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#FridayPick{ture}Book – Princess Polly’s Potty

on November 2, 2012

I’m taking part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky again this week and really wanted to share another favourite book of my daughter’s entitled Princess Polly’s Potty (Andrea Pinnington and Melanie Williamson, Ladybird, 2009)

It’s a brilliant book that is perfect for teaching young children all about using the Potty and talks about how Princess Polly and her baby sister wear nappies whilst the rest of her family wear big pants. Princess Polly wants to be more grown up and her and her mummy go shopping for a potty and big girl pants. It encourages children to choose which potty and big girls pants they like and explains simply in children’s terms how it can take time and patience for example “she sits, and, she sits, and, she sits, and, she sits until finally….”

My daughter asks for this book several times a week at present and after my potty training nightmares so far I am hoping that it will gently encourage her in time.

If you have a favourite book why not link up with Friday Pick{ture} Book across atChildLedChaos?

7 responses to “#FridayPick{ture}Book – Princess Polly’s Potty

  1. Sharon says:

    My Daughter loves this book as well, she likes choising her favourite pants and potty. Although we haven’t read it in a while. Our current favourite’s are Topsy and Tim’s New Baby, and The Midnight Tiger, She listens intently to both but especially likes the find the object game at the back of the Tipsy and Tim book 🙂

  2. We’ve just got this book for our daughter to encourage her potty training. She really loves it, but argues every time when we get to the page where it shows the poo in the potty. “Snot a poo-poo mummy, it’s a sausage”! Cracks us up every time whilst she looks a bit puzzled.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    i am just about to start the potty training shortly, i will have to bare this one in mind 😉

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