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Beautiful Blogger Award

on August 13, 2012

Well I haven’t been about for a while as you know but I was thrilled when I logged on to Twitter the other night to find that the fabulous Tea & Biscotti had nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. A wonderfully kind gesture and a hugely appreciated one when I have been AWOL for a short while too!

She very kindly nominated me for the following reason and I have to say it made me feel so special:

“Because somehow she always seems to put everyone else first! Read CJ’s many posts on charitable affairs, this is one about Syria is astonishing.”

So, to pass the baton to other very worthy bloggers I have to nominate six people and then share ten things about myself that you, my favourite reader, would not know.

So I nominate:

Love From Mummy – for writing fabulous blog posts and being such a friendly, caring and helpful blogger

Hollybobbs – For being a fab and friendly blogger with a great blog

Mrs Jones – For a brilliant blog and for being a friendly, kind, caring and helpful blogger

The Crumby Mummy – For a wonderful and inspiring blog and for being such a friendly and caring blogger

MissusWolf – A wonderful, friendly and aspiring novelist who already has a fabulous book, The Ruby of Egypt which you must check out

Ready Steady Mummy – Brilliant, heart felt and thought provoking blog posts and a wonderful friendly blogger

And now for ten things you probably don’t know about me:

  • I’ve got two degrees
  • I LOVE chinese food
  • I have one leg shorter than the other!!!
  • I am slightly obsessed with the Olympics and have been glued to it from start to finish!
  • My guilty crush is Chris from ‘Show Me Show Me’!
  • I’ve an interest in mediumship, clairvoyance and all that kind of jazz
  • According to my husband I am organised chaos, as I am extremely organised, but with it I can leave a wake of chaos and clutter! lol!
  • I gained grade 8 in my London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exams
  • I’ve been a Brownie, Cub and a Scout!
  • I am petrified of wasps and have a fear of heights!

6 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Louise says:

    You certainly are a beautiful blogger – but Chris from Show me show me???? Really????? x

  2. WallyMummy says:

    Wow – how lovely :))) big congrats x I can feel the uber blog love oozing from this post! Xx

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