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on November 20, 2012

So, I have a very adorable, yet very messy little girl! No matter what I try to do she manages to be a little scruffbag most days bless her!

When it comes to meal times regardless of whether she wears a full coverall apron, a bib or nothing at all she manages to cover herself in her food! She’s the only child that can miss the bib and get food all over her trousers or collar or dip her cuffs in whatever the dish of the day is.

When it comes to arts and crafts she pretty much manages to be equally as messy, so much so I have old clothes that I put her in, along with a coverall apron, just to try not to ruin any of her day clothes!

So when the lovely people at Dr Beckmann contacted me to let me know of a campaign they were running I thought they couldn’t have picked anyone better! lol!

They very kindly sent me one of their Stain Devils Kids Stains Kit, some of their Non-Bio Stain Remover and a pack of their Colour and Dirt Collector Sheets to try.

I regularly use colour collector sheets as I have found that some of the clothes I have bought in the past for my daughter (especially jeans) have run and dyed a lot of the other items in the wash so in my eyes these are a must have and I could see from the first time I used them that they did what they said on the tin! Although I always put colour collector sheets in my wash and try to now separate the darker trousers I am also going to have to buy some of their Colour Safe Colour Run Remover that I have seen on their website in case I should have any accidents in future.

With mealtimes a messy affair, I am forever trying to remove tomato pasta stains from my daughter’s tops! So I didn’t need much time before I had to use the Kids Stain Kit after a tomato pasta sauce explosion took place! I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with this, as so many of her tops have been stained beyond help over the months and again, it didn’t fail to impress.

All you have to do is:

  • Place clean white cloth beneath the stain and thoroughly moisten stain with the solution.
  • Leave solution to work for 3 minutes (10 minutes for large or stubborn stains)
  • Dab treated area continuously with a clean damp cloth until all traces of the stain and solution have been removed.

The stain soon disappeared! I found it also worked just as well by treating the stain with a small dab before placing the item in the wash too.

The Stain Devils Kid’s Kit states that it removes over 40 of the toughest stains, including everything from mud and crayon to pasta sauce, and Dr Beckmann say this is guaranteed or your money back!

I wasn’t sure if I would get to use the mud and grass stain devil. However right on cue on Bonfire Night my little girl decided to oblige in some product testing and for some unbeknownst and obscure reason, in a hyper active state, she repeatedly threw herself on the floor, rolling around and giggling in the mud! Now those of you who read my blog regularly will know I am suffering with my hips during this pregnancy and not managing very well. This meant it was not easy to get my dead-weight daughter up from the ground, and every time I did manage she would just throw herself right back down! It therefore went on for some time (not embarrassing in the slightest when all the other parents are starting to look at you! lol!) By the time I got her home she was filthy! Her lovely pink jacket had grass and mud stains all over it, and as I was waiting for her second winter jacket to be delivered, I only had the one option to keep her warm!

As soon as we got home, I stripped her off, cleaned her up, grabbed her evening bottle and then dashed in the kitchen to get the mud, grass and make up remover bottle out of the kit! I have to confess in my panic I think I threw the whole bottle on her jacket, hat, scarf and gloves (the hat, scarf and gloves were brand new and just on for the first time, half of which were white!). I then threw the items in the wash for good measure and hoped that I was greeted by sparkly, clean clothes at the other end…. and that I was! Not a sign of mud or grass stain anywhere! All looked good as new, and after a night in the airing cupboard to dry them off my daughter was able to wear her lovely, warm and clean clothes the very next morning!

I’ve also tried the Non-Bio Stain Remover on some of our bedding. God knows what had been spilt all over it but it looked like we had dragged it through a rugby scrum in some kind of vivid dream! Maybe it was my daughter again with mummy’s make up on a morning, I have got into the bad habit of letting her explore my make up bag to keep her quiet while I get dressed, something I know I will regret! The product once again seemed to do the trick and our bedding was rescued by simply placing one of the sachets in the washing drum.

Having, through habit, used another brand for a long time, I will now be happy to go out and buy from the Dr Beckmann range, knowing that it will do the job for me! If my second child is anything like the first though I may be buying in bulk!

Dr Beckmann are running a Facebook competition from November 16th until December 14th to win a fantastic Christmas product hamper and the new Amazon Kindle Fire. Why not pop across and see if you can be a winner now?

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