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34 Weeks Pregnant


This week I am 34 weeks pregnant and boy do I feel it! Bump seems to have had a sudden growth spur and everyone says I am now looking much bigger than last time, ironic when I have been saying all along that I feel small! Think she’s been listening and packing on the pounds!

I was told by a midwife 4 weeks ago that they thought she was measuring small, like my daughter had been, so they booked me in for a growth scan this week and I’ve been apprehensive about what to expect. However it seems that I am right in thinking that baby has suddenly piled on the pounds, as instead of measuring small we are measuring a week and a half over! She’s already almost the weight my daughter was when she was born so I don’t think I need worry any more about suddenly being told she’s being brought early like my daughter was!

Having read my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book and looking at the curve on my maternity notes it appears therefore that my bump is actually measuring above average.  I feel this too as I am at the point where I am struggling to get off my sofa, turn over in bed and put my shoes, socks, tights and trousers on! All makes for comedy moments. Hubby has actually referred to me as “Moby Dick”, an “Old Ford Cortina” (apparently I am ok once I get going) and “the raising of the Titanic”! We have laughed that last time round I felt like a walking Timote advert and this time round it’s more like Atilla the Mum! It’s a good job I love him and have my sense of humour still!

Speaking of sense of humour I am keeping it but it is being tested to the extreme with some fairly normal, but also some crappy side effects!

  • I am still not sleeping (as I haven’t since week 8 so that’s over 26 weeks!) and I am generally awake every hour during the night. Still having been at work and looking after a toddler (as well as having both hubby and my no sleeplittle girl ill in the run up to and over the Christmas period), my energy levels in general are very, very low. I’ve got the third trimester slump and am out of breath just walking up the stairs and it feels like once I had got Christmas and New Year out of the way I just flat lined! However I have to say for the last 2-3 nights I have actually woken up less and got a bit more sleep so there may be light at the end of the tunnel or I may just be past the point of extreme exhaustion! lol!
  • I am suffering from horrendous heartburn still and the last couple of days I have rather attractively had acid reflux! It comes from nowhere, without warning and frankly has been disgusting. My husband’s face was a picture when we were gavisconin the car the other day. Not attractive!
  • Because of the heartburn I often have to go to sleep sat up. However of late when I do this baby wakes up and uses my bladder as a trampoline and it’s really uncomfortable. My stomach looks like a scene from alien and I just can’t get to sleep, so I try to compromise between laying on my side, but slightly upright and this does work a little.
  • On a night in our room would look so funny to an outsider too as we only have a double bed and because I have so many pillows,pillows and my hubby is quite broad, we just can’t comfortably fit side by side, so have in the last week or so resorted to top and tailing! So romantic!
  • I am suddenly getting cramp and am regularly jumping up out of my seat or out of bed in the early hours of the morning hopping around the room which my husband is finding quite amusing. After over 5 minutes of staggering around at 1.15am the other morning whilst my hubby laid in an unconscious slumber I shouted at him to get up and help me, begging him to rub the side of my foot and encourage my little toe to go back to what remotely resembled a normal position! He was in a state of shock bless him but desperate times need desperate measures and I couldn’t reach my foot!
  • I lent forward a few weeks ago and felt a pull in my calve. Since then I have had lovely long purple stretch marks down my leg! I have a horrible feeling I am stuck with them too! That will look attractive in the summer! None on my tummy, but lovely big ones down my leg!
  • I still have this cold virus, it hit on New Years Day and I haven’t been able to shake it off, I’ve gone from the constant coughing glycerin medicine(which really did my pelvic floor no good at all and made me feel incontinent!) to being totally blocked up and having sinusitis one minute and going through a box of tissues the next and the sore throat has kicked in in the last few days. My blog posts have dropped off a little as I have been dragging myself up to bed early most nights just to try and get some rest! Such a pain when you can’t take anything other than linctus syrup! I have permanently had my head over a bowl of hot water and menthol crystals over the last few days and even that has’t helped!
  • I’ve also got another issue which has arisen, but the docs don’t think it’s anything to worry about and probably pregnancy / hormone related but I am having to have hospital appointments just to check so will be happier when that’s dealt with and I know what it is.

On the plus side! Yes there is a plus side! Honest!

After a sudden panic at 30 weeks I went into overdrive to get things ready for the new arrival. All my baby clothes, moses basket, sheets etc were in the loft so I set to work getting everything together and buying anything I might need and I have finally got there.

  • I’ve washed and boxed up 5 different sizes of baby clothes (6lb, 7.5lb, 9lb, 10lb and 0-3 months) as I had no Britax baby safe plus SHR car seatidea what I might need.
  • I’ve washed existing and bought new bedding / sleeping bags / moses basket mattress.
  • We have sorted our new mode of baby transport (more to follow on that one).
  • We’ve got out our Britax car seat that we bought for my daughter. However the handle is seeming a little wonky so I’m hoping it’s ok!
  • Nappies and new bibs have been boughttommee tippee 2
  • My mother in law is buying some new Tommee Tippee Bottles for my planned combination feeding. I used Tommee Tippee last time when I finished breast feeding and they were great.
  • I have my lovely SnuggleBundl prize at the ready for my post c-section.
  • Hubby is converting our daughter’s old cotbed back into the cot.

I nearly did myself an injury running around doing it all as well as Christmas, but with all of the above done, my hospital bag packed and my maternity leave started, I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest, kick the bugs into touch and enjoy some quality time with my little girl and hubby before baby arrives! Hubby gave me a lovely lie in the other morning and took my little girl out for an hour or so. They returned with some lunch for us all and some lovely flowers for me. It really cheered me up 🙂

I am very conscious that our lives are going to change dramatically again and I have to be honest my main focus has been on my little girl, how she will feel, react and cope and how I will feel about it all too. I am looking forward to meeting our new addition but my thoughts have been fairly set in one direction. I kind of feel bad for that, but am hoping that now I am on my maternity leave and have pretty much everything else sorted that my mind will turn to my impending arrival too.

