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Bathtime Must Have’s!

I was dreading having to bathe my little girl on my own once my husband went back to work. I’ve got a bad back and had to have a c-section so was really worrying how I would manage.

I did a lot of research into the products that were out there and I did toy with the idea of buying Cosatto’s Easi-Peasi Changer, a changer and baby bath in one. However I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to fill and unfill and I was told by lots of people, that due to the size of the bath my daughter would outgrow it quickly. It therefore felt an expensive purchase for the limited time I would use it (I already have a changer on top of my chest of drawers so wouldn’t really need the changer itself).

Then came along The Supabath and I think this may just have been a godsend!

This is a fantastic product that sits over the top of the bath meaning its raised height makes bathtime a whole lot easier. There’s less need for bending over and I could easily hold my little girl and lift her in and out. The bath didn’t slide under my taps when it was level with the bath sides but if we tipped it ever so slightly we could slide it under and still fill the bath easily and then just tip it slightly again to slide it back without losing any water. We also have a shower head on my bath so we could fill it with this too if needed. The Supabath has a handy little plug in the bottom that you just push up and it allows the water to be released easily into the bath below. Only downside is you have to hold it while the water drains, it could have down with a catch or some element to enable it to stay open while the water drains.

We used the Supabath until our daughter was 4 months old but I guess you could use it until they are a bit older. We instead moved on to one of the ergonomic bath supports, by then by tummy had healed more and my daughter was easier to transfer in and out. The bath seat enables hand free bath times and my little girl loved kicking her legs and splashing her hands in the water. The suction cups on the bottom kept it securely stuck in place so it didn’t move and kept my daughter nice and safe.

At approximately 8 months we moved onto a swivel bath seat which enabled her to sit up on her own in the bath. We had borrowed this off a friend and as it had been used quite a bit the suction cups had worn a little and weren’t as sticky as they probably had been at new so the seat did come up occasionally and this was a little unsettling for a while as my daughter was quite light and had just learned to sit up so wasn’t overly happy when this happened. However it didn’t happen that often and it made for much more interactive fun bath times, as she could play with toys, enjoy the bubbles and experience bath time from a whole new perspective.

So all in all for bath times over a 12 month period we had three different style of baby bath. This may have seemed a little excessive and expensive but we only actually purchased the first one new, the second was purchased at a nearly new sale for cheaper than retail price and the third was borrowed.

No matter what purchase decisions you make I would highly recommend all three items for the various reasons stated. However there’s a huge range of options available, from basic baby baths, collapsible and inflatable travel baths to foam bath supports to mention a few so you can be certain that you will undoubtedly find a solution that’s perfect for you.

Happy Bathtimes!!!!


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