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My little girl is not so little any more!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, tired and needed some time out so apologies to all my lovely followers for being AWOL for a while, I hope to resume normal service soon!

In the time out that I’ve had I’ve noticed such wonderful developments in my gorgeous little girl. She turns 2 next month and is developing into a real little character! A little person in her own right, with strong likes, dislikes and opinions! She tells me what she wants to wear and doesn’t want to wear, she tells me what she will and won’t eat and she tells me exactly when she’s not happy!!!

We had a lovely trip into town the other day! She refused to come into one store with me, instead finding something outside much more interesting, so I nipped in leaving her outside with my husband. I was only in the store 5 minutes and as I came down the escalator to the exit I heard a familiar sound echoing around the complex outside… yes it was my daughter having a hissy fit! A MAJOR hissy fit! It appears she wanted to run wild and head for nearby escalators, which hubby, understandably was having none of and it resulted in a battle!

Things eventually calmed down and all resorted back to normal. Later in our trip we came across a kiddies ride so decided to let her have a go. She was LOVING it, in her element! That was until the ride came to a stop and she had to get off to let other children have a go! A major tantrum erupted and resulted in us battling with a screaming, kicking child in public! We calmly removed her from the area of the ride and having most of our shopping decided to head back to the car. At the point in which we were desperately trying to calm her down my photography lecturer and his wife walked past! *cringe* I politely said hello and he smiled and carried on walking as fast as he could!!! lol! Of all the moments you can guarantee things happen when you least want them to and there’s always someone there you don’t want to see!!!

However, the positives as always outweigh the negatives…

She’s in her big girl bed now and loves it. We bought a Gro Stay on Duvet from The Gro Company and she is snug as a bug and we haven’t had any more tumbles out of the bed as the duvet snuggles her in securely at either side. She actually stays in it too! (here’s hoping it stays that way!)

Her language is coming on so well and she’s full of conversation and new words, ones I sometimes have no clue as to where they have come from such as Tortoise, Peacock and Seatbelt! Others that make me laugh, such as “That’s Mine!” or “Silly Mummy”. Tonight while crawling through her play tunnel she clearly and repeatedly counted from one to ten and I felt so proud of my little bundle! She’s a little sponge soaking everything up and translating it into her world, advancing forward all the time.

Saying this, I’ve also just been told that she is moving up in her nursery class for the first time too! A big change and step forward for her but one I am hoping she will love! I got told when I picked her up yesterday and we got taken along to see the new room and meet some of the team. Upon entering the room she took in her surroundings and soon let go of our hands and started investigating the new toys around her! So that seems a good start!

Watching the Olympics this week and seeing all the talented athletes I can’t help but wonder what path my little girl will choose, what she will be interested in and what she will excel in… the future is bright and I am so excited!


A few tiny totters and we’re off!

So for months now I’ve watched as all my mummy friends kids took their first steps wondering when it might be my little girl’s turn and this last week has finally been the turning point!

We weren’t the earliest in the physical development states, we didn’t bear weight on our legs and we HATED tummy time. We sat up at 7 months but didn’t move until 11 months and even then it wasn’t the most conventional of methods. After the hatred of tummy time crawling was probably never likely to be on the cards, instead we opted for a bum shuffle. However strange this may have looked it was actually very cute and quite endearing. It did attract a lot of attention when we were out and about and comments of “oh wow look at that”, “I’ve never seen anything like it”, “that’s an alternative way of getting around” and “awww how cool / cute” were regular utterances.

From around 13 months we started to bear weight for the first time and became happy to ‘totter’ holding onto someone’s hand, but the minute the grip was released the legs buckled and we sat ourselves back down. Harnesses / reins were not an option at all and resulted in tears and the ‘Walker’ was initially an item of fear. At 16 months out of the blue at a friend’s house we took our first tiny steps across the room between mummy and daddy and we were so thrilled at our own achievement we practiced for the next two hours continuously, then nothing again for several weeks. Then we began to test the water with the walker and realised it wasn’t as bad as first thought and gradually our confidence built. Finally, this last week or two saw more tentative steps on our own before we launched ourselves across the room and decided not to stop and not to look back!

It’s an amazing thing to watch my little girl take her next bold move in the world, I’ve waited for so long! Now I am told I’ll be wishing I hadn’t urged it and will need eyes in the back of my head and that’s probably so! Just the other night after getting my daughter out of the bath my husband turned to lift the towel of the radiator, only to turn back and realise there was no child in front of him! A glance to the left saw a little naked bum running off across the landing towards her bedroom! Need I say any more… What have we let ourselves in for! Would we change it? Never!!!!

To find out more about development and developmental milestones why not visit some of the following links that I found helpful:

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