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Book Review – Martha and The Bunny Brothers I Heart School (Clara Vuilliamy)

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his#FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature Martha and The Bunny Brothers I Heart School by the very lovely and very talented Clara Vulliamy

You may have read my post a month or two ago about how my little girl was officially a member of the most prestigious bunny club Well to seal the deal we of course had to go out and buy Clara’s book  to find out more as it all sounded so exciting and I have to say we weren’t disappointed!

Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School is a fantastic story of Martha getting ready for her first day at school, whilst she is very excited about her big adventure she’s also worried that her little bunny brothers will miss her while she is away so she creates a fabulous club just for them, full of lots of fun and activities to keep them amused and entertained, what a lovely big sis!

The book is beautifully and simply illustrated and really helps teach little ones whilst engaging them in the wonderful story.

I am thrilled to have come across such a talented lady on my blogging journeys and love having her latest book as a new addition on our book shelf, I know it’s going to remain a favourite for some time. I can highly recommend Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School to any parent out there with a young child.

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My Little Girl is Officially a Member of the Most Prestigious Bunny Club!

So this morning my little girl got a fab surprise in the post from the lovely Clara Vulliamy from Sunny Side Up, in the form of her very own membership pack for the Martha and the Bunny Brothers Happy Bunny Club.

She was so excited and eagerly opened the parcel to see what was inside.

Clara had very kindly sent a lovely card, personally written to my little girl, with an official Martha and the Bunny Brothers Happy Bunny Club certificate, badge, stickers and chocolate bunny.

We immediately had to put the badge on and my little girl proudly walked around the room clutching her card and certificate.

If you haven’t already seen Clara has just launched her new book, “Martha and the Bunny Brothers I Heart School” a wonderful tale of the positive side of going to school with Martha the bunny getting ready for her first day at school. Martha is really excited and deciding what to wear but knows that her bunny brothers are going to miss her lots so she has a brilliant idea!

To find out more why not ‘hop’ on over to Clara’s blog to find out more and sign up to the Happy Bunny Club yourselves

You can also find the book on Amazon

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The Happy Bunny Club

Our bunnies here at home are very excited to hear about Martha’s Happy Bunny Club

Anyone can join – boys and girls of all ages, mums and dads, grandparents, Single Ladies and chaps, pets…

It’s being run by the lovely Clara Vulliamy to celebrate the launch of her book “Marth and the Bunny brothers I Heart School”

There will be a special membership pack sent out to all members, full of nice surprises and goodies and lots of fun and larks to follow, as well as things to do and make on Clara’s blog in a special Club area.

We’ve all signed up. Have you????


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