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Could Your Baby Live to 100

Well the Office for National Statistics believe that a third of all babies born in the UK in the last 12 months will in fact live to the ripe old age of 100. Wow! Not bad I hear you say. But how come?

According to an article in the good old Sun newspaper that I happened to read lately the ONS are putting this possibility down to better medical science and environmental factors. factors such as:


According to a study carried out by Dr Thomas Glass of the Harvard School of Public Health socialising can prolong life. So for all the mums holding play dates and coffee mornings and all of us heading on out to organised activities and playgroups, there’s a tick in the box for our little ones.


An NHS study has found that kids that grow up at home with alcohol drinkers are likely to drink in their teens (surely that’s not great? I hear you say). However if he/she drinks in moderation in adult life however Italian researchers claim that it cuts the risk of death from any cause by 18% How? No idea! but guess the lesson to be taken is that a little drink in moderation doesn’t harm.


A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people living with good air quality can live a year longer than people in more polluted areas. A big thumbs up for the countryside there then!


genetics apparently also have a lot to do with it, Professor Paola Sabastiani, of Boston University states that living to 100 and beyond can often run in families. I’m off to check out our family tree!!!


Apparently avoiding marriage is also a way of boosting your life! Probably a big cross there for a lot of people then! Age expert Dr Tom Peri says a large number of the post-100 population are spinsters… so it seems the key is to avoid the stress of marriage! #too late!!!


A good diet is an obvious choice, restricting calories lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the risk of diabetes, all of which inevitably mean a better chance of a longer life. (note to self, follow point 1 of My April Goals blog!)


Another obvious one is exercise, even a little exercise each day of 30 mins walking can help boost your health and therefore life expectancy. (If only I had my bionic legs!)


Dr Tom Perls of the New England Centenarian Study says that routinely not getting enough sleep deducts a year from your life (I can now hear every mum and dad reading this groan!) The moral to be learned from this??? ear plugs???!

So whilst I am not sure I would rate too well on the scale of things listed above, I guess reading all this spurs me on to make changes and positively influence my daughter’s future potential. How are you rating in the scale of things?


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