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Wow… what a break… NOT!!!

on September 19, 2012

WOW! What a few weeks I’ve had! I’ve had just over two weeks off work and am due back this week, starting a new role too. So after my time off I should be going back to work relaxed, stress free and revitalised yes??? WRONG!!!

My “break” started with my daughter’s second birthday, which, don’t get me wrong, was fantastic, but with prep for the party, guests staying, the birthday itself and the tidy up, present opening etc, the whole thing took up 3 days and saw me and bump exhausted by the end of it!

We had hoped to get away for a break during our time off but for various reasons this didn’t happen and as a result meant most of our time was spent at home. Now for many, such as my hubby, this can be fun and relaxing (computer time!), but for me, as a part time mum and part time worker it didn’t feel much of a break and more like any other day / week. Don’t get me wrong, we had days out and visited the hubby’s family overnight etc but we still had several days at home and the longer I spent around the doors, the more I just merged into the usual routine of cleaning, tidying, washing etc and I also started clucking like a nesting chick and finding things to do (or often for my husband to do and me to oversee!), including cleaning out the loft and garage, resealing the shower and bathroom and having good tidy up and cleaning sessions. (Hardly relaxing but strangely therapeutic for me in its own way.)

I also spent two days contained to our living room, playing with my little girl and trying to start potty training, which if you read my post, you will know didn’t quite go according to plan and saw me close to a breakdown by day two! So those days were a bit of a write off and we are certainly no further ahead with the potty training!

My lovely daughter is also choosing now to really try out the terrible two’s!!! We are having refusal to sleep, refusal to cooperate, tantrums, whining… the lot! Many nights while we have been off she has woken several times during the night, which is draining when you are used to them sleeping through. However…the other night (with hubby back to work and it being down to me to get up) she refused to sleep and was actually singing Bob The Builder to me at 4.45am! Now whether this went on any longer I have no idea, but I do know I did pass out for three hours at around 5.30am but this could have been through extreme exhaustion and not any let up on her part! lol! She was actually so tired the next day (as was I for that matter), that it was like having some possessed being in our midst! She STILL refused to sleep during the day and writhed around the room not sure of what to do with herself and looking like a washed out wreck. Thankfully that night she did sleep and the following day we had a lovely day out together.

We do often have LOVELY days, she can be an absolute sweetheart and very cute and funny. This evening she has been adorable, full of chatter, very funny and loving playing with us until bedtime. However this has been intermixed some days of late with hissy fits, stubborness and rudeness, the favourite phases at the minute being “mummy do it” and “no”.

We are certainly not ones to let it lie and do use time out and pull her up when needed, I think we just have to accept that age old saying of “it’s a phase” and just keep trying our best to teach her right and wrong. However with baby number two en route it is draining and tiring at times and I think until you “go there” you really don’t realise, I’m just hoping she gets a lot of it out of her system now! 🙂

To top my wonderful time off, just as I was about to return to work I have found out that I potentially face redundancy in the coming months too! This didn’t come totally out of the blue we were aware that it was on the cards but you always hope that it won’t be yourself that’s in the firing lane (excuse the pun!) So now I face an uncertain few weeks / months, and whilst ordinarily I would be of the opinion that if the worst comes to the worst I will just look for another job, I can’t see many people wanting to take a heavily pregnant person on who will only have a short while to go before maternity. So for me now, it’s a waiting game to see what happens, and being the person I am, planning for all eventualities and outcomes, as even dates and timings will affect little things, such as whether I get my contractual maternity pay, SMP or merely maternity allowance.

And finally!… yes… there is more… As is always my luck, I (along with my little girl) am also coming down with a lovely cold. Being pregnant I can’t take anything for it bar paracetamol which is a bit crap. I headed in to my local chemist today in the hope that I could at least have strepsils to help my razor throat but… denied! 🙂 I drank so much water through the night last night to soothe it I was up at the loo even more than usual! lol! So for now, it’s gargling with good old salt water and hoping that it passes quickly.

All in all, I would love to say that I am going back to work refreshed and revitalised and raring to go! However… I would soooo be lying! I am red eyed, shattered, snotty, coughy and hoarse and my skin has broken out! (Nice!) Next time I take a chunk of time off I will be doing so knowing that I am going somewhere, even if just for a long weekend, and not staring day in day out at my own four walls! Mummies need sanity and a bit of pampering every now and then… FACT! 🙂

Here’s to a few better weeks ahead!

2 responses to “Wow… what a break… NOT!!!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Where have I been!!! Congratulations!!! I know this is a stressful post but I got so excited for you after reading ‘and bump’ that I read it with a smile. Sorry you are going through some tough times. Think of all of the wonderful ones you have to come! Also sorry for having my head in the sand. Thought you were on a blogging break. Will catch up. x x x

    • amummysview says:

      awww thanks honey. I am having a bit of a mad time, new role at work (longer hours), a few things on my mind with possible changes ahead and still exhausted so just doing a post a week and trying to get on Twitter etc but just haven’t seemed to have time of late. Need to get organised and galvanised! lol xxx

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