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So What Do Women See As The Best Inventions This Century? Lets Find Out

Skipping through the good old Sun newspaper that was left on the desk at work recently I came across an article that really got me thinking.

Pregnancy Test firm Clearblue Plus have conducted a survey to find out what inventions from the last century women have favoured and it seems practicality by far outweighs leisure breakthrough’s such as the internet and television

Topping the poll of the most favoured invention in the last century was…. “The Pill” with 65% of women seeing it as one of the best inventions. The “bra” and good old “washing machine” also ranked highly in the survey completing the top three! Other items in the top ten included tampons, pregnancy tests, disposable nappies, mascara, jeans, fresh prepared meals and contact lenses.

To read more on the article about the survey click here

Now in my eyes yes there are some great inventions in there, yes I think tampons are an amazing invention and much prefer to towels, yes mascara does make me look a lot more human and yes disposable nappies do save a lot of work (however not always the environment), but would I class them as the best this century has to offer??? It made me think about what I would potentially see as some of the best inventions over the last century.

If I were to pick a top three I think I’d have to sit and think what couldn’t I do without and it would probably be:

My car

I have a disability, bad hips and back and I do struggle, for me my car gives me the freedom to get about door to door without having to walk to and wait at a bus stop. It’s a lifeline for me. In a way however the number of cars on our roads now and the pollution they create may be a bad thing, but for me it’s something I would struggle without. (Please note this of course is my dream car and nowhere near a reality but a girl can dream!)

Mobile phone / Telephone

I love keeping in touch with people, while my other half could gladly never use his phone, for me it’s another lifeline, it’s my social network to my friends and family. Whether it’s calling and speaking in person to have a good old natter or texting to arrange a date or see how someone is, I use my phone on a daily basis and if I ever forget to pick it up I feel lost without it. I also think it’s great to know that should an emergency ever arise you can easily call for help should you need it. All praise the telephone! (Again image is a dream, reality not so close!)

Washing Machine

Ok admittedly who wouldn’t class a washing machine as a fabulous invention!? Would you want to hand wash all your clothes on a daily / weekly basis… erm no thanks! Yes, the washing machine is a saviour, not just to women, but to mankind and would probably be on my list too. (and in fact mine is probably nicer looking than this image, finally!)

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