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So How Was it For You?

The manic few weeks that is Christmas and New Year has come and gone so how was it for you?

For me, it was a mixed bag of family celebrations, quality time with my little girl, preparing for the new arrival and very sadly news of the sudden loss of a good family friend’s partner and a fellow blogger.

On the plus side it was wonderful to see my daughter who is two years old have so much fun and get so excited about Santa coming.

We did two Santa visits, one with friends and another with family and following the family trip, that same night, Santa even came to us in our street. My daughter was thrilled and it was lovely to see.

santa 1

During the day out with our friends we all visited Santa, then took a walk in a local park, had a play in the playground and ate mince pies, it was a bright and crisp winters day and lovely as all our kids are around the same age so were so excited and had a lovely play together, whilst us adults had a quality catch up with one another.

Our family Santa visit was to a wonderful local grotto, they had really gone to town and made a magical winter wonderland with lots of scenes and a special one on one visit with Santa in his candle lit hut. We took my mum and dad with us and I think they loved watching their Granddaughter gasp at Santa in awe and rip her present open. Afterwards we had cake and tea  together before heading home.

I had my in laws coming for Christmas Eve. Not being the best cook and feeling the exhaustion of the third trimester of my pregnancy I wanted to put on a great Christmas dinner but didn’t want it to be too time consuming so I headed to Sainsbury’s and got their pre-cooked Turkey joint with stuffing and various pre-done veg. I also stocked up on their Taste the Difference Pigs in Blankets as they are divine! I then took to the kitchen myself that night (much to my husband’s shock) and cooked us up a treat. What do you think?….. Not bad for a novice???

xmas 4

On Christmas Eve my daughter got a personal message from Santa in the North Pole and stared at the lap top screen in awe, it was so cute to see and I have to say the message was so well done! She put a mince pie, carrot and drink out for Santa and Rudolph and sprinkled her reindeer dust outside before heading to bed. However she was that hyper that we still hadn’t managed to sneak in her stocking at midnight as she was still wide awake shouting that Santa was coming! lol!

Christmas Day we woke up and opened our presents from Santa at home with the in laws before they headed off to see family elsewhere and we went across to my parents. Hubby had to leave for work mid afternoon so we managed to grab our Christmas lunch with my parents, sister and niece before he had to leave, which was lovely as he got to spend a good chunk of the day with us before having to leave.

It was lovely to watch my little girl and her cousin play and open presents together. My brother in law was also at work until tea time and it was my niece’s 1st birthday too, so nice that my sister could come across and spend two special occasions with us. The kids opened their presents and explored each other’s toys. I have never seen so much chaos in a long time but it was lovely! My daughter bumbled around the house on her ride-on car from grandma and granddad and loved playing with all of her toys, including a toy hairdryer (which is odd as she hates the actual hairdryer!). However the highlight of her day had to be a Hello Kitty rubber out of the Hello Kitty cracker my mum had bought for the girls! Amazing… of all the toys a rubber from a cracker won the day!

My dad LOVES decorating the house for Christmas and really goes to town. This year he had got some decorations especially for the grand kids and they certainly seemed a hit! My daughter sat on the floor talking to them while my niece charged at them in her walker… don’t think it was intentional though! lol!

xmas decs

My sister left at tea time to go see her in laws with her hubby who had finished work and my daughter and I stayed on at my parents for the evening. I have to say I was exhausted by the end of the day! I felt my body literally mold into my parents sofa!

The next day was my niece’s first birthday party so I helped my mum prepare some of the food to take across to the party, whilst granddad took my daughter outside to play on her ride-on car, she charged herself around for ages and squealed with delight, before we had to pile our presents and overnight bags back in the car to get home to see daddy before he had to go back to work again. We had a couple of hours with daddy exploring our new toys and painting and chalking on our new art easel before heading across to my sister’s for the party.

A lot of family from both sides all came together to celebrate and it was really nice. I have never seen so many presents though! I have no idea where my sister is going to keep everything! lol! I now know why some Christmas day babies have birthday’s mid year! It was a lovely afternoon and we ended up being there till early evening. My daughter loved “helping” or rather totally unwrapping all of my niece’s presents for her! (Don’t think she will get away with that next year!)

bday cake

The days between Christmas and New Year have been very lazy. I think I rushed around that much prior to Christmas that my batteries suddenly ran low so we have had lots of PJ days and played with all our Christmas toys. Hubby and daughter have both had the winter cold virus so have been and are still very run down so I don’t think it’s done us any harm to have some quiet time.

We got some sad news after my niece’s birthday party that a close family friend had lost her partner very suddenly that day. It was very sad and has put the whole Christmas period into perspective. I have felt so much for her and can’t imagine how she must feel. I then also logged on to hear the terrible news about Multiple Mummy and my heart literally broke for her young family and husband. Two very sad losses at what should be a special family time. My thoughts are with all the families involved.

We had the quietest New Year on record, so much has happened, there’s been a lot of illness and we frankly just couldn’t be bothered and weren’t feeling like celebrating so hubby and I got a Sainsbury’s Chinese Banquet and watched TV, and after watching Big Ben chime in New Year and the spectacular Fireworks, we headed off to bed! So Rock and Roll!

Everything is pretty much sorted for the new arrival now too, so with only 5 working days remaining over the next two weeks until I start maternity leave hopefully I should get a little rest between now and February…! Just need to shake off the second winter cold now and start feeling a little human! Inevitable I would get it after being coughed at and sneezed on from both directions… but seriously two days before having to go back to work after almost two weeks off??? Couldn’t it have come during my PJ days?! lol!

So that was our festive period…. How was it for you???


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