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Friday Favourite – The Tickle Book – Book Review

As you know we love our books and regularly review our favourites. I have previously linked up to #FictionFriday and #FridayPick{tureBook} but with neither of these being regular linkies anymore I have decided to continue reviewing our books as and when but under a general theme of my own entitled #FridayFavourite

This week our #FridayFavourite is The Tickle Book (Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler) that my little girl got for Christmas. She has really taken to it and loves it.

the tickle books

The Tickle Book is a pull the tab / lift the flap, interactive book and is all about a Tickle Monster that pops up throughout the book tickling the characters.

On page one young readers are invited to knock on the doors asking if the occupants inside are tickly. Behind each door each character responds and eventually the Tickle Monster pops up to surprise!

There’s a picnic scene, a zoo scene, a train scene and a bedroom scene, each with lots going on.

My daughter loves reading this every night and each time the Tickle Monster appears we have a tickle and she giggles with delight! A lovely, short, fun and interactive book for toddlers.


Book Review: The Singing Mermaid (Julia Donaldson) #FictionFriday

t’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his#FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature The Singing Mermaid written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks

We were lucky enough to win this book recently when we entered a competition on Mumsnet.

Julia Donaldson is a fabulous author and we were thrilled to be sent one of her latest books!

The story is all about a singing mermaid who is enticed to join a fair with the promise of fame and luxury by an evil ringmaster who just wants to make money. The mermaid leaves her home to join the circus but all is not what she expected and she soon becomes homesick, until one of her friends comes to her rescue.

The book is fantastic and the illustrations are great, accompanied by glitter, which my daughter loves! I would really recommend this to anyone!

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Book Review: Fox’s Socks – Part of @homedad’s #FictionFriday

It’s that time of the week again where we hop on board with @Home Dad and join in his #FictionFriday blog hop

This week I’ve decided to feature Fox’s Socks (Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler)

“Poor old fox has lost his socks”

Readers are invited to help Fox hunt for his socks by lifting the flaps in the book, as they search they uncover a host of clothes but not Fox’s socks. Where can they be???

My daughter ADORES  this book and can read it over and over again! I’d recommend it to parents out there any time!

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Book Review: Calm Down Boris! (Sam Lloyd)

“Boris is a VERY lovable monster. If only he didn’t get so carried away…”

This is a fantastic book that I came across whilst I was pregnant with my little girl and on holiday. Its bright fun cover with fluffy monster puppet head jumping out immediately caught my attention and it still doesn’t cease to amuse me and my daughter!

Children journey with the excitable and “kissy kissy kissy” Boris through his day as he gets ready to go to the park, eat his picnic and play with the other little monsters before the story culminates in Boris saving the day… but as to how I won’t give any more away!

This is a fun book for children across a wide range of ages. I’ve read it to my daughter since she was 6 months old and I have friend’s children who are 3 and 4+ who also love it. The reaction to Boris’ tickly kisses has been so good time and time again that I have bought Boris and some of the other books from the Sam Lloyd monster range as Christmas and birthday presents, which have gone down a treat!

I’d recommend this range to anyone looking for a fun, imaginative and entertaining story for their little one.


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