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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

on February 18, 2013

During both my pregnancies I really, really struggled to sleep. They say that it’s all preparing you for the sleepless nights that are to come, and whilst that’s lovely I would have preferred to just have had the sleep prior and dealt with the sleeplessness once it arrived! lol!

During my first pregnancy I got insomnia in the last few months and would sit up on facebook or watch telly at ungodly hours, only to fall alseep at the crack of dawn shortly before I needed to get up for work! However on the plus side, I could come home from work and just go to bed if I wanted, or have a massive long lie in at the weekend.

This time round… no such luck! When you have a toddler you have no time for lies in or resting once you get home from work. The tiredness can really, really, really catch up with you! This time round I had trouble sleeping from 8 weeks onwards! I was surviving on average with 4 hours sleep a night and was so run down and tired by the time my little girl came.

As my regular readers will know in each pregnancy I no sooner finished work for my maternity leave than my baby arrived! First time my daughter came at 37 weeks and this time round my little girl arrived 5 weeks early. So R&R didn’t really happen for me during my so called maternity leave and sleep was once again very limited, but this time due to night feeds!

I did try lots of things…

Going to bed early

I struggle with going to bed too early, as I feel my evenings are my “me” time so by the time I have put my daughter to bed and had my tea it’s often not that early anyway. However many mums I know swear by going to bed really early to get a good night’s sleep.

HorlicksHot milky drinks like Horlicks before bedtime

A milky drink is nice and enjoyable and is certainly better than a cup of tea or coffee, which has caffeine and will keep you awake.

A warm lavender scented bath

Yes, you can’t beat a bath for winding down and making you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Not watching television or being on the laptop too close to bedtime

I can see the arguments for this, as your mind is active and concentrating on what you have just been watching or doing. Many people say that reading is better for you, however I am not always sure as in my view your mind is still concentrating on what you are reading. In my mind you would be better going to bed and listening to some calming music or even ding relaxation techniques or meditation.

Using a pregnancy cushion (during my pregnancy), such as the Dream Genii  or general cushions to support my bump and back

Cushions are every woman’s best friend during pregnancy! I have had the Dream Genii and it did support me to a certain extent, however after a while my hip did ache (but this is probably due to the way the pillow supported it and the way my hip sits due to my disability). When the Dream Genii didn’t work for me I surrounded myself by normal pillows at the front and back and these supported me just as much… just wish our bed was bigger!

Using a scented room spray, such as the Cussons Mum & Me Relax & Unwind Sleep Mistcussons mum and me sleep mist

The lovely people from Cussons Mum & Me were kind enough to send me some of their Relax & Unwind Sleep Mist to try when they heard I was having trouble sleeping. I have used Sleep Mists before and this one did smell lovely and combines Camomile and Lavender to help you unwind. I have to confess, during my pregnancy, it didn’t send me into an instant slumber, however I don’t think a sledgehammer frankly would have done that, but it did have an initial calming aroma and seemed to help me sleep a bit better once all the pregnancy side effects had gone.

I’d love to hear any of my readers top tips for getting a good night’s sleep as I am sure over the coming months of night feeds I will be implementing many of the above tactics and any new ones would certainly be welcomed!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a spponsored post. No payment was received for writing this post. A Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Mist product sample was received to try but the views are entirely my own.

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