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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant this week and I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, they seem to have flown by! It’s probably been because I have been busy preparing for Christmas (or at least trying to!) so my mind has been taken up by other things!

30 weeks

At my latest consultant appointment I was told that my bump is measuring small again and I have to admit this has stressed me out a little. My little girl measured small throughout and suddenly at the end of 36 weeks dropped to lower than she should and a scan showed low blood supply to the placenta and low levels of amniotic fluid. I was given one days notice that they were going to bring her 3 weeks early and it was a real shock! You can read about this more HERE in my previous pregnancy story. However now I am paranoid that the same is going to happen again. I have been very aware that I have felt small throughout my pregnancy (we not small… I have felt like a house end…) but I mean that I have a small bump in comparison to many!

Suddenly hitting the round figure of 30 weeks has galvanized me into a state of panic like action! I have had hubby up in the loft digging out all our old baby supplies and because my little girl was so small (5lb 7oz) I have a lot of baby clothes ranging from 6lb and 7 / 7.5lb to 9lb and 10lb and even 0-3 months! I have NO IDEA what size I am going to need so I went through all the boxes and washed a bit of each. It has been like wishy washy’s laundry in our house! We’ve had well over half a dozen loads through and I’ve nearly done myself an injury but I now have 3 boxes of sized up clothes for all eventualities and I feel a bit more prepared! I’ve also washed a couple of sleeping bags and wraps but did go into a mild panic when I couldn’t find any of my many Moses Basket sheets and blankets as I knew I had had tonnes of them! A quick call to my sister and I think I have tracked them down so just need to wash them and buy a new Moses Basket mattress to go with my Mamas & Papas basket.

I also need to get my steriliser back from my mum / sister who are currently using it for my niece and buy some new teats for my Tommee Tippee bottles if not totally new bottles. I am planning to breastfeed initially but know I will end up changing to bottles at some point if not doing combination so Tommee Tippee served me well last time and I will use these again this time. Did anyone else buy totally new bottles or just new teats? Any advice very welcome.

I haven’t packed my hospital / maternity bag yet either but have bought some travel sized toiletries and maternity pads. My poor hubby offered to go to our local chemist to see if they had maternity pads as I had forgotten when we had been in town. I think he was beginning to wish he hadn’t bothered when the sales assistant launched into a full sale pitch for Tena Lady and how great they were as maternity pads! Apparently they take a whole can of coke and the demonstration she’d seen was just fantastic! I did wonder where he had gone to when he had been gone so long and did have to laugh and his stunned face when he returned! Apparently she had even got the promotional literature out! Anyway… he came away with two big packs as he just wanted to get out of there so I hope she’s right! Has anyone else used them as maternity towels??? Any advice or experiences greatly welcome!

I’ve suddenly realised that my nursing nighties from last time are a bit past it and quite summery too so I am going to have to look around for a couple and perhaps another pair of nursing pyjamas, as having my baby in February it is still going to be cold.

We’ve been looking around at double buggy’s, as we just know that despite my little girl being 2 and a quarter when the baby comes, she still gets tired when out and about so will want to sit down too like her baby sister. We had her out in her Babystyle Oyster pushchair the other day and it was so funny, she looked massive and has really outgrown it. Her head was touching the top of the hood and the straps, despite being on the highest and longest setting are too tight bless her, I could hardly do up the buckle! It seems a long time to wait until February though to use a new double buggy so am in a dilemma as to what to do!? I can’t let my poor little girl be uncomfortable and can see myself walking along with a double and one child in it prior to baby coming! lol!

I also plan to buy a cosy cover for my car seat, the Ruby and Ginger ones look lovely and maybe a Snugglebundl too, as I am due another c-section and this looks a fab product! I struggled so much last time lifting my baby up and especially carrying her up and down the stairs. In the early weeks last time my mum would come over at bedtime if hubby was at work to help me get upstairs as I was in so much pain, the Snugglebundl looks like it would make life a whole lot easier!

In myself  I haven’t yet had my “glow” of last time and doubt I will now! I spent several days in bed over the last couple of weeks, floored by this cold and flu virus going around, nightmare when you can’t take anything for it! My hips are still holding out, I have good and bad days and do let out the occasional yelp when my hip jolts and / or gives way briefly, but on the whole I am holding out better than I thought, I just can’t manage to do a lot as I tire and hurt quickly and I think this is what frustrates me the most, especially with Christmas round the corner as there’s so much to do! I still have my lovely friend heartburn! Strangely I got a reprieve whilst ill but it came back as soon as I started to get over it… joy! I am also developing the bladder of a 90 year old! I am not sure if baby has moved position but I am sure it’s using me as a trampoline! I am running to the loo constantly and often finding I hardly need to go when I get there! It’s fantastic! Not long to go now though…


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