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Oh My Lord What Just Happened???

So as you will see from my post entitled Mummy Poo Poo Wee Wee Argh!!! I am heading for the lovely potty training phase. My little girl has started uttering the immortal words “poo poo” “wee wee” although not always at the exact moment if you get what I mean. Neverthless I thought I should buy the required items so I had them to hand if needed but didn’t expect that to be for quite a while!

I put the potty in my daughter’s room so she could get used to it being around and told her that it was a big girl’s toilet for her to poo poo and wee wee on when she was ready. In the meantime I sat dolly on it and said dolly was having a wee wee. OK I hear you giggling, I don’t know why, I haven’t read any of the chapters on potty training yet and frankly I am clueless! I thought it may be a good idea to show her!

Anyway, after bathtime tonight my little angel walked into her bedroom, removed dolly from the potty and sat down on it. “Oh clever girl are you going to have a wee wee?” I said, not remotely expecting anything, and then to my amazement she nodded and after a few seconds stood up and there was in fact a wee wee!  I was gobsmacked!

Hubby is at work so I was in the house on my own feeling rather over excited at this amazing first that had just happened! I kind of had to celebrate on my own with my daughter looking at her mummy giggling with delight in a rather confused and bewildered manner!

I gave her a huge hug and told her what a clever girl she was and how she had done a big girl thing and we headed downstairs for bottle and CBeebies Bedtime hour.

When we went up to bed after we had brushed our teeth and had a bedtime story I casually said to her “Do you need another wee wee before bed?” Not remotely expecting her to say yes. However she nodded so I said “Do you want to wee wee on the potty?” and she again nodded so I placed her on it and to my astonishment she again went to the toilet on the potty!

I am frankly quite giddy with delight but also freaking out! I am really impressed that she has picked this up with little guidance, but am also now panicking about how I keep this up, what happens when we go out? Oh my god help me!!!

I am in fact off to read that chapter that I have casually skipped over for so long but I really had to share this hysteria with you as I am sat here on my own and cracking up!


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