weeks dropped to lower than she should and a scan showed low blood supply to the placenta and low levels of amniotic fluid. I was given one days notice that they were going to bring her 3 weeks early and it was a real shock! You can read about this more HERE in my previous pregnancy story. However now I am paranoid that the same is going to happen again. I have been very aware that I have felt small throughout my pregnancy (we not small… I have felt like a house end…) but I mean that I have a small bump in comparison to many!

Suddenly hitting the round figure of 30 weeks has galvanized me into a state of panic like action! I have had hubby up in the loft digging out all our old baby supplies and because my little girl was so small (5lb 7oz) I have a lot of baby clothes ranging from 6lb and 7 / 7.5lb to 9lb and 10lb and even 0-3 months! I have NO IDEA what size I am going to need so I went through all the boxes and washed a bit of each. It has been like wishy washy’s laundry in our house! We’ve had well over half a dozen loads through and I’ve nearly done myself an injury but I now have 3 boxes of sized up clothes for all eventualities and I feel a bit more prepared! I’ve also washed a couple of sleeping bags and wraps but did go into a mild panic when I couldn’t find any of my many Moses Basket sheets and blankets as I knew I had had tonnes of them! A quick call to my sister and I think I have tracked them down so just need to wash them and buy a new Moses Basket mattress to go with my Mamas & Papas basket.

I also need to get my steriliser back from my mum / sister who are currently using it for my niece and buy some new teats for my Tommee Tippee bottles if not totally new bottles. I am planning to breastfeed initially but know I will end up changing to bottles at some point if not doing combination so Tommee Tippee served me well last time and I will use these again this time. Did anyone else buy totally new bottles or just new teats? Any advice very welcome.

I haven’t packed my hospital / maternity bag yet either but have bought some travel sized toiletries and maternity pads. My poor hubby offered to go to our local chemist to see if they had maternity pads as I had forgotten when we had been in town. I think he was beginning to wish he hadn’t bothered when the sales assistant launched into a full sale pitch for Tena Lady and how great they were as maternity pads! Apparently they take a whole can of coke and the demonstration she’d seen was just fantastic! I did wonder where he had gone to when he had been gone so long and did have to laugh and his stunned face when he returned! Apparently she had even got the promotional literature out! Anyway… he came away with two big packs as he just wanted to get out of there so I hope she’s right! Has anyone else used them as maternity towels??? Any advice or experiences greatly welcome!

I’ve suddenly realised that my nursing nighties from last time are a bit past it and quite summery too so I am going to have to look around for a couple and perhaps another pair of nursing pyjamas, as having my baby in February it is still going to be cold.

We’ve been looking around at double buggy’s, as we just know that despite my little girl being 2 and a quarter when the baby comes, she still gets tired when out and about so will want to sit down too like her baby sister. We had her out in her Babystyle Oyster pushchair the other day and it was so funny, she looked massive and has really outgrown it. Her head was touching the top of the hood and the straps, despite being on the highest and longest setting are too tight bless her, I could hardly do up the buckle! It seems a long time to wait until February though to use a new double buggy so am in a dilemma as to what to do!? I can’t let my poor little girl be uncomfortable and can see myself walking along with a double and one child in it prior to baby coming! lol!

I also plan to buy a cosy cover for my car seat, the Ruby and Ginger ones look lovely and maybe a Snugglebundl too, as I am due another c-section and this looks a fab product! I struggled so much last time lifting my baby up and especially carrying her up and down the stairs. In the early weeks last time my mum would come over at bedtime if hubby was at work to help me get upstairs as I was in so much pain, the Snugglebundl looks like it would make life a whole lot easier!

In myself  I haven’t yet had my “glow” of last time and doubt I will now! I spent several days in bed over the last couple of weeks, floored by this cold and flu virus going around, nightmare when you can’t take anything for it! My hips are still holding out, I have good and bad days and do let out the occasional yelp when my hip jolts and / or gives way briefly, but on the whole I am holding out better than I thought, I just can’t manage to do a lot as I tire and hurt quickly and I think this is what frustrates me the most, especially with Christmas round the corner as there’s so much to do! I still have my lovely friend heartburn! Strangely I got a reprieve whilst ill but it came back as soon as I started to get over it… joy! I am also developing the bladder of a 90 year old! I am not sure if baby has moved position but I am sure it’s using me as a trampoline! I am running to the loo constantly and often finding I hardly need to go when I get there! It’s fantastic! Not long to go now though…


It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself….

