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My KateTakes5 Listography – Photos That Sum Up My Week

As a list loving girl I am LOVING Kate Takes 5 Listography Blog so just have to get in the action!

This week’s topic courtesy of Kate – 5 Photos that sum up my week

Well this week I have been on a major organisation trip, it’s been non stop!

I am organising my Yummy Mummy Coffee Morning in aid of CLIC Sargent so have been confirming attendees, chasing up raffle prizes and writing ‘lists’ (see I love my lists!) of what I still need to do! My event is next Sunday and I have somewhat escalated my original plans from a handful of mummy friends over for a coffee to a wider invite to all my lovely local friends, stalls and a raffle! Mad? Yes! Will be worth it though! so this pic sums up that element of my week

I entered a competiton for my lovely mum to win a mothers day competiton and I found out she’s been shortlisted as a finalist so I’ve been letting all of her friends and family know to get their support so this pic sums up my mission to win!

I toook my little girl to a local arts session for preschoolers and we had fun making this lovely mask creation

In addition to my coffee morning I have having friends over for a Phoenix card party the following night (yes, I have already said I am mad!) so I’ve been organising that this week too!

So all in all I’ve been in organisation mode this week and I guess this last photo sums it up totally… I’ve been surgically attached to my laptop!

My aim for next week – get a life and relax!!!!!

If you want to find out more about Kate’s Listography and join in just click here


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