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25 Weeks Pregnant

So this week I’m 25 weeks pregnant. Despite my tummy initially seeming to “pop” my bump now seems quite neat (as did my last one) and not as big as some friends / bloggers who are at the same stage as me. I am hoping that this is just the way I am and not a sign that this baby will also be small and therefore I may be at risk of another early c-section. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with my consultant / midwife so hopefully I can check everything then.

Last week brought a real mixed bag for me! I spent the weekend before last stuck on my sofa, unable to sit or stand without being in excruciating pain in my hips and right leg. I had constant pain but this pain was unreal, I literally felt like my leg was going to explode around my thigh. I had a horrible painful ache from my ankle, up my shin and calf, through my knee and thigh and into my hip. Paracetamol dulled the ache a little but didn’t get rid. The pain was so intense and went on from 2.30am on Saturday morning till Monday morning (without let up). When I stood up or tried to sit it intensified and I had no choice other than to lay on my sofa, resembling something like a beached whale!

My hubby, in laws and my mum all rallied round to help me as I literally couldn’t do anything, I had mounds of washing, no food in the house following being at work and a toddler wanting mummy to play. I felt so useless and this upset me further. However my mother in law became chief playmate, my hubby and father in law did our weekly shop and my mum took my washing and ironing, bringing it back all neat and tidy. It was like having a house of little elf helpers! I am so lucky to have them all, although for the control freak that I am it is very hard to let others take over!

Monday brought me respite, with the pain just suddenly seeming to lift itself, and a physio massage helping too. I was finally able to sit on a seat and me and my little girl (helped by grandma and grandad too) made a fabulous glittery leaf collage from leaves that my daughter and mum collected whilst I was having my physio. This was then followed by an hour or two at a local soft play (with me only watching of course!). I was amazed when even my dad agreed to join us and even more amazed (and hysterical) when I saw him coming down the slide behind my daughter! (Such a big kid!) It was a sight to behold and made me laugh so much! A true you’ve been framed moment, his face was a picture! I’ve not seen him partake in anything like that in many many years! I feel it may be his last attempt though as he has probably done himself an injury!

On Tuesday Mum offered to take my little girl out to give me a break. However I felt bad at not having been able to play with her much during my days off so I suggested that wherever they go I went along. My mum took her to another toddler sesh where she could run around, play with toys, kick balls and trampoline. It was lovely seeing her run around squealing with delight! However I have to admit I think I probably overdid it that day and soon needed to sit down again! I just so miss being able to do things like this at the minute, but know it will only be for a few more months, which in the grand scheme of things not too long!

With the reduction in pain on Wednesday came a new pregnancy niggle… the hormone surge! Wow what a surge it has been! I was like a woman possessed for a good 4 days! I could literally feel the surge of emotion running through my body! I’ve had hissy fits, grumpiness and tears several times a day. Hubby hasn’t known what to do with me, how to deal with me or where to put me! lol! However telling me I need to get a grip at 7.30am when I am running late for work, in agony with my hips and just fallen over the cat is probably not the best approach to take! I think my response was “you effing carry this then and see how you feel!” oops! The nail in the coffin probably came when I discovered my plans for my wedding anniversary outfit had gone to pot and I no longer had anything to wear for my nice night out. Feeling rather crappy I sobbed at my husband for half an hour before finally falling asleep! It was probably just what I needed as I woke up feeling a bit better the next day and one of my wonderful friends who has just had her baby came to my rescue with a selection of dresses (see above)! hurrah the day was saved!

We had a lovely anniversary weekend, with a meal out at a local gastro pub on the evening of our anniversary, followed the next day by a return to where we married for my in laws Ruby Wedding Anniversary meal. The staff remembered us from 5 years ago which was so lovely and the whole day and service was just fab.

I handed in my MATB1 form last week and put my maternity notice in writing, so it’s official I finish work on 11th January and start my maternity leave on 1st February.

I’ve ordered some furniture / furnishings for my daughter’s new “Big Girl” room this week and we’ve started cleaning the space for her so everything is starting to feel very, very real and a lot closer now!

I can feel “bumpety” so much more than I could with my little girl. I am convinced I have a breakdancer in there! There’s constant movement pretty much on and off throughout the day and night, but I guess that is a good sign and frankly I love it, I love feeling the little wriggles and remember missing them so much after my little girl was born (even though real cuddles are so much better!).


Unbelievable to think that in 14 weeks I will be feeling and holding the real thing!



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