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant and had my first antenatal check up in a while. I dragged my achey, cold laden body out of bed at the crack of dawn on my child-free day off and headed off to our local hospital for a 9am appointment.

I had all the usual obs by the first midwife, she managed, thank god, to take blood for my 28 week check without massacring me. My usual midwife can’t manage to get any  normally and I end up bruised before she sends me to the lab at the hospital! This time was hassle free thankfully!

I then waited half an hour or so to see my consultant and ended up actually seeing one of his registrars. I normally don’t mind a registrar but this guy didn’t seem to know a lot and left a lot of the checks and decisions to the midwife (which didn’t instill me with much confidence!) However I am glad she was on the ball! The midwife measured my bump and said I was measuring small and suggested that I have growth scans going forward to monitor me. This came as no surprise as my daughter always measured small and I have been convinced my bump is a lot smaller than others at my stage! It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself!

However it did set a little panic button off inside me! As you may have read in my posts about my first pregnancy my daughter suddenly dropped too low in her measurements at the end of 36 weeks and within 2 days she was being brought 3 weeks early! I now have visions of this happening again and it’s making me revisit all kinds of things in my head as well as things such as should I bring forward the date that I intend to leave work, as well as listing all the things I still need to get / order.

I have been debating whether to use a buggy board or buggy pod or whether to get a double pushchair. I think in all honesty my daughter won’t use the buggy board. I think she will want to sit in the buggy like the new baby, so that could rule that idea out. However I am very aware that my daughter will be 28 months old and if I do invest in a double buggy then I may not end up using it for very long so it is a lot of expenditure. Decisions decisions!

I still have to get a new mattress for my Mamas and Papas Moses Basket and some new bottles / teats for my Tommee Tippee range which I love. I am hoping to breastfeed but think it is likely I will do combination feeding so want to be stocked up. I gave a bottle from two and half months at night last time and went onto bottle fully at four and half months so have most things I need like the sterilizer etc. I also have my eye on the fabulous product that is Snugglebundl. I had a c-section first time round and despite having had nine hip operations I was shocked at how much I struggled in the early few weeks. With a c-section planned this time round I think this product looks great and could be invaluable in helping me lift my baby up and down and take them upstairs on an evening at times when I am home alone and hubby at work (especially with my bad hips and back too)

All in all in myself I am plodding along. I am feeling baby kick lots, it’s as if I have a small Riverdance cast in there! I guess that’s a good sign though! My hips haven’t been as bad this last week. I have had one or two moments where my hips have given away but overall the pain has been a little less than it has been. I’ve been plagued with heartburn for the last 2 -3 weeks (as I was last time) so have resorted to glugging from the Gaviscon bottle and went and stocked up on my free prescription again today! It normally kicks in around 4pm and goes on till the early hours, but as I write this today I am feeling it already and it’s only lunch time! I was pacing the floorboards till the early hours the other night. I just keep dreaming of how it will disappear as soon as baby comes! Two and a half months and counting! (if not earlier!) I’ve got a lovely cold this week too, just in time for going back to work so got the ginger tea, honey and glycerine and lemon to hand! lol! Bump does seem to have grown a bit in the last week or so, even though she’s measuring small.

I am loving some of my new maternity purchases from Mamas and Papas and KLM Maternity. I love how comfortable the maternity / nursing tops are that I have bought from Mamas and Papas (see one of them in my bump pic above), they are going to come in so handy over the winter! I am especially excited to wear my sparkly Mama.licious dress from KLM for my Christmas nights out too!

Are you pregnant at the minute? how are you getting on?


30 Things To Know in Your Second Pregnancy

I LOVED my first pregnancy! Yes I had hip pain, yes I had heartburn and insomnia towards the end but I loved every minute still and really felt a glow! So this time round I figured it would be the same again and I really looked forward to it…

However in reality things couldn’t have been any different!

I recently watched the hit movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and laughed my socks off at the Elizabeth Banks character, Wendy, especially her speech at a mother and baby / pregnancy convention, in which, looking very disheveled and in her assistants oversize clothes that she has had to nab last minute due to peeing herself back stage, she confesses to the audience and her husband in front of her: “I’m calling it. Pregnancy sucks! Making a human being is really hard. I have no control over my body or my emotions. Carebear, I’m sorry, all I want to do is punch you in the face!”

