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Could you take life saving action for your child?

on November 6, 2012

Have you ever wondered how you might react in a real life emergency situation should your child have an accident or fall ill? I have!

Becoming a mum and having that precious little life in your hands certainly makes you aware of a lot more things!

When weaning my little girl I was so paranoid that she would choke! Every time she gagged a little I would jump up in panic that she was choking. I actually had (and still have) instructions on my kitchen pin board as to what do to in a choking situation and how to do baby and toddler CPR. But in all reality, in that split second, would I really have time to go and get the instructions and calmly follow them? Probably not! However it is a step towards knowing what to do!

A survey of over 2,000 parents, undertaken by Bounty’s Word of Mum™ panel, found that 96% of respondents agreed that all parents should have some first aid knowledge and I have to say I do agree. The study identified the main fears of parents as choking, treating an unconscious baby or child and meningitis – however despite this, apparently many parents struggle to find the time to learn how to treat these cases.

When my friend’s little boy was less than a year old he was playing in a friend’s front room when the worst situation happened and he briefly stopped breathing. He had been sat with his back to his mum and had been playing with a toy that had a drum stick style gadget. Suddenly he went very quiet and his mum realised something wasn’t right.. When she went over she discovered he had managed to swallow part of the stick and it was affecting his breathing and he was turning blue. I remember my friend telling me how immediate panic set in. She was however exceptionally fortunate that the friends house they were at was a nurse and she carried out the necessary emergency first aid, which brought him round. I can’t imagine how I would have felt or what could have happened had her friend not been there!

In the last week, in response to the Bounty survey survey, the British Red Cross has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at getting all parents to learn first aid. The First Aid Challenge campaign asks parents to sign up to three simple challenges, which includes watching an online video, signing up to a First Aid course and supporting a campaign to encourage school children to learn first aid by downloading a letter to send to a local school.

“Children don’t come with an instruction manual, and the level of responsibility you have for your child can be quite daunting. We all mean to learn first aid at some point, so let’s do it now. By taking part in the First Aid Challenge, you’ll learn skills that could save a life.”
Konnie Huq, mother and First Aid Challenge supporter

By signing up you can:

  • Get £5 off a first aid for baby and child course.
  • Get £3 off First Aid Fast for babies and children manual.
  • Receive a monthly first aid newsletter, regular first aid updates, tips and stories.
  • Download a first aid factsheet.
  • Enter a prize draw for £500 Mothercare vouchers.

I attempted to sign up to a first aid course when my daughter was younger but for one reason or another it didn’t happen or I couldn’t make, I can’t actually remember which it is, and admittedly didn’t reorganise. Reading the information about the campaign and thinking back to what happened to my friend has made me realise that it can mean the difference between life and death and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Therefore, with my little girl at the forefront of my mind and baby number two on the way too I am pledging to take the challenge and I am signing up to the British Red Cross First Aid Challenge!

Will you join me?

4 responses to “Could you take life saving action for your child?

  1. Such a great initiative, thanks for writing about it. As a result of the St John Ambulance TV ad I have just signed up for an all-ages first aid course start of December. I hope that ideas such as this one by the Red Cross encourage more people to look into something that is so vital.

  2. I think there’s nothing i fear more than Riley needing first aid or urgent medical attention and i can’t do anything to help. Fortunately we had to learn basic first aid skills and CPR in the neonatal unit before he was discharged from hospital but there are so many parents out there who would be at a loss if an emergency situation arose. Fab initiative though so thanks for sharing lovely xxx

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