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Feel Good Friday #2

Hello and welcome to #FeelGoodFriday!

As always the question is simple, what’s made you feel good this week or today in general?

Why not write a post on your blog then link to the lovely Not Just a Mummy’s Feel Good Friday and also back here by posting a comment and a link to the post on your site. Let’s share the feel good factor!

This week it’s not only been my birthday

But I have also had the week off work which has been lovely (even better with the weather the way it’s been, can’t beat a bit of sun!).

Having the week off has meant more time with my family, which has been great! I’ve seen my parents, the in-laws, my sister, her hubby and my little neice and my husband too! It’s been lovely! In addition I have a night out planned this weekend with my girlie friends for birthday food and drinks fantastic!

So my Feel Good Friday this week is dedicated to fun in the sun with my family and friends because it’s been a good week to share with them!

Having had such a beautiful sunny and chilled out few days I thought I’d share a lovely piece of chill out music with you Chicane Low Sun Enjoy!

What’s your #FeelGoodFriday? Please share!


Introducing Feel Good Friday

So driving home tonight listening to some really feel good music got me to thinking about a potential new fun feature for my blog, which I think I shall simply entitle #Feel Good Friday.

The concept? Simple. What is making you feel good each Friday? It may be something you have done that day, it may be something you have planned, it may be a book you are reading or a song you have heard. It may simply be the thought of coming home to your family and the weekend ahead.

Whatever it is why not share it with me by commenting on my post each Friday with a link to a post on your own blog then tweet me @amummysview #FeelGoodFriday

I shall start this week with the song that got me thinking about all this in the first place. I am by no means saying I love this song, let me just put that straight but it brought back some fun old memories!

Introducing the 90’s hit SNAP! Rhythm is a Dancer!


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