Unfortunately, this time round that has pretty much been my experience! Although I haven’t wet myself yet!

We have to be realistic… pregnancy affects us all in different ways and no one pregnancy really is the same.

So, with this in mind I thought I would share my 30 tips for things you should know second time round. These are taken from my own experience and comments made by the 20+ other second time mummy friends of mine who have this year gone through, or are going through their second pregnancy!


1.) Yes your second pregnancy can be totally different!

2.) The tiredness can be so much worse, especially if you have another young child to run around after – Multiply it by 10… or maybe more! It’s not fun as you chase a small child around and around the house as they shout “I didn’t want to put my coat on!”

3.) You don’t get as much chance to rest or nab 40 winks, in fact even at bedtime you probably won’t sleep!

4.) This can make you more irritable and less tolerant and therefore your emotions can fluctuate rapidly! (cue the sheepish rather scared looking husband or partner making a hasty retreat!)

5.) If you didn’t have morning sickness first time you can still get it this time… oh boy can you! Again, no fun lying down to avoid being sick while a toddler bounces on the bed next to you at 7.30 in the morning!

6.) If you did have morning sickness first time you could be in for a respite second time round… You lucky thing if so!

7.) Your stomach and pelvis muscles may not be as strong as the first time round. This can have an effect on two different areas….

8.) Your pelvic floor could be a lot weaker! depending on how much you practice those exercises! More chance of oooops accidents as in Elizabeth’s case!

9.) Your pelvis and hips could be a lot weaker, which could mean an increased chance of symphysis pubis dysfunction (PSD) or general hip / pelvic pain so do any strengthening exercises that you can!

10.) This makes carrying or chasing another young child around a lot harder and tiring… especially when they are having a temper tantrum in the supermarket and you are frog marching them under your arm out of the store with onlookers observing!

11.) Your stomach “pops” a lot quicker second time round so you do show more

12.) This can make it harder to hide until your 12 week scan so more thought required!… there’s only so long you can blame the cake!

13.) You are so busy with your other child that you don’t get to think about the growing child inside you as much

14.) You are likely however to feel those first few kicks a lot earlier than last time, that is still, for me, a lovely feeling!

15.) The magical feeling you had first time round doesn’t necessarily happen this time. It can kind of feel like… yeah… been there before… what’s new? The excitement will probably come closer to your due date (or so I am hoping!)

16.) You won’t necessarily be flicking through the pages of mother and baby or all the pregnancy books for tips. It’s ingrained on your mind FOREVER!!!!

17.) You won’t be trawling the shops for all the baby essentials as your house is likely to already be overflowing (even with those novel ideas that seemed such good ideas at the time but were never used!) However admittedly I have come across a few fab new products that I may have to invest in (just call it the shopaholic in me!)

18.) You won’t be gazing at your tummy in wonder and getting excited at every movement, but you may (MAY) get the occasional moment to recognise and take it all in! These are still special moments.

19.) You may be so busy you don’t get your scan picture out at every given opportunity… probably to the relief of everyone around you!

20.) People may not seem as excited at your impending arrival second time round, it was all so new and exciting first time but with another child taking centre stage (and possibly other siblings / relatives) others, like yourself, just don’t have as much time to stop and think! (They too are probably chasing your toddler who is still shouting “I didn’t want to put my coat on!”)

21.) You may feel more anxious second time round as you know more about any negatives that can happen and exactly what to expect! Are they going to utter that frightful word episiotomy or will you have that uncomfortable bowl movement moment again mid labour?!

22.) OR you may feel a lot more at ease second time round knowing what to expect and feel that it will be a breeze! (Like Brooklyn Decker’s character in the movie, Skyler, who sailed through her pregnancy and labour)

23.) If you had the pregnancy glow first time round don’t bank on it being there this time!

24.) If you didn’t have the pregnancy glow first time you may be in the lucky minority and fell on top of the world and glowing with health this time! If so just don’t stop by to tell me about it! Thank You!

25.) You don’t get to see your midwife as frequently therefore you may want to be more aware of your body and bump to pick up on anything that may not feel right. Even my midwives have said they should see people more frequently but I guess that’s NHS cuts!

