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Friday Favourite – Supabath

on February 22, 2013

I was dreading having to bathe my first little girl on my own once my husband went back to work. I’ve got a bad back and hips and had to have a c-section so was really worrying how I would manage.

I did a lot of research into the products that were out there and came across the Supabath from Mothercare, which was a god send then and is proving the same this time round having just had my daughter!

So this week my Friday Favourite is the Supabath


This is a fantastic product that sits over the top of the bath meaning its raised height makes bathtime a whole lot easier. There’s less need for bending over and I can easily hold my little girl and lift her in and out. The bath doesn’t slide under my taps when it was level with the bath sides but if we tip it ever so slightly we can slide it under and still fill the bath easily and then just tip it slightly again to slide it back without losing any water. We also have a shower head on my bath so can fill it with this too if needed. The Supabath has a handy little plug in the bottom that you just push up and it allows the water to be released easily into the bath below. Only downside is you have to hold it while the water drains, it could have down with a catch or some element to enable it to stay open while the water drains.

The Supabath can be used for at least the first 2-4 months of your baby’s life (depending on the size of your child). I would definitely recommend it to any parents out there! Especially if you are recovering from a c-section!

2 responses to “Friday Favourite – Supabath

  1. Wow. Wish I had found this sooner. I’m only 4ft 8 and have been sitting on the floor bathing my newborn in a washing up bowl!

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