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Baby Essentials – Part 4

on February 6, 2013

This is the final installment of my Baby Essentials posts and this time round I am sharing my medicinal and general must have’s!

When babies are small they can’t have an awful lot but once you get to 2 – 3 months there are a few more offerings. Here are just a few of the products that I have stocked up on.

montage 6

1. Nurofen Baby 3 months+, 2. Anbesol teething oil, 3. Cow & Gate first infant formula, 3. Cow & Gate first infant cartons, 5. Woodward’s Gripe Water, 6. Amber teething anklet 7. Calpol 2 months+

I breastfed but did give an evening bottle at two and a half months and moved onto formula from four and a half months. I initially used Aptamil, however I found this costly overall and changed to Cow & Gate, a well known family name and never had any problems. Gripe Water is great for treating babies with wind and I have always used Woodwards. I did try using Infacol but always forgot to give her it before a feed! I used Nelson’s Teething Powders (I have forgotten to add an image above but can highly recommend!) and Anbesol for teething but also heard about Baltic Amber Teething Anklets from another mum so did invest and have to say we didn’t appear to have many teething problems, this could have been luck, this could have been down to using the anklet, I really don’t know but I would recommend! Baby Nurofen and Calpol are must have’s for any family medicine cabinet too and if you want any more tips on how to keep bugs at bay then check out my post Keeping Winter Bugs at bay and Having Peace of Mind.

6 responses to “Baby Essentials – Part 4

  1. We’ve got a house full of coughs and colds right now and it’s awful. Need to get myself to the chemist to stock up.

    • amummysview says:

      Oh no! We had that in December / early January was awful! Hope everyone is better soon! I mention a few remedies / tips in my Keep Winter Bugs at Bay post if it’s any help. xxx

  2. Never heard of the anbesol and might give it a go… Is it better than bonjela? Also heard of the amber necklaces etc. love gripe water and its definitely an essential!

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