26.) You could very well be apprehensive as to how your existing child will feel and react (this may of course be amplified if the tantrums are still in full swing!)

27.) You will need to decide how to tell them of their new baby brother and sister (do you choose a story book, show them the scan picture or sit down and have a table summit with them?!)

28.) You will wonder if they really understand or are taking any of it in (if they look at you nod and ask for cake… the likelihood is… they don’t quite understand!)

29.) Your existing child may start reacting to the impending change they feel is coming and their behaviour may change…. not always for the better! (or it could be that your hormones and tiredness make it all seem a lot worse and it is in fact your own behaviour that is changing and the rather bewildered child looking at frazzled mummy really is innocent!)

30.) This takes you back to the beginning of this rather delightful list… extreme exhaustion and lack of tolerance… hence the reason that it’s highly likely your glow is less likely to make an appearance second time round!

Pregnancy second time round? It can be one big circle of fun!

BUT… would we change any of it?…… NO! Because at the end of the day, when we hold our new bundle of life in our arms, all the chaos and craziness that came before it just pales into insignificance…


25 Weeks Pregnant

So this week I’m 25 weeks pregnant. Despite my tummy initially seeming to “pop” my bump now seems quite neat (as did my last one) and not as big as some friends / bloggers who are at the same stage as me. I am hoping that this is just the way I am and not a sign that this baby will also be small and therefore I may be at risk of another early c-section. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with my consultant / midwife so hopefully I can check everything then.

Last week brought a real mixed bag for me! I spent the weekend before last stuck on my sofa, unable to sit or stand without being in excruciating pain in my hips and right leg. I had constant pain but this pain was unreal, I literally felt like my leg was going to explode around my thigh. I had a horrible painful ache from my ankle, up my shin and calf, through my knee and thigh and into my hip. Paracetamol dulled the ache a little but didn’t get rid. The pain was so intense and went on from 2.30am on Saturday morning till Monday morning (without let up). When I stood up or tried to sit it intensified and I had no choice other than to lay on my sofa, resembling something like a beached whale!

My hubby, in laws and my mum all rallied round to help me as I literally couldn’t do anything, I had mounds of washing, no food in the house following being at work and a toddler wanting mummy to play. I felt so useless and this upset me further. However my mother in law became chief playmate, my hubby and father in law did our weekly shop and my mum took my washing and ironing, bringing it back all neat and tidy. It was like having a house of little elf helpers! I am so lucky to have them all, although for the control freak that I am it is very hard to let others take over!

Monday brought me respite, with the pain just suddenly seeming to lift itself, and a physio massage helping too. I was finally able to sit on a seat and me and my little girl (helped by grandma and grandad too) made a fabulous glittery leaf collage from leaves that my daughter and mum collected whilst I was having my physio. This was then followed by an hour or two at a local soft play (with me only watching of course!). I was amazed when even my dad agreed to join us and even more amazed (and hysterical) when I saw him coming down the slide behind my daughter! (Such a big kid!) It was a sight to behold and made me laugh so much! A true you’ve been framed moment, his face was a picture! I’ve not seen him partake in anything like that in many many years! I feel it may be his last attempt though as he has probably done himself an injury!

On Tuesday Mum offered to take my little girl out to give me a break. However I felt bad at not having been able to play with her much during my days off so I suggested that wherever they go I went along. My mum took her to another toddler sesh where she could run around, play with toys, kick balls and trampoline. It was lovely seeing her run around squealing with delight! However I have to admit I think I probably overdid it that day and soon needed to sit down again! I just so miss being able to do things like this at the minute, but know it will only be for a few more months, which in the grand scheme of things not too long!

With the reduction in pain on Wednesday came a new pregnancy niggle… the hormone surge! Wow what a surge it has been! I was like a woman possessed for a good 4 days! I could literally feel the surge of emotion running through my body! I’ve had hissy fits, grumpiness and tears several times a day. Hubby hasn’t known what to do with me, how to deal with me or where to put me! lol! However telling me I need to get a grip at 7.30am when I am running late for work, in agony with my hips and just fallen over the cat is probably not the best approach to take! I think my response was “you effing carry this then and see how you feel!” oops! The nail in the coffin probably came when I discovered my plans for my wedding anniversary outfit had gone to pot and I no longer had anything to wear for my nice night out. Feeling rather crappy I sobbed at my husband for half an hour before finally falling asleep! It was probably just what I needed as I woke up feeling a bit better the next day and one of my wonderful friends who has just had her baby came to my rescue with a selection of dresses (see above)! hurrah the day was saved!

