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Friday Pick{ture} Book – Mummy Mummy What’s In Your Tummy?

on October 26, 2012

It’s been a while since I took part in ChildLedChao’s Friday Pick{ture} Book linky but I really wanted to get back in the swing of things so this week I am joining in with a new and increasingly favourite book of my daughter’s entitled Mummy, Mummy, What’s in Your Tummy? (Sarah Simpson-Enock and Linzi West, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2008)

A friend bought my daughter this book for her birthday and it is lovely and very apt! The opening page reads “Mummy, mummy what’s in your tummy?” followed by “We do want to know what’s making it grow.” and a lift flap shows a little seedling inside the mummy’s tummy.

The book goes on to guess about a range of things that may be inside the mummy’s tummy with lift flaps under which are some fab illustrations such as a big red balloom and the man in the moon.

It culminates in the obvious and is a great way of teaching small children about an impending family member. My daughter wants to read this book several times a day at present, which is fine with me with a new arrival on the way, even if she does still say “noooo” when I ask her if there’s a baby in my tummy! lol! I am sure it will help in the long run though and we have quite a while to go yet!

If you have a favourite book why nt link up with Friday Pick{ture} Book across at ChildLedChaos?

4 responses to “Friday Pick{ture} Book – Mummy Mummy What’s In Your Tummy?

  1. Helen says:

    Many congratulations! We read There’s a House inside my Mummy lots when I was pregnant with no.2, but I didn’t know about this book. I love the idea of lifting the flaps, don’t you wish the baby came out so easily!

    • amummysview says:

      My friend bought my daughter it for her birthday it’s lovely, I will ahve to look up the one you mentioned too. Well technically my daughter did come out of a flap! The sunroof via c-section! lol! This one will be the same! Kind of easy initially but not so much after! 🙂 x

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