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I am a Pretty.Little.Thing

on July 8, 2012

Wow I am a lucky girl I have been awarded yet another picture of the week, this time by the lovely Lisa at Hollybobbs for my entry to Pretty.Little.Things last week.

The theme was Funky Footwear and I just couldn’t help but share this pic of my little girl wearing her winter boots with pride in the hight of the last heatwave we had!

I’ve been given this rather gorgeous badge to display. Thank you!

This week’s theme is “favourite bathtime toy”

Yes… you are seeing right… this is our fave bathroom “toy” at the minute… making bubbly potions in empty bottles with daddy using mummy’s bubblebath! No expense spared!!!

Now, why not hop on over to Hollybobb’s blog and link up your pics?

8 responses to “I am a Pretty.Little.Thing

  1. Louise says:

    Middle man also likes emptying my molton brown everywhere. It is now hidden away!

  2. Bubbles are the best! Riley loves them at the moment. Thanks for linking up again hun xxx

  3. Lol I have a problem with hubby who thinks he needs half a bottle of my expensive shampoo on his non-existent hair!! Thanks for linking u again hunny x

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