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on November 24, 2012

I’m uniting with Crazy for Twins and New Mum Online to share a moments thought for Multiple Mummy (Kerry)

In July Multiple Mummy suffered a brain haemorrhage and she is still very seriously ill in hospital. Her amazing and very supportive husband is updating her blog and raising their three children.

None of us can begin to imagine how hard it must be for them all but I have been keeping up with her husband’s blog posts and I am amazed by their strength and spirit and I want to join with many other bloggers and tweeps today to share a post in #praying4kerry to show my support for them all.

Get well soon Kerry, we are all thinking of you and your wonderful family and look forward to having you back online


4 responses to “#Praying4Kerry

  1. notmyyearoff says:

    Amen. I love theses posts. I hope Kerry gets to read them very soon.

  2. Having her back online will be a joy to behold and then we can do a JOYFUL re-run of last night where instead of #Healing4Kerry trending it will be #WelcomeBackKerry – I can see it now. Let’s make it a reality.
    Liska xxx

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