My daughter and I have talked about what her baby sister might bring her, and of all things it looks like the game Hungry Hippos may be on the cards! I have also seen a few lovely prints about Sister’s too so think I may have to invest in one of those!

I have to say (probably for the umpteenth time) this pregnancy has been very, very different to my first and very hard but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and I feel so much better knowing that we are almost there.

I have my next check up in two weeks time and will get a date for my elective c-section then. I am told it is likely that it will be 13th or 14th February so I have told hubby that I will of course be expecting an extra special combined baby / valentines gift! 🙂



Babystyle Oyster Review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for AGES! I wanted to share my initial buggy / pram / car seat experiences with other mums but I just hadn’t got round to it.

When looking for my first pram / pushchair I knew I wanted and needed something lightweight, easy to use and that would grow with my little girl and fit into my car boot easilyTherefore a travel system was top of my list. I have to admit I only actually looked in 3 shops and of the 3 two were independents and both recommended the Babystyle Oyster to me. After having a look I was instantly sold.

The Babystyle Oyster is lightweight, with an easy fold system and you can slot a pram top, pushchair top and car seat onto the chassis.

Having used the Oyster for two years now I can safely assess what I see as it’s pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • It is lightweight
  • The chassis has an easy fold mechanism, collapses compactly and fits in a medium family size car boot
  • The wheels can be locked and unlocked
  • The chassis has an adjustable handle height, great for short ass me and towering hubby to alternate between!
  • You can choose from the Babystyle Oyster car seat, a Maxi Cosi car seat or a Britax car seat, all slot easily onto the chassis with no need for adaptors, I loved being able to lift my daughter on and off the chassis and into the car without disturbing her (I used the Britax baby Safe car seat and can see that you can now get an Oyster colour coordinated head hugger to go with it which sounds good)
  • The pushchair seat can be reclined to several positions and can be placed on the chassis forward or rear facing
  • The hood is extendible (with a zip) so provides excellent cover
  • The pushchair seat footrest can be adjusted to keep little legs up or lowered to enable a more upright seated position as children grow
  • The pram cot has a breathable bottom
  • The pushchair seat folds flat and compact for transportation
  • The pushchair seat adjusts easily with a release handle at the back and this is also how it folds flat for storage and transportation
  • the pushchair has an integral insect net / sunshade that rolls away compact in the hood. (I think the newer version comes from the footrest up over)
  • You get raincovers for both the pushchair and pram cot top as standard
  • It was reasonably priced

The Cons:

  • The release clips on the pushchair are a little fiddly and take some getting used to, I found them quite slim and shallow and it took some getting used to to try and release them and in such close proximity to the side of the chassis handle too.
  • The seat has a padded cover with footmuff but compared to friends it didn’t seem as padded / supportive and therefore in winter wasn’t as snug and cosy too. Also I still haven’t managed to find a way to take the footmuff cover off to just leave the seat cover so even if my daughter doesn’t need the footmuff in certain weather, but would benefit from the seat cover the two can’t be separated and my daughter therefore sits on top of it and it isn’t as comfortable or attractive. (Looking at the pictures of the new style it looks like you can have a seat cover and no footmuff cover so that may have changed now?)
  • The pram cot in winter seemed a little less insulated once again as my friends did, their little ones seemed snug as bugs, with zipped covers and lots of padding, whilst I seemed to need to have to add lots of blankets and my cover not as snug or insulated.  The Babystyle Prestige range seems to have a lovely padded and insulated inner for its pram and something like this would have been great for the Babystle Oyster. The pram cot itself also seemed REALLY deep so maybe this is why it seemed less insulated, lots of room?
  • I find the pushchair seat strap covers hard to clean as they can’t be removed

Additional things to note:

  • I did have a lot of problems in the early days with my car seat getting stuck on the chassis!!! I had to carry a can of WD40 with me to help release the mechanism and get my daughter off the chassis to allow me to put her in the car! A bit stressful, esp in winter as it happened almost every time I went out for the first few weeks!!! However my sister also had a similar problem a couple of times with hers recently so I doubt this was a problem with the design or anything, more just a tightness of the new mechanism in either my chassis and / or car seat initially.
  • You can also get an Optional Ride on Board for toddlers, which is always a great idea!

All in all I have been happy with my Babystyle Oyster and would probably use it again if needed but I do think the i-Candy is also very worthy of a look as it was 2nd on my list and two of my friends had this and it looked a very nice, comfortable and snug travel system with some good features

Babystyle Oyster Dimensions >
• Seat area W30 x D26cm
• Fully reclined seat area L90 x W30cm
• Handle height (adjustable) Max 106cm, Min 94cm
• Width 56cm
• Length 83cm to 93cm depending on handle    position
• Folded stroller with wheels W56 x D40 x H75cm
• Folded stroller without wheels W50 x D31 X    H70cm
• Carrycot inside dimensions L77 x W30 x D22cm
• Wheel diameter (rear) 25cm, (front) 18cm

Babystyle Oyster Weights >
• Chassis with wheels 6.75kg
• Seat unit with hood 3.75kg
• Carrycot 4kg
• Stroller (chassis + seat) 10.5kg
• Pram (chassis + carrycot) 10.75kg

Disclaimer: No pushchair, pram or car seat were provided for this review. The product was purchased independently and all views are my own.


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