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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am very proud to have been nominated by the lovely Mrs Jones from Keeping up with the Joneses for this lovely Blogger Award.
I have received this lovely shiny badge for my blog, isn’t it pretty?
I am very the moon to have been thought of by Mrs Jones as I am a newbie and have only been going for under two months so it’s nice to have made an impression already. Thank you so much lovely lady you have made my day!
Now there are conditions with this award:
1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to other newly discovered blogs
So as already said above thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs Jones!!! *HUGE SMILE AND A HUG*
Seven things about myself:
1. I have up to grade eight in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
2. I’ve had bad hips and back for most of my life and didn’t walk until I was two. Sometimes it can be hard but I crack on best I can
3. I’ve got two degrees, a BA Hons in Media and Cultural Studies and the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Professional Diploma in Marketing
4. I do believe I have two parts to my stomach and that’s why there is always room for dessert!!!
5. I am officially addicted to blogging now!
6. I love to organise! I am a list addict too!
7. I love my family so much, they mean the world to me, I’ve gone part time with work since having my daughter and whilst it may mean I don’t have the money I used to I wouldn’t have it any other way at present, time with my little girl means a lot.
Now I nominate:
The Jack Chronicles
Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey
Mummy Daddy and me Makes Three
Missus Wolf’s Storyland
The Crumby Mummy
Emma and three
to be honest I could nominate a host more too!!!

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