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#Listography – Top 5 Things I Love About Kids

The lovely Kate at KateTakes5 has just released her latest #Listography and what a fab one it is too! She’s asking “What are the top 5 things you love about kids?”

Lets see…

1.) Innocence

The pure innocence that children have, the wide eyed wondrous stare as they see the world around them for the first time. The fact that they need and rely on those that love them so much. I love this, I love that my baby girl needs me and that I am helping to shape her world.

2.) Laughter

The contagious laugh that kids have. I love it, when you hear a baby giggle, you can’t help but join in and the more you join in the more they giggle. It’s beautiful and infectious, you could bottle it and it would be a best seller!

3.) Imagination

The mind of a child is a wondrous thing! They have invisible friends and can make play out of nothing. To watch a child as they play can be fascinating. The imaginative ideas they come up with is just fantastic. The fun that a kid can have with two dining chairs and a sheet is brilliant. It’s a cave, no it’s a cave with a bear, it’s a spy’s hideout, it’s a magic hideaway… it’s lovely and so cute to watch!

4.) Their Straight Forward Approach

I love the fact that kids say it like it is. I am sure it makes parents cringe when their little one comes out with something like “Mummy why does that lady have a beard?” for example but I can’t help but smile. It’s not funny for the person involved obviously, but it again shows the innocence of children. They don’t intend to set out to offend, but they are curious about the world around them and question it to understand it more. The fact that there are rules of right and wrong and etiquette really doesn’t mean a thing to a child, they just say it like it is.

5.) The Toddler Toddle

My little girl still has that funny toddler stagger, where balance is still being learnt and sometimes she appears to be on fast forward charging ahead with her body while her feet try to catch up. Friends and family love watching her and I have to say it is very cute, I could watch her for hours.

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Listography – My 5 Fairy Godmother Wishes for My Daughter

So this week the lovely Kate at KateTakes5 has been wondering what would happen if her child had a fairy godmother and that fairy godmother granted them 5 wishes. What 5 wishes would she choose? With this in mind for this week’s #Listography blog hop she’s asked us what we would choose.

So here goes…

1. Health

Health would be a big wish for me for my little girl. Everyone wishes for a long and healthy life and having a disability myself that has deteriorated as I have grown up I wish a long, healthy and mobile life for my daughter.

2. Loving and Caring Nature

I am quite an open and tactile person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and care about the feelings of others and I would like my little girl to have the same attitude. I want her to respect and understand others and to be open and loving.

3. Intelligence

I want my child to do her best academically, I would never be overly pushy but I want her to be able to put her mind to something and to achieve things in life.

4. Patience and a Calm Temperament

I can have a fiery side to me and will often argue the toss if given the chance and admittedly I don’t always know when to shut up and back down. I can also get anxious easily. I want my daughter to be able to keep a level head and remain calm.

5. Courage

Whilst I want her to remain calm and be patient, I also don’t want her to be a push-over. I have been walked over many times in my life and haven’t always stood up for myself (despite my fiery side) and I regret this. I want my daughter to have courage to stand up for herself and for what she believes in and to never feel bullied or intimidated as I have.

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Listography – My Top 5 Albums by a Male Solo Artist

I have to admit when I saw the challenge set by KateTakes5 for this week’s #Listography I was a little stumped as my brain just went blank and I literally couldn’t think! I am not a music fanatic. I like certain songs but am one of those people that never know who they are by and hardly ever by albums! Therefore I’ve really had to think about this one, but here goes!

My top 5 albums by a male solo artist:

1.) Robbie Williams – I’ve Been Expecting You

2.) Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving

3.) Michael Buble – Crazy Love

4.) James Morrison – Songs for You Truths for Me

5.) Bob Marley – Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers

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My Top 5 Beauty Products

It’s #Listography time and this week Kate at KateTakes5 asks for our top 5 beauty products.

So here goes!

1.) Lancome Hydra Zen Moisturiser – light, silky hydrating

2.) Clinique All About Eyes – Light and refreshing

3.) Nivea My Silhouette Body Firming Gel-Cream – probably the best invention used it loads when I had my daughter and with a healthy diet and wobble plates it toned me up. Struggling to get hold of it now though!

4.) Mac Studio Fix Foundation – Light and provides excellent coverage

5.) Aqueous Cream – simple, cheap, effective, keeps my skin well moisturised.


My Top 5 Favourite Cook Books – Kate Takes 5 #Listography

So Kate Takes 5’s Listography this week is a little tricky as anyone who knows me will know that I am not much of a cook! But I do try! So I will of course join in but do have to chuckle as I don’t know if ‘favourite’ cook books is the right term to use… perhaps more ‘cook books I own and ones I have actually done something with!’ Here goes…

1.) The book that has been my bible this week with my Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning – the Cupcake

2.) Delia’s Complete Cookery Course

3.) Instant Cooking

4.) Delia’s How to Cheat at Cooking

5.) Jamie’s Ministry of Food

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