We had a lovely anniversary weekend, with a meal out at a local gastro pub on the evening of our anniversary, followed the next day by a return to where we married for my in laws Ruby Wedding Anniversary meal. The staff remembered us from 5 years ago which was so lovely and the whole day and service was just fab.

I handed in my MATB1 form last week and put my maternity notice in writing, so it’s official I finish work on 11th January and start my maternity leave on 1st February.

I’ve ordered some furniture / furnishings for my daughter’s new “Big Girl” room this week and we’ve started cleaning the space for her so everything is starting to feel very, very real and a lot closer now!

I can feel “bumpety” so much more than I could with my little girl. I am convinced I have a breakdancer in there! There’s constant movement pretty much on and off throughout the day and night, but I guess that is a good sign and frankly I love it, I love feeling the little wriggles and remember missing them so much after my little girl was born (even though real cuddles are so much better!).


Unbelievable to think that in 14 weeks I will be feeling and holding the real thing!



Hobbling On Through Pregnancy Pains and Temper Tantrums

As many of you will know if you are regular readers to my blog I am a disabled, I was born with hip dysplacia but unfortunately for various reasons my condition didn’t improve with treatment but deteriorarated to leave me in the position I am in today. I have been told that in the next couple of years, depending on the state of my hip and my mobility I ‘could’ need a plastic hip, but for now I am hobbling on and have good days and bad and depend on my trusty crutches when needed and the love and support of my family and friends.

My post – Not always easy being a disabled mum sums up how things can be and how life is a little different now I have a little girl to look after too.

I did struggle during my last pregnancy and was regularly using my crutches from at least the half way point. We all thought I may end up on bed rest by the end, but somehow I made it through, which was fantastic!

This time my hips started hurting earlier and the pain is much different. There are days where I can’t even move out of seat, put one leg in front of the other or even sit on the toilet without yelping like a pained puppy.

recently I had to ‘nip’ into town to do a few errands, inlcuding getting a present for a friend and shoes for my daughter, as well as needing to do a food shop. I knew I wasn’t managing great and the food shop would hurt me, so I asked my lovely mum if she would come with me, which she did.

I only had three shops that I needed to go to before the supermarket, and they were all relatively close by one another so it should have been quite a painless, straight forward task that lay ahead. However a screaming melt down from my daughter as we arrived in the town ensured that the process turned into a total epic!

There was tears and hysteria in the shoe shop, trying to put shoes on a child and see if they fit whilst they are crying, snotting and thrashing is not an easy process! I then discovered that the last pair of shoes I had purchased had been the wrong type, the woman in the store had mis-sold me cruisers instead of walkers. I then had to go to the bank to get a statement to show I had only recently bought them so that the woman could exchange them for a correct pair (which was very kind of them). This then resulted in hysteria again from my daughter, who had thought her ordeal was over!

This in total took us an hour!!!

We then headed to another store, with a slightly calmer daughter, where I grabbed what I needed, before my daughter told me she was hungry! Looking at the clock and feeling a little light headed and shaky myself I realised it was actually lunch time and we probably should eat! We headed to the nearest cafe and another tantrum erupted when we sat down because my daughter had managed to see a ‘snack’ that I had in my bag. The waitress, seeing my pain and frustration quickly arrived with colouring in pens and paper! hurrah! She saved the moment and my daughter became engrossed and happy!

With full tummies and refuelled everyone suddenly seemed a lot happier and calmer, so we dashed (or rather hobbled quickly!) to get the present I needed before heading back to the car.

So the first half of the day was complete, it had taken us twice as long as necessary and meant my daughter was inevitably going to miss her nap but nevertheless it was complete! I started the car to the repeated request of “babybel mummy, we go get babybel mummy” so I quickly headed to the supermarket.

By the time I got to the supermarket I was really feeling the pain in my hips, legs and back. We have previously been getting our shop delivered, however with the purse strings getting tighter and shopping get more expensive I just can’t justify £15 – £20 delivery costs a month! It’s insane. Hubby would normally do the shop but he has been working odd shifts and just hasn’t been around and I was due back to work so I staggered on to get what we needed!

