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So the third trimester came round and with it so did all the lovely side effects mentioned in my post part4 The High’s and Lows

I also started a new job in the same organisation I was working in so had lots to learn and take in but at the same time I was feeling increasingly tired again so it was tough going.

Our fridge freezer died (and we were having a heat wave so couldn’t keep anything cold), but we couldn’t get a new one delivered for a week and were desperate so hubby borrowed a friends van and we bought a shop floor demo model that we could bring home straight away. However hubby must have been kart racing on the way home as by the time he got it back it was scuffed and a bit battered. I wasn’t overly chuffed but by the time he had taken a slice of the wall out carrying it into the house with his dad I was past caring!

In the same week my sister and I headed out baby shopping and got a few hundred yards before discovering I had a puncture so we had to limp to a nearby garage and wait an hour for it to be fixed, and I also found out at the same time I needed two new tyres! Another cost I could have done without!

As if that wasn’t enough that week I also discovered we had bats nesting in a gap in our wall and as they are preserved we couldn’t do anything about it. I sat listening to them scratch at the walls all the way through the night, it probably added to my Insomnia! lol

Oh and the toaster blew up too! Just a few hiccups then….

With the uncertainty of whether I could have a natural birth or not I had to meet with an anaesthetist to check that my back was able to take a spinal should I need a c-section or even epidural. Luckily I was told I would be ok so that was a relief.

The nesting took full effect and I was wanting everything clean and immaculate. Hilarious to think about now as I sit in my front room with a the baby explosion that has gone off around me!

We started our ante-natal classes, which were ok but I don’t know if I learnt loads that I didn’t already know. The two midwives running it were entertaining though, it was like an comedy double act! I also met a lovely new friend.

I started aquanatal classes which were good, it was an opportunity to meet new people, have a coffee afterwards and do a little exercise too of course!

We picked up our travel system and brought it home all excited, that was until we tried to work it and fit the car seat! Stress isn’t the word! God we were useless! It seemed so easy in the shop. Got there in the end though, even after minor words!

At week 32 I was so tired and lacking in energy that in my zombie like state I put something in the microwave and then lifted it out with my bare hands! Needless to say it hurt and resulted in a trip to the walk in centre with a very swollen and blistered hand!

With feeling so tired and my hips hurting I found it easier to buy last minute things online and even shopped for items for my hospital bag on  Boots online! Speaking of hospital bags, I don’t know how many times women must pack and repack and double check their bag. I was forever just taking a look to make sure I had put the toothpaste in etc!

My bump seemed to suddenly have a huge growth spurt this trimester. Every week I seemed to get bigger and bigger. Getting out of chairs was starting to get difficult, let alone bed and I was doing the lovely pregnancy waddle!

I finished work at week 34 and headed off (minus my hubby due to his work) for a week’s hol in the Lakes at week 35. We were paranoid that I was going to go into labour whilst there but had all the necessary numbers on speedial in my phone. I couldn’t really do much whilst I was there but enjoyed just kicking back and relaxing.

Driving a car started to prove harder than I imagined, it felt awkward and uncomfortable so I tended to not go far! I also started to get really anxious as to how “real” and “close” things were to actually happening. I was going to be a mum!

My friend came to finish the nursery mural and I was tasked with looking after her two children (aged 4 and 1). I hadn’t realised what hard work it was just entertaining kids! Despite having another friend there and my sister to help, I ended up on my hands and knees on the floor, bump almost dragging along, playing games whilst they drank coffee and watched. I was shattered by the end but the nursery looked gorgeous and I couldn’t thank my friend enough.

I also paid a trip to Iceland and stocked up on freezer food to see us through the first few days, wish I’d parked closer though, got a bit carried away and the stagger back to the car nearly finished me!

We had an appointment with our obstetrician at the end of 36 weeks (after a 5 week wait and not having actually seen him the last time, but his registrar) and once again we arrived to be told he was on holiday, despite being reassured we would see him. I was starting to get very nervous about things as I still didn’t know whether I was able to have a natural birth or not! I told the midwife how I was feeling and she was great and stayed with us throughout the appointment. The consultant registrar went through all my notes very thoroughly, checked my hip movement and did a scan to assess the position of the baby. It was at this point that the baby was found to be breech and the consultant felt that due to the limited movement in my hips I would struggle to have a natural birth anyway so the decision was made that I would be having a c-section. It was good to finally know where I stood, however a little strange, as I had always thought I would have to have a c-section but the longer they had left it the more I thought a natural birth might actually happen, so I had to adapt my mindset again. The added fact that they wanted to send us for a growth scan as the baby was measuring smaller than it should be made hubby and I very emotional too, we went home in a bit of a daze that day!

You can find the final part of my Pregnancy Story in my post “Oh My God My Baby’s Coming Early” (kind of gives it away a bit doesn’t it!)


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