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and…… relax…. or at least try!

on January 11, 2013


Today I reached the milestone I have been longing for since the start of December!

My Maternity Leave!

Yes, today I got to walk away from work for a few months and hopefully get a bit of rest and quality time with my little girl before our new arrival lands in February.

It’s been a time of a lot of change at work. I lost my role whilst I was on maternity leave last time due to outsourcing and restructures. Up till 3 weeks before my return I had no idea what role I was going back to and I was a little bit stressed. I ended up doing a couple of temporary positions for almost a year, whilst also applying for every role that came up within the organisation. I eventually got a permanent position in September 2012 but was no sooner given it than we were told that there were potential redundancies and I had been placed in a selection pool and wasn’t necessarily safe in my new role. At this point I was 4 months pregnant and it didn’t feel an idea situation to be in and was very stressful, especially managing a new team that were all feeling the pressure too! However I rode the wave and came out unscathed, thankfully keeping my job and my position, as did my colleagues.

The role I am doing is totally different to anything I have done before however my new team have been very welcoming, very supportive and very patient while I have been learning the ropes. They gave me a lovely send off today with these gorgeous flowers, gift voucher and card.


It feels strange walking away for several months when I feel like I have only just joined them but boy am I ready for a bit of a break!

It has been a very long month, not only with Christmas, New Year and family birthday’s, but also with myself falling ill with the cold virus at the end of November, beginning of December, followed by hubby being knocked for six by the D&V bug, followed almost immediately by the cold virus, which was relentless for a good 2-3 weeks. Our little girl then picked up the cold virus around Christmas Day and I managed to get it back from them both just in time for New Year, I still haven’t managed to get rid of it and have felt awful for the last two weeks. The bugs, combined with lugging around my growing bump, preparing for the new arrival and all the Christmas festivities and shopping has been tough going. Getting to today has been a milestone for me and I made it! 🙂

Hubby has  a bit of time off over the next week or so, so he is about to help out a bit. I am hoping that I can get a little bit of rest to get rid of this virus and then start to spend some quality time, both with him and my little girl before our new arrival lands. I want to have some fun family days out and catch up with friends… so here’s hoping my plans work out!

I have had that much on my mind I feel like I haven’t really had chance to feel excited about the impending new arrival

So this post is my form of raising my virtual glass to maternity leave and my bump… let the fun begin!

2 responses to “and…… relax…. or at least try!

  1. I am very jealous that you are on maternity leave already – I am leaving it so late for mine for some silly reason! Hope you enjoy the last few weeks and get some quality family time x

    • amummysview says:

      You are probably right to do so, but I have to say I am soooooo ready. I am a total walking zombie! Hope you are keeping well lovely and keeping the bugs at bay. I have a few of your posts to read still, will have time now! lol x

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