My mum had come to help with the trolly but frankly I was hurting so bad part of me needed to rest on the trolley itself to take the weight off my hips. However I couldn’t manage to steer the blooming thing! Onwards we headed like a comedy duo act of me using the trolley as a zimmer frame and her trying to steer the dead weight I was creating! All the time my daughter shouting for Babybel and her regular magazine. We hit the magazine aisle and she chose the latest CBeebies music magazine, complete with plastic instruments on the cover. Needless to say she immediately wanted to open them. I knew it was a bad idea but exhausted and in pain I opened them and got her ONE out. Within 5 minutes it had been dropped and had skidded across the floor and under the shelves. “uh oh” exclaimed my daughter, looking at me to resolve the situation. Yes “uh oh!” I said. “Mummy can’t get down to get that now sweetheart it’s gone. I told you to be careful with it, sorry you have lost it now.” I explained. “Want another one, mummy get” came the request, pointing at the front of the magazine. I knew exactly what was going to happen so calmly told her that she would be upset if she dropped the other one and that she would have to wait until she got home. Tears and cries erupted from the trolley! Quick to the Babybel aisle we thought! We grabbed a packet, opened them and thrust one into her hand! Soon the sobs stopped and she was munching away happily. Mum and I took a sigh of relief and completed our shop.

An hour or so later we emerged from the supermarket, by this time I could hardly walk but still had to drive us home. I got myself in the car and drove the short journey home with tears in my eyes. What should have taken me 2 1/2 – 3 hours had taken 5 hours and I was drained!

On arriving home my mum firmly instructed me into the house, carried in and emptied the shopping, put the kettle and my little girl’s tea on and made me sit down as every movement was agony, I even felt pulling in my tummy at one side and think this is due to the way that I walk and everything being linked. Because of this it meant I couldn’t bend, twist or carry anything so my mum even stayed back to do bath time for me! 8 and a half hours after first getting to my house that day my poor mum headed home, I felt awful!

However it’s days like this when I realise that I am so so lucky to have my wonderful mum so close by. She has been my rock and my best friend. We have been through so much  with each other and I know that no matter what I can always rely on her and she’ll always be there for me. I am truly blessed to have her and blessed to have the rest of my support network of family and friends too. I know the coming months aren’t going to be easy and will in all likelihood get harder but knowing I have them around me keeps me going.

This post is dedicated to my family and friends for simply being there…

Thank you, I owe you so much xxx


and the verdict is….

So on Tuesday we had our 20 week scan and I am pleased to report all went well.

Baby is developing well and there doesn’t appear to be any problems or concerns.

Today I had an appointment with my consultant and it has been confirmed that baby will be delivered by c-section at 39 weeks, due to my hips, and as my little girl was small and brought 3 weeks early I will be monitored closely to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

I am glad that I know where I stand and that the consultant and midwife instantly recognised what the path should be.

They’ve also prescribed me codeine for my hips, as my regular readers will know I am disabled and have problems with my hip and back anyway. However pregnancy really seems to take it’s toll on them. I struggled when I was pregnant with my little girl, but managed to get through with the aid of my crutches and support of family and friends. This time is the same, although the pain is a lot more severe and I’ve been using my crutches more frequently in recent weeks (not easy when out and about and with a toddler on the loose, but getting by!). It’s coming to something when the physio is slightly perplexed as to how they can help you… but that’s for another post!

I haven’t been sleeping well, practically since month two, and frankly I am exhausted! I guess this is exacerbated by being uncomfortable with my hips in the night too, so hopefully the codeine will help and I will manage more than 4 hours sleep a night! (at least before the baby comes!!!)

So with all fine and well and my plans in place all that was left was to find out if our little girl would be getting a baby brother or sister. I’ve been convinced throughout that it’s a boy but hubby had a strong feeling it was another little girl. We set a bet of loser buys the takeaway that night!


Who was buying?…..


Our little girl is going to be a big sister to a baby sister!

We’re having another GIRL!!!


I guess I should write about it a bit more really!

I haven’t really written a lot about my pregnancy so far, it’s strange, as when I had my little girl, I kept a journal and wrote in it religiously, I was shopping for items, planning the nursery and excited constantly, but this pregnancy has felt different. I haven’t had the energy or the motivation and have felt pretty crappy throughout the whole period so far. I had morning sickness till week 12 and haven’t slept well for weeks now, functioning on an average of 4-5hrs sleep a night. I’ve started a new, more senior role and am working longer days and having to be up earlier and as a result am feeling even more shattered. The last few weeks has seen my hips (as you know I am disabled) start to play up and I am getting very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain on and off, as I write this I have retreated to the bedroom under hubby’s orders to rest and get a break.

After I had my daughter I always thought to myself that if I had another I would keep an even better diary and mark every moment even more, but I just can’t seem to find the oompf I had back when I had my daughter and I almost feel bad for it being this way. It’s almost like I am so distracted with everything else going on in my life (I have a few other problems that I am hoping will end well and not in more stress) that I don’t have time to really think about it or give this poor little thing that is growing inside me the attention it deserves, and I guess when you have most of the things you need from the first time round there’s less shopping and planning to do too.

So… with a  bit of time out ordered I have decided to write about where I am to date with “bumpety” as hubby has nicknamed baby. I’m now 19 weeks pregnant (20 on Tuesday) and I’ve been feeling baby kick lots it in the last couple of weeks, it’s very active, which I guess is a good thing! I was sure I had been feeling little “pops” or kicks practically since week 11 / 12 but you’re never quite sure if it’s just a rumble, your imagination or an actual kick! Then one night at around 15 weeks I felt an unreal sensation in my tummy, it was so weird, like tremendous flutters, going full pelt! It was much stronger than the first sensations I had when  had my little girl. It went on for a good 30 seconds, then stopped, but an hour later, and an hour again after that I felt it and since then I regularly feel ripples and vibrations, which is always lovely and comforting. They are so regular I am sure baby will be joining the Riverdance contingent from an early age! 🙂

I’ve mentioned the sore hips and insomnia, not great but something I just have to get on with, strangely the tiredness is actually becoming easy to cope with and 4-5hrs sleep and red rimmed eyes is just the norm now! The hips are slightly more problematic when you have a two year old who wants you to get down on the floor and play, be carried or climb on you constantly, but this is something we are having to try to work around.

On a positive from the niggly side effects, it’s nice to be out in the open with things now. As mentioned, I am in a new role now, which I had applied for and interviewed for prior to me finding out I was pregnant. I was obviously thrilled to be offered the job, but I was so nervous about the prospect of having to tell them and gutted that I couldn’t even let it slip a little bit to the colleagues I currently worked with, who had supported me so much the first time round. However, that is all out of the way now and it’s officially out in the open and I can dress without fear of showing my bump hurrah!!!

I’ve had some more news of late that means possible changes could be afoot for me and I don’t know how this will pan out, whether it will mean more stress or work out well, I just have to wait and see. So I guess I have a lot on my mind too, which can be draining in itself, but hopefully soon, things will be clearer, I will be less drained and I will find the lovely pregnancy glow that I got last time… god please let me find the glow! lol!!!

I am looking forward to my 20 week scan in the next week or so, there’s always the obvious apprehension of whether everything is ok, but it’s lovely to see your little one on the big screen. We are probably going to find out what we are having again, I am too impatient and have a gut feeling that this one is a boy, if so I need to prepare as there’s far too much pink in my house and I have no idea about diggers, trucks, cars and all things blue!

I was sat thinking today about the children on either side of our family and trying to work out if there was a swing either way but it’s fairly even, there’s 8 girls, 6 on my side and 2 on  the husband’s and 7 boys, 1 on my side and the rest on my husband’s. Anyone want to hedge a bet and we’ll have an online sweepstake and I will update in a couple of weeks!

Lots of my friends are having / have had babies at the minute ( 11 in total!!!) and for many it’s their second. I am finding this nice as not only will we all be going through it together again (and as I am at the end of most of them I can learn how to cope with two from them all!), but also, it means that my little girl is seeing all of her friends get little brothers or sisters, and it therefore almost seems natural to her. She has a cousin who is just under a year and a half younger than her too and she loves her to bits, so hopefully all the babies will be a real help in the long term!

All in all, things seem to progressing well, I am almost half way through… 20 down 19 / 20 to go!


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